Rain and Wind Topple Over 350 Trees in San Francisco

In a region typically known for mild weather, the rain and wind have caused significant damage. A powerful storm first rolled in to the San Francisco Bay Area from the Pacific Ocean on Saturday night. For several days, it brought heavy rains and strong gusts. For much of the period, winds remained steady above 20 mph, and gusts reached about 45 mph.


While this precipitation is a great thing for the region that has been battling a drought, the storm damage has given the city of San Francisco numerous problems. About 300 trees have crashed down onto the sidewalks and streets of the city, and an additional 47 have fallen in city parks. It’s likely that dozens of other frees have fallen in backyards, leaving a mess for property owners to deal with.


As they’ve come down, some of the trees have landed on the sidewalks when nobody was around. Others, however, have found themselves on more valuable property. Several cars have been smashed by falling limbs and trunks. Some buildings have also experienced damage.


In Vistacion Valley, a tree took down a power line and a street light in addition to hitting two parked cars. This occurred near a housing complex, and about 16 people have to be evacuated temporarily. Officials were concerned about a possible gas leak, but there was no evidence of any problems.


No major injuries have been reported because of the falling trees. People are fortunate that, so far, only minor injuries have occurred. The clean-up process should hopefully go smoothly, especially once the flooded streets see their waters subside.