Perry Mandera’s Breath taking Achievements in Business

Perry Mandera is the current President and Chairman of The Custom Companies, Inc. He is also the one who engineered the launching of the firm. Perry Mandera has rich experience in transportation and logistics. This is backed by his integrity and excellence in the field for over 40 years. Throughout his career, Perry Mandera has been specializing in satisfying the needs of his clients concerning the shipment of their products.


He began by serving at Marines where he was in charge of transportation and supply of products. From this, he got an insight to build his skills in performing shipping services on a larger scale. Perry Mandera then resigned from the armed forces to pursue politics as a full-time career. He contested for Ward Committeeman in Chicago for the 26th ward with a Republican ticket. He won and served the people diligently for four years.


Besides, Perry Mandera also participated passionately in philanthropy while still maintaining his scores in leadership and business. As a generous giver, he has dedicated time and resources to assist the underprivileged in navigating through the tedious waves of life. Most importantly, he provides financial aid, transportation services, food and clothing for needy children and their families. Perry Mandera also fosters towards establishing partnerships with other charitable givers to enhance the spirit of philanthropy in many communities.


Apart from honest recognition about his charity, he is an important man in business. It earned him awards such as the Top 100 American Transportation Executives of the Millennium and much more(chronicleweek). He gets rewarded for his innovative skills which led to the development of logistics software for easier business operations. With this, he builds high standards and notable reputation for his shipping company.


To enhance maximum productivity, Perry Mandera spends only four hours to sleep and dedicates the remaining for business operations. He achieves this by constantly connecting with his clients through emails and phone calls. He also keeps building long lasting business relations with his employees and customers over social events. Despite his enormous achievements, he still seeks the counsel of consultants for better corporate ideas. Another thing that keeps him excited is the ability to update technology and systems for his firm. Innovation is his strongest suit.