Richard DeVos Continues To Make Waves

Richard “Dick” DeVos is a businessman and entrepreneur who believes in following the values and morals taught by his parents to help others. The Richard and Betsy DeVos Foundation gives support in five different areas: Community, education, arts, justice and leadership.


The DeVoses believe in endeavors to support community transformation in regards to health, housing and other initiatives to make western Michigan a great place to live. As supporters of school choice, The DeVoses also use their foundation to create educational alternatives in the K-12. School vouchers and charter schools give children the opportunity to leave schools that are deficient and enroll in better schools that enhance their learning capabilities. They also give generously to the arts and help those who are oppressed and vulnerable find justice.


DeVos says he is motivated by his faith. It is his passion to cultivate leadership and change with the help of his West Michigan Aviation Academy, Inner City Christian Federation, DeVos Institute of Arts Management and Project Clarity.


DeVos is the son of Amway founder Richard DeVos Sr. Although he grew up in a wealthy family, he learned the value of hard work and generosity to others. After graduating from college, he immediately began working for Amway in the marketing department. It wasn’t long before he moved up the position of vice president and by 1993, he was company CEO. When the family acquired the Orlando Magic basketball team in 1992, he took over the CEO position for five years.


DeVos also created his own company, the Windcrest Group, which manufactures bottled water, distilleries and organizers for all areas of the home. DeVos has been heavily involved in Republican politics for several years. He is also a huge proponent of charter schools and school choice. In 2006, he ran unsuccessfully to defeat incumbent Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm.


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