The Rise of Anthony Petrello

He might not be a known figure in many households, but when it comes to the corporate America, Anthony Petrello blends very well. He is one of the most critical corporate figures in the United States and is one among many persons who never get a thank you note despite assisting many in living the American way of life. Anthony ranked among the top paid chief executive officers in America and by 2014; he was earning $68.2 million. He is associated with one of the leading natural gas and oil drilling firm, Nabors Industries. He is known by many as an honest man who humbly deserves and accepts what he earns.

Anthony Petrello’s success is attributed to the way he treats a fellow man. He is known as a brilliant manager and an expert in business strategies. He has created job opportunities for many Americans and has helped them obtain the means to appreciate life. But it has not been a bed of roses all through. Anthony had a humble beginning as many would not have known. Just because he heads one of the biggest oil giant companies, he worked his way to the top. Anthony Petrello grew up in Newark, which is a predominantly Italian neighborhood.

The place is famous for its high work ethic culture and honor. All these were values that were inculcated in Anthony. After learning how to read, he would dedicate his several hours every day to study academic textbooks. He mastered different calculus early enough and exuded mathematical intelligence that only matched a fully trained logician or physicist. He burned the midnight oil and secured a full scholarship to Yale University. At one point he helped Serge Lang with his number theory.

After school, he worked in different jobs before joining Nabors Industries. When he entered this company, he worked his way up to become the CEO. Together with his wife, Anthony Petrello gives back to the community through donations that amount to millions of dollars. With Anthony at the top seat, Nabors Industries employs 100000 workers in their 1050 oil rigs.

Anthony Petrello

Anthony Petrello is the President and Chief Executive officer of Nabors Industries. He is also the company’s Chairman of the Board and Executive Committee. Anthony joined Nabors Industries in 1991 as the Chief Operating Officer. He became Nabors Industries Chairman in 2003 and 2012; he became the company’s CEO.

Anthony Petrello attended both Harvard and Yale Universities. He holds J.D degree from Harvard Law School and BS and MS Mathematics degrees from Yale University. He holds several directorial positions.

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