Ricardo Tosto Is An Exemplary Business Lawyer in Brazil

There is a process to be followed in Brazil in order to be a lawyer. After completing a law degree, the bar exam has to be passed too. Brazil boasts of having the third highest number of lawyers worldwide. One of the most influential attorneys in Brazil is Ricardo Tosto. He is also well-known for being the co-founder as well as Partner at Leite, Tosto& Barros Advocates. This is among the largest law firms in Brazil and employs over 400 persons.

The focus of Ricardo Tosto is business law. His firm, Leite, Tosto& Barros Advocates is located in Sao Paulo. In addition, it has satellite offices that are based in Rio de Janeiro as well as Brasilia. The business strategy of the firm is under the charge of Ricardo Tosto. In addition, he likes to mentor his junior partners too. Hence he helps them to build case strategies so that they can win. Besides, he likes to review their progress with regard to ongoing litigation as well as advisory being handled by them. His firm handles cases that deal with business law, and commercial law, along with corporate litigation, as well as banking, financial advisory and a lot more.

Another thing that Ricardo Tosto is associated with is the mass litigation division that he has set up for his firm. Also, he is a highly innovative business leader. His firm is known for its stronghold on sectors such as finance as well as law. This is why it has big corporate as well as institutional clients.

Ricardo Tosto is known for his dynamic approach. He has served the market of Brazil for a really long time. He is an expert in analyzing cases. Hence he is able to provide valuable legal inputs on various aspects that include business opportunities along with credit recovery.

The specialization of Ricardo Tosto includes business restructuring, besides credit recovery, and banking, besides mergers and acquisitions, as well as administrative, election along with the commercial law.

Earlier, Ricardo Tosto was with the Brazilian Bar Association where he was the President of its Judicial Reform Committee.

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