Securus Technologies Launches an Inmate Form Automation Tool (ConnectUs)

Securus Technologies, a well-known provider of technology solutions for investigation, monitoring, corrections, and public safety, officially announced the implementation of Inmate Forms as well as Grievance request on ConnectUs. The new application will improve the quality of service and save clients a significant amount of real money and time. The introduction of this automation tool is part of Securus’ goal of modernizing correctional agencies. Watch this video on Youtube.


Transitions from manual to digital processes


For a long time, correctional facilities have relied on paper forms for diverse inmate request including medical, registration forms, and handbook acceptance forms. Therefore, correctional administrators spend a significant amount of time distributing, collecting, logging, filing, and storing forms. The new application makes it possible for the creation of custom forms for a wide range of requests. Changing the form only takes a few minutes, and it does not require any printing.


The application is creating a positive impact for clients. Inmates can have personal access to forms, check out the status of grievance, and choose to consent or appeal them. ConnectUs is an advanced and feature-rich detainee platform in the correctional market. It allows incarcerated person to have access to a limitless set of applications as chosen by the correctional facility. Correctional officers can ensure that inmates are accessing useful content and communicate with them via the digital bulletin board.


Securus Technologies


Securus Technologies offers cutting-edge criminal and civil justice technology solutions that enhance public safety and revolutionizes the incarceration experience. Over 3,450 correctional facilities depend on Securus for safe, simple, and reliable technology solutions, which are readily accessible and easier to use. The firm has hundreds of patents and team of experienced engineers, thinkers, technologist, and designers who are eager to come up with innovative solutions to problems that correctional agencies face. The Dallas-based company offers its exceptional services to more than 1.2 million incarcerated persons across North America.