Rodrigo Terpin – Organized

What is a good leader?

A good leader is well-organized and charismatic, but doesn’t believe he or she is the smartest individual in the room. There’s a sense of dedication to one’s long-term goals and a ‘team player’ mentality unmatched by other members of the group. Being a leader means sacrifice; and that’s what Michel Terpin is willing to do for the greater good of the end result.

A good leader is able to stand up and do what needs to be done. While the others all hesitate to do something, this one person does not they think “why?”. He is able to take charge but not think he’s better than the other person, but think that it’s something he needed to do. Leadership is about making the place better or helping someone else get better, leadership can lead those others to success. Leadership is about honesty and trustworthiness and on top of all of that is courage.

  1. Will Terpin accept payments through PayPal?

He even accept payments via PayPal or Google Drive.

  1. Can he learn new roads and styles?

Terpin already has a deep knowledge of several but is willing to broaden his skills.

  1. Hase he raced in the past? For what/whom? What types of rallying would he be willing to do?

This is outlined in his original cover letter and resume – as found on his main website.

  1. Yes, he can learn it, or he may already know it: rally blogging.

He hasn’t directly written public copy for anybody but on his own. He also reads a lot and loves to do research on everything. Rodrigo Terpins is willing to do any kind of writing.

A great leader is someone that could identify the emotional needs of his followers. He must have listening ears and a clarity mind to make decisions boldly and not turn back on it. He must know his own purpose and vision in life before he could live other’s vision. That’s Terpin.

Still undecided? Terpin holds a website full of samples and info:

Thank you for the opportunity.