Rick Smith: The Engine Behind the Success of Securus Technology

One of the assets that are considered to be the greatest in an organization is the Chief Executive Officer. The CEO of a company is like a driver of a car; if the driver is not adequately equipped with the knowledge of operating the vehicle, it is likely to crush. In times of danger, the driver has to either become creative or even break some rules to ensure his car does not crush. The driver needs to be very accurate as far as timing of his actions is concerned. This is exactly the same responsibility that faces the CEO of the company. Thus, as such, they need to be shrewd, creative and innovative in their activities.

Securus Technologies identified Rick Smith as an individual with all these qualities when they crowned him as the Chief Executive Officer of the organization in 2008. He gained his experience as a result of working in other companies prior to joining Securus Technologies. Not only was Rick a competent employee of the firms he has worked with, but he also contributed greatly to their success. Take for instance, when he served as the Chief Executive Officer of Eschelon-Telkom, where he worked for nine years, he was able to raise revenues of the firm from $30 million to $350 million. Rick Smith is also a learned fellow with a degree in BSc Engineering, MBA and Masters in Mathematics.

Since taking charge as the Chief Executive Officer of Securus Technology, he has managed to ensure that the company is headed in the right direction. The company is now regarded as one of the best providers of correctional technology not only in the country but also across the globe. There are more than a million inmates who employ the gadgets of this company in so many ways. The firm protects inmates as well as members of the public. With the help of the able leadership of Smith, the firm now is now entrusted with offering security by the government as well as other companies. and more

Securus has invented gadgets that have enabled inmates to interact with the outside world. This has aided in reducing boredom in prisons as well as the level of seclusion subjected to inmates. The ability to get in touch with the dynamics of the world is very important especially for inmates who have long sentences. It ensures that they do not get confused once they complete their sentences. Rick Smith’s expertise as well as leadership has made Securus Technology a force to reckon in this industry right now. His experience as the Chief Executive Officer of other companies has served him right as he continues to excel in his current position in Securus Technology.