Schools Allowed Students to Drink Water With Lead

It’s not the first time that communities have received news that lead is present in drinking water. Portland now joins the ranks of those cities as Superintendant Carole Smith happened to not say anything to teachers and parents about lead being in the water supply of public schools. At least two schools have been affected by the lead content. Access to water has been cut off, but there is no indication as to how much lead has been ingested by those who have consumed the water.

The neglect by the Superintendant warrants a dismissal or at least a very stern punishment. Lead can cause severe health issues. To not tell students and teachers shows irresponsibility on behalf of the school system. The Environmental Protection Agency gave notice that the faucets should not be used because of the lead content. When the tests came back to the schools, there wasn’t a letter sent home or any kind of phone call. The schools simply continued to keep the water on, letting students and those who were in the school drink water that was contaminated. Some should ask whether the school system is prepared to pay for any medications or healthcare if there are any ill effects as a result of drinking the water. Someone should be held responsible if children get sick as the information was in front of the officials and was ignored.