Scott Lumley – A Serial Entrepreneur



Scott Lumley, former rodeo champion is a Nashville entrepreneur. In 2007, Scott Lumley was appointed as as president of Nashville Broncs, Inc, and handled the finances for the promotion of the ABA basketball team. Where others have failed, he believes that with professionalism, preparation and cooperation with other team owners will make the difference.

Scott Lumley, owner of Resolve Financials plans to convert the entire lot on North Mt. Juliet Road into a strip center and will be named as The City Center. It is expected to open sometime in 2016 with approximately 40,000 square feet of retail space. He plans to fill the space with fast food restaurants, banks,boutiques gourmet grocery and executive suites. Lumley also will convert about 15,000 square feet into a covered parking area with roughly 60 spaces in the back of the building. More than 165 spaces are projected, with parking in the front and side as well.

While Scott Lumley and his team are developing a new strip center, the Panattoni development company is in process creating a 600,000 square foot warehouse park in Nashville, Skyline Distribution Park will contain three buildings, covering 600,000 square feet which are expected to be completed by the fall of 2016.

Lumley is highly skilled at developing new strategies for business development; a skill that comes from years of making entrepreneur choices. One of the most recent web developments he has made is BidFlame, one of America’s Leading on-line stores and auctions – an incredible source for electronics, cars, apparel, collections, sporting goods, jewelry and other items online at Lumley offers bidFlame as the way of the future and has received excellent customer satisfaction reviews.

Scott Lumley believes that in order to be successful, an entrepreneur has to constantly adapt to the marketplace. His success in business begun in 2005 when he invested in a return load that was from a local liquidator at $250. He sold it on eBay and the rest is history. His work ethic and his passion for quality customer service is what has enabled him to be successful. Keeping his portfolio diversified is part of Scott Lumley’s success. Visit his website for more information.