Reputable Business Leaders of Chicago and their Profiles

In a town characterized by business, some of world class quality and others terribly struggling hoping to hit headlines someday after reaping huge profits, there are leaders and business executives who lead them. Here is a fine look at some of the big profiled faces that you never get to see but working tirelessly to ensure you enjoy some basic services.

Patricia Woertz
She is a woman who became the first to head agriculture giants Archer Daniels Midland Co (ADM). She has transformed the grain processor to a revenue generating powerhouse making up to $90 billion. During her eight year tenure as the CEO, revenue has increased more than double and ADM expanding its services to China, Eastern Europe, and South America. The accountant is one face that needs to be watched or even acknowledged for her tremendous achievements.

Frank M Clark Jr
He has served as an executive member and CEO of Chicago Business Leaders Council. Also the chairman and CEO of Commonwealth Edison Company. He served in the company from 2005 to 2012, and the company witnessed a great positive change in revenue statistics and client satisfaction from his creative initiatives.

Fernando Aguirre
He has served as the president and CEO of Chiquita Brands Internal and has a vast experience of 23 years in general management and brand management. To add to his long list of service, he has served as a Director of Barry Callebout and Coveris. Currently he works in Coca-Cola Enterprises Inc.

Melody Hobson
The wife of star wars creator Gorge Luca is the president of Chicago based Ariel Investment LLC. She out moves every other competitor in a proper manner. She has a reputation of many companies struggling to tap her angle of conducting business. She is a very good choice for corporate management. She is a leader and trendsetter as she contributes on air to CBS channel regarding business and economy. She is a philanthropist too as she and husband gave a donation of $25 million to After School Matters, a youth group in Chicago.

Majeed Ekbal and Geoffrey Ruttenberg
Together, the entrepreneurs have interest in real estate property development. Ruttenberg grew interest in a real estate property that belongs to an Abu Dhabi ruling family valued over $1 billion. Ekbal and Rutternberg paid $87, 000 monthly with an interest of 50% to in a bid to run a company that manages the multi-billion dollar property. The acquisition of the property will see the two partners make a great step in real estate property development and management in Chicago.

Being the third largest city in America, businesses, business leadership and birth of new leaders is always anticipated. More people are entering the market, creating new products and services that eventually create a reputable profile for them as the ones discussed above.

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