Pence Expresses Support For Joe Arpaio

Bigot Mike Pence was in Tempe, Arizona today where he was quick to endorse racist ex-sheriff Joe Arpaio. While at the event, he was quick to sing the praises of Arpaio, lying about how he’s a champion of the people who will fight for stronger borders. Arpaio was notorious for being a racist who got convicted of criminal contempt a couple years ago for defying a 2011 order which forbade him and his staff for targeting people based solely on their immigration status. He is every bit as xenophobic and bigoted as Mike Pence. Now, this bigot is running for a senate seat in Arizona and Republicans are doing everything they can to try and get him elected.
As Sheriff, he and his officers were notorious for stopping Latino drivers far more often than any other race. He was even known for frequently referring to them as Mexican bitches. And It’s not just on the road. He also frequently tried to persecute and harass prisoners at the county jail, forcing them to perform humiliating stunts and frequently referring to the prisons as concentrations camps. So you can see why this bigoted criminal has no business being anywhere near the United States Senate. Fortunately, after the event, many people were quick to take to Twitter and mock Pence for his endorsement of an obviously unstable criminal. One person mentioned how Arpaio is basically the opposite of everything our country stands for.
Of course, this isn’t the first time Mike Pence has been so blatantly obvious about his racism. Another person made mention of how embarrassing it was to see his proud endorsement of an obviously sick individual. One man pointed out how Arpaio has been accused of some of the worst crimes imaginable including police misconduct, abuse of power, failure to investigate sex crimes and unlawful enforcement of immigration laws. Needless to say, these individuals who denounced Pence’s comments are people of integrity and we are proud of them for speaking out against these bigots. The primaries for this Senate seat will be held August 28 and it is imperative that Arpaio does not win the nomination.