Securus Technologies: The Leader In Prison Communications Services In America

Securus Technologies is a company that has managed to stand out in the field of prison communications owing to the incredible quality of services that they provide. The company is currently one of the most sought-after prison communications providers in America, and is used by several prisons across the country and also a few in Canada. The company has undergone several changes and developments to reach the position that they are currently in. One of the most significant developments that the company went through was when they decided to merge with a company known as T-Netix, which at the time was also on the same competitive level as Securus Technologies. The entire merger was brought together by Rick Smith, who now leads the company as their CEO.


Securus Technologies takes pride in the kind of services that they provide and continually tries to upgrade them by implementing better technology. The company offers a wide range of voice and video calling options to those who want to contact their friends and family on the outside. All of the communications that go on between the inmates and the outside world is recorded and kept in the case where it needs to be used as court evidence. This has been a brilliant move which helps monitor the inmates, and also reduces the number of crimes that happen as a result of the misuse of these services. The company has also assisted judiciaries and has provided these records as evidence on multiple occasions.


Securus Technologies has set the standard for communications services and has been of a big help to maintain the public safety of people in America. Their dedicated effort to ensure the safekeeping of the people and enforcement of the justice system are some of the main factors that have contributed to Securus Technologies is the company that it is today.