Parents Can Now Get Involved with The Daily School Activities of Their Children with ClassDojo

ClassDojo is an active classroom platform management tool that helps teachers promote students’ behavior and also enable more efficient communication with the parents. ClassDojo makes it possible for teachers to create a profile for each student. Every student has an avatar that can be personalized by the teacher. The teacher then set standards based on the behavior of each student based on completion of homework, participation in class, and other tasks.
The app can easily be used in a smartphone, computer or a tablet. Every student then is awarded points based on their performance throughout the day. The points that each student get can be displayed on a board, but most importantly the teacher can use the points to generate a report and sent it to parents.
ClassDojo has many advantages and has helped significantly in reducing the fissure between the teachers, students, and the parents. ClassDojo helps teachers to award or punish behaviors instantaneously. A teacher is usually able to get data on each student almost instantly thus the teacher can give students feedback immediately and also guide any stray behavior before it is too late. ClassDojo also helps minimize interrupting the students when they are doing their activities instead the teacher can just deduct points if a student misbehaves.
ClassDojo is always improving the tech. They recently raise $21 million for the improvement of the tech. It will be significant as communication to parents about students’ activities and behavior will be consistent.
When a parent is able to communication through the year it becomes possible for them to monitor their children activities at school. Before ClassDojo, parents and teachers’ interactions were limited to teacher-parents meeting which only occurs once in a semester.
Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don who are the founders of ClassDojo reported that they had raised enough funds and would use them to grow the team. Features that will be useful to parents using the app will likewise be improved. ClassDojo is committed to helping parents enhance and influence their children learning and development through communication.
ClassDojo was founded in 2011, and it was aimed at giving education a different experience from other education techs that only provide digital learning content. ClassDojo creates a culture and community among the parents, teachers and the students.
ClassDojo products are used by more than two million teachers and over thirty million students in 180 countries. In the United States, one in every three classes uses ClassDojo.
The tech ClassDojo has is continually improving and to learn more about them; you can follow them on Twitter and Facebook.


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