Rallying meets Michel Terpins.

When Rodrigo Terpins brother to Michel Terpins heard that he had retired from the cross country championship he was very excited. For him, this offered him a chance to convince him to join the Brazilian rally scene fully. What Rodrigo did not know was the fact that Michel Terpins had already made up his mind to join him. The brothers would come together and form the Bull Sertões Rally Team initially consisting of only the two of them. The rigorous schedule of any rally driver would, however, push them to bring onboard more members who would serve in various capacities for the team. The team would soon bring on board MEM motorsport this are the developers of the T-Rex a T1 category racing vehicle. MEM had a reputation for developing the excellent machine, and for the Bull Sertões Rally Team, this was an opportunity for them to share in this excellence. The team had been practicing for long and had become quite formidable both as drivers and navigators despite having split to become independent drivers competing for the same team. MEM had come in at an opportune moment and had been able to complete the T-Rex just before the 22nd edition of the Sertoes rally began. The car would get the #322 tag for Michel Terpins and #326 for his brother Rodrigo Terpins. The edition proved to be very challenging but despite this Michel was able to win the second stage of this circuit. His competitiveness would see him come in at position five overall. His car had developed mechanical complications during the third stage, and he had been forced to slow do to preserve the car. This turn of events would to a large extent negate the excellent time he had clocked in the 2nd stage. However, despite all the challenges he had still been able to bit a lot of his competition and do a pretty good job. The T-Rex would undergo some improvements having competed for the first time it meant that a full assessment of its abilities had been conducted and there was a point of reference when making any modifications.