Enormous Underground Water Resource Found

The good news is that researchers at Stanford University in Palo Alto, California have discovered a vast amount of water underground. The bad news is that the water resource is very deep in the earth and would be hard for humans to tap.

The Stanford research team recently published a study about the 700 trillion gallon water deposit they found beneath the ground of the Central Valley of California. Unfortunately, some of the water may be salty and unusable, and all of it is hard to access because the cost of pumping it out would be incredibly expensive. Another problem is that the groundwater may be contaminated with wastes from oil and gas drilling.

While the water itself does not appear to be an immediately useful resource, the fact that scientists discovered it all is significant. As water becomes a more scarce resource around the world, scientists are studying the overall geological situation intensely, and this discovery shows that there may be other undiscovered water deposits beneath the ground in North America and elsewhere.

I feel that this discovery is a good example of how little we understand, even with sophisticated modern technology, about the very planet we live on. I am hoping that scientists will continue to learn more about the earth’s geology and consequently be able to develop solutions for the global water crisis that is bound to happen eventually.

Google’s New Trans-Pacific FASTER Cable Is Ready

A consortium of six companies, including Google, Global Transit, and Singtel, have successfully tested their new FASTER cable, a system that comprises a single huge cable running underneath the Pacific Ocean from Oregon to Japan. The cable is roughly 9,000 kilometers long, and it boasts speeds of up to 60 Terabits per second. This new addition to the data infrastructure available to Google will allow them to better support the needs of their customers. It is believed that this cable could increase the digital economy not only in the United States and Japan, but throughout the entire Internet.

The FASTER cable is the first of its kind to offer such prodigious speed and connectivity. It was first announced in August of 2014, and the service will go online starting June 30, 2016. Even though it is considered a single cable, it has multiple connection points along the United States west coast, which increases overall speed through the region via a direct connection. In Japan, the cable splits and lands in two main hubs located in Mie and Chiba. The goal of the project from the very beginning was to go as fast as possible, and this consortium of companies succeeded.

The companies contracted the construction of the cable to NEC Corporation, and it was the first cable of its kind built by them. They constructed the cable with the most advanced in data transfer technology, including 100Gbps optical transmission with digital coherence. They were met with many challenges, but they successfully completed one of the greatest technological achievements in recent years.

Fresh Food Options In California

A new farmer’s market program has been put in place in California. The program is meant to help low-income families get the vegetables and fruits that they need. Governor Jerry Brown wants to see people eat healthier, but if they don’t have the money to purchase the foods, then they rely on fast food or unhealthy options as they are less expensive.

The recent state budget includes money for the California Nutrition Incentives Act. There is federal money available as well. The bill allows for sellers at farmer’s markets to offer discounted produce. The program is easy to operate at most markets. When someone goes to shop, they will tell the manager of the market how much they want to spend in food stamps. Because of the federal program, that amount will be matched so that the family can spend twice as much on healthy foods. Tokens are given in the amount that the person wants to spend, which are then given to the sellers so that they can get paid. This will give people a way to get fresh foods that are nutritious while giving sellers money that they need for the produce they grow. It’s a situation where everyone wins. It’s an idea that should be brought into play across the country so that families can provide more than just TV dinners for their family.

Alvin Toffler, “Future Shock” Author, Dies at 87

Alvin Toffler, the author of “Future Shock,” died in his sleep at his home in Los Angeles. He was 87. Toffler was a futurist and he had predicted the economy’s shift from manufacturing to information technology along with the resultant social upheavals and anxiety. He is also credited with coining the phrase “information overload” to describe people’s struggles with keeping abreast of the data generated by computers and social media.

Toffler was born to Jewish Polish immigrants in New York City in 1928. He graduated from New York University and began his career writing for the pro-union “Labor’s Daily.” In the 1950s, the magazine “Fortune” hired him to be their labor columnist.

Toffler first used the phrase “future shock” in a 1965 magazine article called “The Future as a Way of Life.” He defined “future shock” as “too much change in too short a period of time.” Five years later, he published “Future Shock,” which came out during the turmoil caused by the Vietnam War and the growing civil rights movement. It sold millions of copies. In it, Toffler described such trends as the rising divorce rate as signs of societal changes that were accompanying the technological ones. He wrote two follow-ups, “The Third Wave” (1980) and “Power Shift” (1990).

Toffler is survived by his wife, Heidi, with whom he often collaborated on his books and other projects. They had had a daughter, Karen, who had died in 2000.

New Homeless Haven Backed by Billionaire

Sometimes, all it takes is a simple act of kindness to turn people around. Other times, a generous donation from a philanthropist can work wonders. Paul Allen, one of the founders of Microsoft (maybe you’ve heard of them?) announced a $1 million donation to Compass Housing Alliance, a nonprofit based out of Seattle, WA. This large donation will go to construct new houses for the city’s homeless population, and allow people to get back on their feet. Large companies like Amazon and Google have a long history of helping to finance a solution to the homelessness problem in their cities, and Paul Allen joins them.

Compass plans to use the generous amount of money by constructing new temporary buildings for the homeless. The units, called “transitional homes” by the nonprofit directors, resemble large metal shipping containers, and are meant as a sort of step up from tents. The prefabricated structures are much cheaper and faster for Compass Housing Alliance to create, as they’re constructed off-site and lowered into place by construction equipment. The executive director of Compass Janet Pope hopes that the homes work out, as they would take a significant workload off of the nonprofit’s builders.

This donation must definitely come as a relief to the organizations attempting to combat the homeless epidemic in Seattle. Here’s hoping that the model is a huge success, and more people can find help through their services.

California Showcases Some of The Country’s Best Food Trucks

California has some of the most delicious food in the country, and the food trucks in the state help to showcase that. Fresh local ingredients are commonly used, and California residents have a reputation for eating light and healthy all year round. The food trucks help to celebrate the rich culture and diversity that California is known for, making many of these restaurants on wheels popular with locals and tourists alike.

Chomp Chomp Nation is a food truck that features cuisine from Singapore. The truck is in Orange County and run by chef Gina Galvan. When Food Network host Guy Fieri visited the food truck, he was especially impressed with the sweet and salty crab cake on the menu.

Kogi Korean BBQ has a taco that’s so delicious, Food Network voted it the Best Taco in California. The short rib taco, which sells for $2 is a favorite among Los Angeles residents.

Crepes Bonaparte is a food truck that only sells crepes, made to order. Both sweet and savory varieties are available, and options include bananas Foster and club sandwich. There are two crepe trucks–named Pierre and Gaston–which make their way through San Diego, Los Angeles and Orange County.

Finally, Don Chow Tacos makes the list for its delicious fusion of Chinese and Mexican cuisines. The “chimales” (a Chinese Mexican tamale) are a favorite dish from the truck. Don Chow also serves kung pao chicken tacos and Chinese BBQ pork burritos.

Oil Prices and Farming


Crude oil prices impact all areas of the economy. Few people realize just how much crude oil affects farmers across the country. With lower fuel costs, farmers are able to earn higher profits on their products. There are a lot of farmers who are struggling financially right now. Commodity prices across the world have dropped, and this makes farming a difficult industry to be in right now. The good news is that crude oil prices will probably be down for a while. Over the long term, oil prices are a leading economic indicator.


Farming requires a lot of capital to get started. There are many people who have to borrow tens of thousands of dollars for a small farming operation. Farmers typically have to work long hours, and one bad season can wreck their finances. This is why so many people are getting out of farming and going into other businesses. Anyone who wants to sustain their lifestyle though farming must be prepared for all of the volatility that comes along with it. There are many people who are simply not prepared for all of the work that comes with farming. As farming continues to consolidate, many of the large farming corporations will increase their profits. Many small farmers get bought out by larger ones over time. The price of crude oil being low should help farmers across the country, but there are still many challenges ahead for this vital industry.

Nutrimost: The New Diet For All

There are a lot of diets you can try to help yourself lose weight. One of the best and most popular is Nutrimost. You may be wondering how it works and why it’s a good option for you. The good news is that it’s not as hard to find as you may think.

Weight loss company Nutrimost files lawsuit against rival Healthy Living for allegedly stealing promotional video

Why Use Nurtimost?

There are several reasons you might choose to use this to help with your diet. You may want to use something like this if you find you are in a place where you can’t lose anymore weight but feel you still need to. You may also want to use The Nutrimost System if you are exercising and just aren’t seeing the results you want.

What Nurtimost Does?

Nutrimost is something that helps along with other forms of weight loss. They help make your metabolism go faster to help your body work the weight off better. This can make you lose weight faster and help you to learn what works for you as far as your exercise routine. They also work well when you diet and eat foods that are good for you. If you don’t change the way you eat, then you will probably gain the weight back even with the assistance of a product like Nurtimost.

There are a lot of things to consider when you are looking at a product like this. You need to make sure it’s going to work well for you and for the needs you have. You don’t want to get going with your diet and find this isn’t something you want to add to your diet plan. You should talk to your Doctor before you start staking this kind of product so you know you are okay health wise. Your doctor can also tell you of any risks and how to properly use the product. What are you waiting for? Get some to help you lose weight today

Watch this YouTube Video to learn more:


Tips from Goettl Co. to Help Keep Cool This Summer

Goettl Air Conditioning and Heating Company offers some ideas to citizens who live in hot climates
1. Keep Air Filters Clean
Dirty filters reduce airflow and restricted airflow increasing the odds of system failure.
2. Close the Curtains
Keeping your curtains or blinds closed helps block direct sunlight.
3. Keep in Mind Your Use of Heat-Producing Appliance
Such as oven, stove-top, dryers, and even dishwashers give off heat when they’re being used. It would be counter-intuitive to use such appliances during the peak of the day.
4. Install a programmable thermostat
Set the temp a few degrees higher, while you’re away from home, using less energy. However, don’t just turn it off, you’d be using more energy cooling your home again, when you come back.
5. Use Your Ceiling Fans
They don’t change the temperature, but they move cool air around, helping you feel better in your home.
6. It’s Important to Maintain Your Air Conditioning System
Regular maintenance keeps your system running efficiently and will prolong the lifetime of your system. Energy Star recommends servicing the equipment of your system every 6 months; once in the spring for your air conditioning unit and once in the fall for your heating unit.
Founded in 1939 by Gust and Adam Goettl, which came to Las Vegas Valley in 1968, but left in 2007 due to the economic recession. Then, Ken Goodrich bought the company in 2013 and brought it back to his hometown of Las Vegas in April 2016. Ken Goodrich grew up helping his dad repair and service air conditioning and heating units.

Air conditioning maintenance tips from Goettl

Securus Technologies Reveals Competitor’s Fraud

Securus Technologies has issued a press release stating that it will begin to reveal over a length of time, fraudulent behavior from its main competitor, Global Tel Link. The press release shows that GTL has a history of dishonest behavior and fraudulent behavior that has resulted in taxpayers paying an additional $1,243,000 in the state of Louisiana.
PR Newswire’s report about Securus has revealed that a Louisiana Public Service Commission found Global Tel Link was involved with fraudulent activity that resulted in the over billing of Louisiana State correctional facilities that were served by GTL at the time. Here is some of the fraudulent activity that was found to be done by GTL in Louisiana State prisons.

The investigation found that GTL programmed its timer clocks to add an additional 15-36 seconds to each inmate call. This act was unauthorized by prison officials and resulted in over billing. GTL also programmed telephones in Louisiana prisons to be charged at higher rates than what was allowed under its own guidelines and under Louisiana state law. These higher then allowed call rates, were again unauthorized and placed additional expenses on the taxpayer.

GTL was also have found to double bill numerous calls coming from Louisiana correctional facilities. This appeared to be deliberate and not a simple case of mistakes. It was done a large and massive scale. Another fraudulent behavior by GTL found by the Louisiana Public Service Commission was that GTL would bill customers for add on services that they never signed up form. This represents complete dishonesty by the carrier.

CEO of Securus Technologies Richard Smith, says this kind of behavior by GTL tarnishes the entire reputation of the prison communication industry. He has also said that GTL continues to commit such fraudulent and irresponsible acts in the prisons it serves. Securus Technologies on the other hand is focused on being transparent and serving its customers with honesty and ethics at the forefront. They recently acquired an A+ rating from the BBB (Better Business Bureau).
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