President Trump Versus The State Of California

It is no secret that the state of California and President Donald Trump are not the best of friends, in fact, some would go so far as to describe the duo as being at war. The liberal left and the president have not found any common ground since President won the 2016 election, and California has been one of the biggest fighters of President Trump and any policy he puts forth. For his part, the president has kept his distance from the state, until recently when he made his first trip to the left wing state to attend a Republican fun raiser that was held in Beverly Hills as well as tour prototypes for his famous border wall.

California’s governor, Jerry Brown (D), recently announced that California was at war with President Trump’s government and went on to point out that California is strongly against President Trumps plans and ideas for marijuana policies, immigration, climate change, and offshore drilling. For his part, President Trump’s administration filed a lawsuit against the state of California over their sanctuary “laws” which the state uses as a method to protect immigrants who come into the United States illegally without proper documentation. Gov. Brown did not take the lawsuit lightly and called it Trumps declaration of war with his state, while the President’s administration stated the sanctuary laws violate the federal law as well as the Constitution.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions recently spoke out about California’s refusal to follow the nations immigration laws and stated that both President Trump’s administration as well as the Department of Justice would fight the unconstitutional polices that have been placed on law enforcement officials in California. He went on to note that he believes the administration is fighting to make the jobs of law enforcement officials in California safer as well as to reduce crime not only in the state of California, but across the nation. Sessions also spoke out against states with lax marijuana policies as well as recalled three separate memos that former President Obama had issued that discouraged federal prosecution of marijuana growers and sellers who resided in states with relaxed laws as long as they followed the particular states guidelines. This goes against the federal laws of the United States, but as more states begin to pass their own laws governing the use of marijuana, former President Obama saw no issue and decide against prosecution, something the current administration feels differently about.

Since stepping into office, President Trump has battled the state of California at what seems like every turn. While many things are still pending in courts, President Trump can claim one victory. In February, a judged ruled in favor of President Trump in a lawsuit that was filed by the state of California to stop the construction of the border wall. The state went on to note that they believe it violated environmental laws. For now, the plans for the border wall seem to be progressing though it is important to note that Congress has not yet authorized any funding for the project and the Senate has recently rejected a few immigration bills that earmarked money for the wall. For more information, head to the Huffington Post.