Scott Rocklage: Leading Healthcare Professional And Venture Capitalist

Dr. Scott Rocklage is the current managing partner at 5AM Ventures. He attained a B.S in Chemistry from the University of California, Berkeley, and from MIT, a Ph.D. in Chemistry. While he was at MIT, he carried out his research in the laboratory of 2005 Nobel Prize in Chemistry winner, Richard R. Schrock.

He is an inventor, with up to thirty U.S patents to his name, and has over 100 peer-reviewed publications. Dr. Rocklage is based in Waltham, Massachusetts.

Professional Background

Dr. Rocklage has more than two decades of experience in the field of healthcare management, proven strategic leadership skills, combined with a strong scientific background. His versatile background has enabled him to serve as the president and CEO of organizations such as Nycomed Interventional Inc., and Nycomed Salutar Inc. from 1990-1994.

Scott Rocklage then proceeded to Cubist Pharmaceuticals Inc. where he was responsible for the research process regarding design and implementation of programs. These programs contributed to the development of three FDA-approved pharmaceutical products that were also approved for clinical testing.

His time at Cubist Pharmaceuticals Inc was characterized by the initial public offering and other favorable financing projects. He has successfully led productive teams at numerous reputable firms.

Rocklage has also served as the Director of MDS Proteomics, and Milkana Therapeutics; served as Board Chairman of Achaogen Inc. (2004-2015), Relypsa Inc. (2007-2014); served as a member of the boards of Pulmatrix (2006-current), Massachusetts Biotechnology, and the BIO Emerging Company Section. This has also seen him sit on the Board of Associates of the Whitehead Institute, which is a nonprofit board.

Dr. Rocklage became a Managing Partner at 5AM Ventures in 2004 despite the fact that he had joined the firm in 2003. He ascended to the team of Andy Schwab, John Diekman, and Carin Mueller, who were the original founders.

5AM Ventures was founded in June 2002 as a spin-off from Bay City Capital. The primary source of funding for this firm is the parent company, Bay City Capital, and Versant Ventures, the two most prominent firms in life science investment.

5AM Ventures is a seed capital investment fund that concentrates its efforts towards creating and developing biotechnology companies. The strategy that accelerates the company’s success is the creation of new companies, and investment in new start-ups that have validated products and technology.

As a company, 5AM Ventures has widely diversified investment portfolio that is differentiated by the sector and the type. The portfolio, however, focuses on early stage investments in advanced life science technologies.

Concerning the sector, the company invests in products with shorter development cycles, corporate spin-offs, and platform technologies. By type, they are focused on drug development, medical technology, and product discovery.

Rocklage is also a philanthropist and has offered support for groups such as the U.S Lacrosse Foundation, and the Sudbury Valley Trustees. Most recently, he and his wife Patty were involved in gifting the Chemistry Department of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology assistance associated with renovations to the Lester Wolfe Professor of Chemistry, and Moungi Bawendi’s nanochemistry and nanotechnology laboratory.