Recent Accounts Of Diversity Issues Within SFPD

In a recent account of an alcohol-fueled night on the town with union leaders, George Gascon who is the district attorney was reported to have made some racially-charged comments and seemed presumably unconcerned about Police Department diversity. Jorge Salinas submitted a sworn declaration relating to these comments. Gary Delagnes the former Police Officer Association President. He claims that there were racism and homophobia occurring within the department.

He reported the incident and submitted his declaration for eight days after Gaskins panel appearance. He testified that the union is responsible for influencing the police commission and that its influence has not been in a positive manner. Delagnes was a member of the police force for 25 years and was for nine years POA president. He retired in 2013. He reflected on a dinner in 2010 with Gascon, who he claims made multiple racially charged comments. Families that were attending had to ask him to calm himself because he was offensive. Gascon had relayed to the press that he was worried about the state of the police department since he left in 2009 as compared to 2011 which prompted the likeness to speak up about the previous events. Delagnes also claimed that over the course of several meetings and telephone conversations, Gascon appeared not to be concerned with diversity within the police department. He felt that these biased opinions did not reflect the SFPD. It is claimed that no action at any level was ever taken to address the diversity issue within the police force.


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