Securus Technologies Reveals Competitor’s Fraud

Securus Technologies has issued a press release stating that it will begin to reveal over a length of time, fraudulent behavior from its main competitor, Global Tel Link. The press release shows that GTL has a history of dishonest behavior and fraudulent behavior that has resulted in taxpayers paying an additional $1,243,000 in the state of Louisiana.
PR Newswire’s report about Securus has revealed that a Louisiana Public Service Commission found Global Tel Link was involved with fraudulent activity that resulted in the over billing of Louisiana State correctional facilities that were served by GTL at the time. Here is some of the fraudulent activity that was found to be done by GTL in Louisiana State prisons.

The investigation found that GTL programmed its timer clocks to add an additional 15-36 seconds to each inmate call. This act was unauthorized by prison officials and resulted in over billing. GTL also programmed telephones in Louisiana prisons to be charged at higher rates than what was allowed under its own guidelines and under Louisiana state law. These higher then allowed call rates, were again unauthorized and placed additional expenses on the taxpayer.

GTL was also have found to double bill numerous calls coming from Louisiana correctional facilities. This appeared to be deliberate and not a simple case of mistakes. It was done a large and massive scale. Another fraudulent behavior by GTL found by the Louisiana Public Service Commission was that GTL would bill customers for add on services that they never signed up form. This represents complete dishonesty by the carrier.

CEO of Securus Technologies Richard Smith, says this kind of behavior by GTL tarnishes the entire reputation of the prison communication industry. He has also said that GTL continues to commit such fraudulent and irresponsible acts in the prisons it serves. Securus Technologies on the other hand is focused on being transparent and serving its customers with honesty and ethics at the forefront. They recently acquired an A+ rating from the BBB (Better Business Bureau).
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