Raiders Continue Homegrown Success

The 2016 NFL season was full of surprising teams. One of the most surprising teams of all where the Oakland Raiders. The Raiders finished with a very surprising 12 wins against just 4 losses. This record ended up being good enough for the team to finish in second place in their division and qualify for the playoffs. Unfortunately, the team ended up losing in the first round of the playoffs to the Kansas City Chiefs.

While the Raiders ended up losing, there is a lot of reason for optimism in Oakland. While the team only has one or two more years in the city before moving on to Las Vegas, there is a good chance that they could advance much further in the coming years. Much of the success of the team is due to the team’s ability to draft. In the past few drafts alone, the Raiders have been very successful in finding top talent (

The 2016 Raiders had seven Pro Bowl players and three All-Pro players. The most dominant player on the team last year was Khalil Mack, who plays a hybrid position of both linebacker and defensive line. Since the day he arrived in Oakland, Mack has continued to live up to the hype that came with his draft position. Mack was selected fifth overall after being a star at the University of Buffalo.

While Mack was easy to predict for many experts, some of their other stars were harder to figure out. The team’s offense is led by quarterback Derek Carr. Carr was picked in the early part of the second round of the 2014 NFL Draft. While he was very successful in college, many were concerned that he was too similar to his brother David Carr, who is widely considered an NFL bust. The Raiders saw through that concern and have been awarded by Carr’s talent.