Richard Blair – A Wealth Manager For The People

Wealth Solutions, Inc is based in Bee Cave, Texas, 12 miles West of Austin. This successful wealth management firm provides tailored financial and retirement plans to well-to-do families and individuals, including small business owners in Austin and the surrounding areas. This successful financial advisor company was founded in 1994 and is under the leadership of Richard Blair. Wealth Solutions is registered as an RIA (‘Registered Investment Advisory’) firm.


Mr. Blair started Wealth Solutions simply because of his love in helping others in their financial goals both short-term and long-term. He also believes that successful businesses and individuals should have set plans in their financial lives which is why he enjoys working in wealth management and retirement services. Richard Blair has an expertise in estate tax, estate planning, insurance, private wealth financial planning, security and asset protection, employee benefits, and other financial interests.


Richard operates his financial firm like his family taught him, which involved specific strategy steps. Mr. Blair uses an effective three stepping stone method that involves learning their clients’ financial situation, then developing a customized financial plan, followed by making a long-term strategy that fits their insurance needs, such as annuities, life insurance and long-term wealth management goals. Richard Blair and his experienced team works with each client’s investment goals and their asset liquidity status.


Richard and Wealth Solutions uses innovative options to give their client’s a diversified portfolio that is designed to have little or no risks and which provides excellent results. Mr. Blair designed Wealth Solutions to work with their client’s as collaborative partners, which means to stay in close contact with their portfolios to help keep them successfully moving forward and informing them of the firm’s financial suggestions and advice.


Richard Blair attended the University of Houston (“UH”) and graduated with a Bachelor Degree in Finance and Financial Management Services. He is certified as an Estate/Trust Specialist, Annuity Specialist, Income/Fund Specialist, Tax Specialist, and a Retirement Income Professional. Mr. Blair has always had a gifted aptitude for finance which is why he wanted to help the Texas community with their financial planning and investment needs. Even though he enjoyed education, after graduating from UH in 1993, he decided to go into the financial services industry – a year later he created Wealth Solutions. Learn more: