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The Midas Legacy is a consultancy firm that deals with advice on success and wealth management. The company’s main offices are in Winter Garden, Florida, and it has a broad variety of clients. Its customers include upcoming entrepreneurs, investors, people who wish to have an early retirement, individuals in need of better lives, peace and happiness, and individuals who want to have natural cures. The company’s primary goal is to help its clients to achieve their desired types of success. Its mission is accomplished by offering capital to members who have the potential of positively changing the lives people in fields such as real estate, finance, entrepreneurship, and natural health.

The process of facilitating the client’s success begins the moment customers consult the company. Clients as receive a free guide known as The Midas Code, when they join The Midas Legacy as Members. The organization has several well-informed specialists, who guide its members in different business sectors. The experts include top stock market shareholders, bestselling authors, successful entrepreneurs, and leaders in other fields. All professions who work at the company have a common aim of striving towards ensuring that members of The Midas Legacy accomplish their desires of becoming successful.

The experts working at The Midas Legacy include Sean Bowe, who is a principal editor, Jim Samson, a publisher, and Mark Edwards, who serves as an expert in natural cures. Mr. Jim Samson is a thriving entrepreneur, trader, a recognized bestselling writer, and a real estate specialist with an experience of about twenty years. Sean Bower has been an active business journalist for a couple of years and has sufficient financial understanding. He joins the two expertise and gives appropriate advice to The Midas Legacy members on capital markets. Sean has been cited internationally in the Yahoo Finance, Nikkei of Japan and the International Business Times. Mark Edward is the company’s chief expert on natural health.

The Midas Legacy gives back to the community and has been donating towards various community projects. Charities that have benefited from its contributions include the Florida Sheriffs Association, which has accredited the firm as a Gold Business Member. Another beneficiary is the Give Hope Foundation. The foundation strives to help families that are based in Central Florida in mitigating childhood cancer. St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital receives donations from the organization to help in fighting childhood cancer and other detrimental diseases. Other foundations that gain from The Midas Legacy are the American Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, the Wounded Warrior Project, and the Salvation Army.

The Midas Legacy Looks To Do Just That: Leave A Legacy

The Midas Legacy is a research services company that focuses on wealth management advisory. The company is based out of Winter Garden, Florida. The Midas Legacy offers research services for anyone who wants to become more successful at their endeavors.

The Midas Legacy has helped investors who want help with how to manage their money. Among those helped by The Midas Legacy are aspiring entrepreneurs, those who want to heal using nature, and those who want to retire comfortably. The Midas Legacy proves solutions to members that can have an impact on people in multiple areas of life, including real estate, finance, and natural health. The Midas Code Book is filled with tips from authors, investors, and entrepreneurs. Every person in the book has tips and advice to help you achieve success through The Midas Legacy.

The Midas Legacy contributes regular donations to multiple charities. The Midas Legacy has been recognized as a Gold Business Member for their contributions to the Florida Sheriffs Association. The Midas Legacy contributes to the Give Hope Foundation. The Give Hope Foundation is a non-profit charity that is committed to providing help to families in Central Florida who are battling cancer. The Midas Legacy donates to the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, along with The Wounded Warrior Project, Salvation Army, and American Society for The Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.


Creating A Better Life With Help From The Experts From The Midas Legacy

When it comes to having peace and a life of happiness, there are two essentials that are going to be at the top of every list: wealth building and health living. Somehow, the Midas Legacy has people in place that have been able to connect with clients on many different levels. There are excellent observations from the advisory board on a number of different things, and that is what makes people gravitate towards this company.

It is an organization that is successfully ran by experts like Jim Samson, Sean Bower and Michael Edwards. These are the men that have a lot of consulting experience because they have earned degrees and built reputations in their respective fields.

Jim Samson is an entrepreneur. He is a trading expert and a real estate businessman that has acquired decades of experience in real estate. This is certainly something that has made him knowledgeable on the road to investment in real estate. He has been able to add his wealth management experience as a real estate investor.

Sean Bower is another person that has done a lot with journalism. He has a lot of experience with writing on the financial markets that drive the economy. All of his knowledge in this field has allowed his to acquire a large amount of information on how different investing concepts work. This is what allows him to write for the Midas Legacy website with regular contributions about unlocking your secrets for wealth management.

Mark Edwards is the one that has the natural health knowledge. He has experience with natural cures, and he knows about the inside secrets that the major corporations do not want you to know. This is something that a lot of people overlook. So many people have become accustomed to taking prescriptions and looking for man-made cures for their ailments. It is through the Midas Legacy that people get the chance to discover that there is something much more valuable than the prescriptions from doctors. There are natural remedies that can do the same thing that over the counter drugs do. There are other remedies that can totally change the way that people feel.

All of these consultants have the ability to help people maximize their time. If they follow the aid of the consultants from the Midas Legacy they will have the ability to maximize their retirement plans. They can also improve their health.




Raj Fernando, the global industrialist

Raj Fernando was born in July 1971. He is a renowned business person, philanthropist, and prolific fundraiser. Mr. Fernando has founded an internet company called Scoutahead. Scoutahead provides corporations and individuals with information to help them strategize the growth and improved productivity of their organizations. However, Mr. Fernando did not start out as a big name in the business arena.

After graduating from Beloit College with a Bachelors degree in Economics and History, he began working as a trader on the floor at Chicago Mercantile Exchange. In 1999 he started working at Chicago Board of Trade at the same level. His business acumen and high intelligence have seen him climb his career ladder steadily. Having achieved so much and delivered beyond the expectations of his critics, Mr. Fernando has become a force to reckon with in the financial industry.

In 2002, Mr. Fernando established Chopper Trading. His primary position as the Chief Executive Officer and founder of Chopper Trading brought him into the limelight. The company is a giant in foreign exchange playing at the same level with big names including Nasdaq, ICAP-Broketek, Eurex, CME, ICE, and Cantor Fitzgerald-Espeed. However, in 2015, Mr. Fernando sold Chopper Trading to a major global giant in the financial industry, DRW.

Raj Fernando is not only a business person; he has a heart for charity and philanthropic work. He has participated in some charity causes in both the United States and Canada. Fernando is an active member of the Chicago Council on Global Affairs that is empathetic to, among many other issues, social affairs in the region.

Having raised funds for President Barack Obama and the William J. Clinton Foundation, Raj Fernando has earned his title as a prolific fundraiser. While operating in his capacity as the CEO of Chopper Trading, Mr. Fernando was the third highest fundraiser for Barack Obama’s campaign. His great achievement that made the world curious about who he was. Ever since he continues to impress stakeholders in the financial industry with his impressive leadership and strategizing skills in many kinds of business.

Raj Fernando is well known for his out of the ordinary employee selection process. The former CEO of Chopper Trading does not believe in a one hour interview. He takes prospective employers through months of training and probation to ensure that he get the best fit for his company. His company is said to have had the best minds in business and engineering working for him, hence the immense success.

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Talk Fusion Takes Home More Awards!

Talk Fusion is the honor of 2016’s Communications Solutions Product of the Year Award. This award is the second big award for the cross marketing advertising giant and if what CEO Bob Reina says is true, that they are “just getting started”, then we figure 2016 will continue to find new and newer highs to reach. The award is doled out by Communications Solutions to companies that have a concise voice in the marketplace for their vision and a product that matches their quality efforts. Talk Fusion has come a long way since 2007 and it truly does seem like the company is on to something.

For CEO Bob Reina the continued success of Talk Fusion simply makes sense. The company was implemented back in 2007 as a response to a void in the marketplace for someone who did what they do: offer a way for business and entrepreneurs to market their product via embedded videos within emails. Reina himself had been looking for said product when he was turned down by email client after email client, saying that nobody could do it for him. This obviously gave his entrepreneur minded brain a kickstart and thus Talk Fusion was born.

Rich Tehrani, the CEO of TMC, said that Talk Fusion was a “true leader within their industry” and that they offer the “best of the best products and solutions available on the market today.” If you were to ask any of Talk Fusion’s happy customers then you likely would hear the same sort of sentiment. It is, perhaps, the primary reason that CEO Reina is opening back up a free trial period for people who are interested in the program but not ready to drop the cash needed to get started.

Talk Fusion as a platform is intuitive enough that anybody can get into the swing of things after a few sessions moving through the library of information. The primary program that customers will be attuned to is the professional video marketing email where you can drop in your video and then format a professional email around it, sending it off to a bank of emails that you wish to contact.

This article recapped http://www.abcactionnews.com/morning-blend/talk-fusion

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Brad Reifler Reflects on “Money Monster”

Financial expert and CEO of Forefront Capital, Brad Reifler, is a man who likes to pay attention to the media and to see how it reflects the realities of our times. He recently weighed in with observations on the movie “Money Monster,” starring George Clooney.

In the film, a disgruntled investor breaks into the live studio taping of a financial television show that offers hot stock tips. The investor takes the show host hostage, as he is angry that he lost everything on one of the show’s hot tips. Clooney and the other stars take cover as a tense hostage situation ensues.

Reifler took note of the truths in this fictional film’s narrative, one of which is that most small investors (the 99 percent) are shut out from the major investment opportunities that the big investors (the 1 percent) are given access to. Reifler’s company, Forefront Capital, has in fact worked hard to see that more small investors are given access to the investment opportunities that the 1 percent has long been able to take advantage of.

In Reifler’s view, small investors are dealing with three major disadvantages. They are forced to pay hefty fees on their investments, whether they make money or not. Non-accredited investors have historically been shut out of access to hedge funds, private funds and private investments. Finally, non-accredited investors are mostly given access to investment funds that are tied to the stock market, and thus are at a higher risk.

In Reifler’s view, what’s needed is for small investors to have more power as investors and more access to solid opportunities. Reifler started Forefront Capital as a way to allow small investors a way into the kinds of investments that have long been reserved for the 1 percent.

As Reifler has said, in order to save more for the future, small investors in middle America need greater access. For Reifler, creating these kinds of opportunities is what it’s all about.

The Midas Legacy Makes Retirement A Little Bit Easier


The Midas Legacy (http://themidaslegacy.com/) is a consultancy company that has specialized in advising its customers on how to be fruitful and fortune management. The company serves a broad variety of clients, and they include developing entrepreneurs, individuals who want to be peaceful and happy internally, people who wish to receive natural treatment, and anyone who wants to be prosperous in his or her career. The headquarters of the company are located in Winter Garden, Florida. The company has various professionals who offer advice to ensure that the client achieves his or her life goals. The aim of the Midas Legacy is attained by availing resources to potential individuals who can positively evolve various sectors such as the real estates, natural medicine, and entrepreneurship.

The clients of the company start being served from the first day that they consult it. After registering as members, they are issued with the Midas Code, which is a guide that helps them in achieving their dream. Customers who became registered as members of the company receive useful information from experts who are highly experienced, and they include renowned authors, entrepreneurs, stock marketers and specialists in many other fields.

The Midas Legacy has foremost experts who serve the company, and they include Sean Bower, Jim Samson, and Mark Edwards. They are all informed in different sectors. Jims Samson is an author by profession and has vast information on entrepreneurship and stock markets. Jim has been named as the bestselling author many times and has outstanding experience in real estate since he has been working in the industry for more than twenty years. Mark Edward is a renowned specialist in natural health he treats clients who need to be healed using natural remedies. Sean Bower is the company’s advisor on capital market and business decision making. He is well informed in the financial sector since he has worked as a business journalist for many years. Mr. Bower’s work has been cited several times by the worldwide media such as the International Business Times and the Japan’s Nikkei

Apart from business, The Midas Legacy also has its social part where it has been helping various organizations as a way of giving back to the community. Its corporate social responsibility program has benefited institutions such has the Florida Sheriffs Association, which has the firm as its Gold Business Member. The Central Florida-based Give Hope Foundations is given donations to help families that are battling childhood cancer. The St Jude Children’s Research Hospital is also funded to fight childhood cancer.

Homeless Helping Keep Things Clean at San Jose’s Coyote Creek

The convergence of littering and the homeless has come together in a positive way at Coyote Creek in San Jose, CA. Since last October, a group that’s been dubbed the Coyote Creek Homeless Stream Stewards have been able to remove over 24 tons worth of trash from the area.

The effort, while still in the early stages, has resulted in more than $5,000 worth of private donations being used to purchase gift cards and provide items for what’s known as a “trash raffle.” The upcoming raffle in September will give away two bikes.

Given the transient nature of homelessness, the number of those taking part in the effort tends to fluctuate. That number usually doesn’t go above 20, though those take take part are fueled by both the chance to win $10 gift cards and also simply live in cleaner surroundings.

The idea was developed by Amanda Fukamoto, who has camped near Coyote Creek for years. During that time span, she noticed that not only the homeless were leaving trash but also those dumping illegally.

One of Fukamoto’s potential solutions to the issue would be to strike a deal with the homeless. In exchange for living in so-called “tiny houses” at Coyote Creek, the homeless would continue keeping things clean in that particular area. Those houses would only be approximately 350 square feet and could be moved, if necessary, since they’ll be atop wheels.

Fukamoto sees the project as a chance to give people down on their luck some dignity.

AAK Expands its Operation to the West Coast of USA by Acquiring California Oils Corporation

AAK has acquired California Oils Corporation, a prominent vegetable oils firm based in California, from Mitsubishi Corporation of Japan. Last year, the California Oils Corporation popularly called CalOils had revenues of about SEK 1,350 million and 65 workers.

Statements of AAK USA’s President, Terrence Thomas

Terrence Thomas said that AAK has been having a mission of expanding its presence in the West Coast USA for many years. The acquisition is part of AAK’s long-term growth plan. CalOils will convert AAK into a global market leader and enhance its ability to offer outstanding service to both new and existing client on a national scale. This acquisition has transformed the company as the top supplier of high-quality specialty as well as semi-specialty oils to dairy, chocolate, confectionary, and bakery sectors in California and USA West Coast. Additionally, CalOils will support AAK’s Oasis, which is the U.S. foodservice platform to grow into a national supplier.

CalOils Facility is now the fourth production site of AAK. The facility is headquartered in Richmond, California. Terrence stated that the facility would enable the company to increase sales of semi-specialty and specialty products.

About AAK

AAK is a top supplier of high-grade vegetable oils and fats. The company supplies its products to many industries such as dairy, chocolate & confectionery, foodservice, bakery, and infant nutrition. The firm has been in the industry for over 140 years. It has 20 various production facilities, several sales offices in over 25 countries, and over 2,700 employees. The main offices of the firm are headquartered in Malmo, Sweden.

San Jose Homeless Clean Coyote Creek

Amanda Fukamoto saw a problem — two problems, actually — and decided to do something about it. For years, San Jose’s Coyote Creek has been a dumping ground for trash. The banks and the creek itself are clogged with castoff items of all sorts, from clothing to tires. A lot of it comes from the growing homeless population that lives along the banks.

Fukamoto asked herself what could be done to stop the pollution — and what could be done to help the homeless. She found the solution with the Coyote Creek Homeless Stream Stewards program. The group has removed more than 48,000 pounds of garbage from the area around the creek and from the creek itself.

What of the homeless? They’re the ones helping to clean the area but this is a short-term solution. As long as the homeless stay along the creek, the trash problem will remain as well. Fukamoto has another plan that will take care of both issues at once.

She’s proposed a program that will create a community of tiny houses that the homeless will be able to stay in, in exchange for keeping Coyote Creek and its surrounding area clean.

The program is still in the planning and permission stages. In the meantime, Fukamoto and associates have implemented other initiatives to keep the creek banks free of trash, such as raffling off gift cards and other prizes for turning in bags of trash.

Bus Crash Kills Four In California

A charter bus carrying around 30 people heading north to Washington on Highway 99 crashed when the bus crossed the centerline impaling itself on a highway pole at an exit near Livingston in Merced County at around 3:25 a.m. Pacific time. The accident resulted in four fatalities (earlier reports of five fatalities proved to be incorrect) with seven more suffering major injuries.

As of Wednesday, officials had not determined what caused Tuesday accident. Highway patrol officer on the scene, Moises Onsurez stated that “The pole went through the center of the bus, and that’s where the injuries were sustained,” Police had not had an opportunity to speak to the driver, Mario Vasquez, who is in critical condition. Local press reports reveal that in 2015, the driver was cited and fined for operating a vehicle without a commercial driver’s license. A passenger, Nakia Coleman, on the bus reported that the driver was trying to pass another vehicle that he apparently expected to yield, but didn’t. “It kind of ran him off the road,” The National Transportation Safety Board has been brought in to help with the investigation.

The bus was operated by Autobuses Coordinados, USA, which operates discount bus service on the West coast. There has been no statement from the company and calls to their Los Angeles were not answered. The bus started its journey in Mexico,and was on its way to the Pasco, Washington when the accident took place.

Homeless Woman Heading Cleanup Effort

Although most people hold homeless people responsible for causing blight and damage to areas where they live, one homeless woman in San Jose is trying to change this perception. Amanda Fukamoto lives in a homeless encampment near Coyote Creek. Since the fall of 2015, she’s handed out trash bags and encouraged the homeless to keep the area clean.

According to the San Jose Mercury News, her efforts appear to be succeeding where other programs failed. A prior program to install trash cans along the waterway was discontinued by the City of San Jose. The city argued the trash cans encouraged the homeless to stay near the creek instead of using city programs and services. Periodic sweeps have been used to get homeless out of the area, and cut down on the problems with litter, but they never brought permanent change.

The issue presents a significant problem for the Santa Clara County Water District. $1 million of the agency’s annual budget has gone to pay for the removal of trash left by homeless people staying on district land.

According to Fukamoto, her goal is to prove homeless people can serve as part of the solution, rather than simply being viewed as the root of the problem. She believes most homeless people are willing to support efforts to keep land around the creek clean. It is her hope the district and the city will allow the homeless to continue to live near the creek, in exchange for their helping with cleanup efforts.