Richard Mishaan Design Creates Designs Of Uniqueness And Sophistication

Ricard Mishaan designs for the needs of his clients. He has created custom furniture, found exceptional vintage pieces, and is always happy to start sketching. Richard Mishaan Design is a touch of class, color, comfort, and style. The firm has a unique way of combining the old with the new resulting in a look that is both exotic and captivating.


Richard Mishaan was born in Cartagena, Colombia and spent his childhood in Italy and Bogota. The vibrant colors of Cartagena have had an influence on Richard Mishaan Design. He was educated at the New York University where he earned his BA and also studied at the Columbia University School of Architecture. At the start of his career he served Philip Johnson as an apprentice in New York and learned a lot about fashion, interior design, and architecture. Richard Mishaan Design is a unique combination of his experience, tastes, and Columbian heritage. His understanding of luxury and quality has made him a natural for clients wanting bold colors, sophistication, and elegance.


The first job Richard Mishaan Design accepted was at New York’s St. Regis Hotel. He was told to design the presidential suite as a mirror to the class it represented. He performed the requirements to perfection and his career was established. Most of his work has been for hotels and home design. He has become a favorite of collectors due to his ability to incorporate the old with the new without missing a detail. After 27 years in his field he has become an expert on seamlessly blending style with sophistication. Every job he has completed represents a journey he took in his life. Richard Mishaan Design incorporates African Tribal, Italian Neo-Classic, and Seventeen-Century French. He uses layers, richness, texture, and synergy to create designs that are exciting and unique.