Evaluating Nizan Guanaes’ Corporate Success and Philanthropy

Nizan Guanaes is a highly successful Brazilian businessman. His rags to riches story is an epitome of how hard work and determination can change the life of an individual. Nizan’s name is synonymous with ABC Group, which he founded and heads. This is a giant corporation that has over 18 subsidiaries. These subsidiaries are involved in a range of businesses, which includes content distribution, advertising, and product marketing.

Nizan Guanaes’ astute leadership has paved way for the remarkable growth that the conglomerate has experienced. Recently, it was ranked among the top 20 media and communication service providers in the world. Besides this, it is often regarded as the largest communications firm in South America. All this is owed to the strategic leadership that is provided by Nizan and the board of directors.

Mr. Guanaes has mastered the art of transformative leadership. This explains why he has constantly been able to formulate business strategies that are pragmatic and future oriented. His quick but insightful decision making ability has also earned him praise. The insurmountable entrepreneurship success has made him one of the most decisive figures in the Brazilian economy. He has constantly been ranked among the most powerful entrepreneurs by renowned publications such as GQ Magazine, The Financial Times, and the Fast Company. This clearly proves that the milestones that he has made have been globally noted.

Nizan’s Charity Efforts

For more than two decades, Mr. Guanaes has been lending support to different social initiatives. He has mainly supported efforts aimed at improving education standards, entrepreneurship, and the conservation of the Brazilian cultural heritage. He serves on the High Level Commission of UNAIDS, an organization that is tasked with the prevention of HIV/AIDS. In addition, Nizan sits on the boards of UNESCO Brazil and the Clinton Global Initiative. He has similarly been a supporter of initiatives aimed at improving girl-child education in Brazil and beyond.

Marketing and advertising are essential for any brand new or growing business, so this is why it is very important that you put the time and effort into advertising that will help your entire business to grow. One issue that many people have is that they simply do not have the time or effort to put into their marketing. Because of this, you might want to consider hiring a company that does this for a living and work with them on the marketing and advertising that works well for you.

One such expert is known as Nizan Guanaes and he is the co-founder of the ABC group. The ABC group is one of the top advertising and marketing firms in the world and has helped thousands upon thousands of companies very much like your own when it comes to all of their marketing needs. This is why does a good idea for you to consider contacting a company like this and know that they are going to be there for you every step of the way. This is an option that will benefit you greatly and truly help you to feel confident when it comes to running a business that does well over time.

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Trying To Be Sure That It Offers More Loan Options

I have been really impressed with Nexbank recently because they are offering more loan options to people like me. I have financed my car through Nexbank every since I changed my accounts over to them, and I heard that they are looking to offer about $75 million more in loans to people who need them. These are great unsecured loans that can help people buy cars or take out loans for special projects. I have a friend who is running his business on one of these loans, and I think others should follow suit.

NexBank Increases Senior Unsecured Notes Offering to $75 Million

I have met a couple people who just did not have the resources to get a regular loan, and it became a real problem for them because they could not get their transportation or anything else they needed. That is why they needed to go to Nexbank to get services, and I think that they have done really well since they got there. I have been impressed, and I hope that people will be able to keep getting loans from Nexbank in the same way. I am thinking of getting one myself because it would be very helpful for me as I am thinking of getting a boat.

I still go into the branch because they have been really great for me, and I think that they are giving me the new lease on life that I need. They are allowing me that extra funding I need to just make a change, and I know that there are people like me who will instantly want to go in and get a loan. They might need a car, a motorcycle or a boat, and they can get help from Nexbank. It is practically a Dallas institution now, and I am so glad that they are helping us out.

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The Midas Legacy is the Key to Financial Peace and Whole Life Happiness

The Midas Legacy is a whole life advisement company based in Winter Garden, Florida that seeks to help people optimize their life situation through improved health, wealth, happiness, and overall sense of self. The mission of the company is to guide a person toward the life he or she seeks. The company offers services to anyone looking to be more successful by providing expert advice in multiple disciplines that can hold the key to self improvement. Their experts offer research services and advisement in the areas of finance, real estate, entrepreneurship, natural health, self, and retirement.

The Midas Legacy’s unconventional approach of whole-life advisement offers a unique approach to making both financial success and overall well being a reality. The services provided by The Midas Legacy can benefit investors seeking money management advice, business owners and entrepreneurs looking for overall life improvement, anyone seeking overall peace and happiness, those seeking natural health alternatives, and those seeking a fast track to retirement.

The Midas Legacy gives its clients the tools they need to improve their lives by incorporating aspects of success that are often ignored by typical financial advisement groups. The experts at The Midas Legacy believe that anyone can become a happier, more enlightened, and improved version of themselves. And they believe they have to tools and expertise to help their clients achieve those goals.

In a time when more people are becoming increasingly unsure or whether or not the money they have saved for retirement will be adequate, The Midas Legacy can offer peace of mind. Their financial experts can offer advise on retirement planning, diversifying portfolios, and minimizing taxes. The experts at The Midas Legacy can provide investment tips that open the door to better investment strategies for their clients.

The Midas Legacy provides a unique approach in that they focus not only on the client’s financial well being, but also on the physical and emotional well being so they can point their clients towards the best possible life situation. The natural health experts at The Midas Legacy believe that Mother Nature provides remedies that can free people from illness and maximize health without the harmful side effects of prescription drugs.

Becoming a member of The Midas group is free, and the journey financial and physical well being begins immediately as new members receive as a free gift a copy of the book The Midas Code. http://themidaslegacy.com

A World Of Imagination

Gene Wilder is probably best known for his role as Willy Wonka in the movie “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.” On August 29,2016, Gene Wilder passed away. He was a man known for making people laugh. He has starred in several comedies and dramatic movies, such as “Young Frankenstein” and “Stir Crazy.” Wilder always seemed to bring a smile to those around him. He never tried to be funny. It was just his personality as he wanted those around him to live life to its fullest.

Wilder’s nephew made a statement about the cause of death, stating that Wilder passed away from complications associated with Alzheimer’s. The man was more than just an actor on the big screen. He performed on several stages across the country, and he also wrote a few screenplays. The first movie that Wilder was in was “Bonnie & Clyde.” It was released in 1967. The movie was about the famous couple who robbed banks. Wilder’s second film, “The Producers,” was one that showcased just how funny Wilder could be on the big screen.

Gene Wilder is remembered for his enticing blue eyes and his out of control hair. He was an anxious person who always seemed to want to be active. His role as Willy Wonka earned him a nomination for a Golden Globe in 1971. Even though the movie wasn’t as big of a success as some would have hoped, it’s the role of Willy Wonka that Wilder is often known for being involved with. He has been in movies where he is a quiet Waco Kid as well as movies where he is a mad scientist.

Wilder’s acting career tapered off, and he seemed to become more of a quiet person who had things on his mind that bothered him. He would call out to God at random moments, and he would walk up to people just to give them a hug. Wilder has left many quotes for his fans to read and follow, but he mostly wanted others to know that it’s alright to smile and use the imagination.

Smoking in Californian Colleges Could Be Banned Soon

Smoking cigarettes in Californian college campuses could soon be a thing of the past if the bill seeking to bar the act is assented into law by the governor of the state. The law, which will be effective at the beginning of 2018 if passed, will make the Californian State University and California Community College compounds smoke-free zones.

This development comes after the state assembly voted the bill that bans the use of tobacco products including electronic cigarettes on all college campuses. The bill was proposed by Kevin McCarty and was inspired by the Californian University’s semi-autonomous system that advocates for a tobacco-free policy in its campuses. McCarty’s initiative was further provoked by the research findings reported by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention that smoking and exposure to second-hand smoke is detrimental to overall health of people.

According to McCarty, there is a need for everybody including the Californian State government to promote healthy practices and a healthy environment for everyone. He recognized that the majority of the population consists of young adults and teenagers who still have a lot to accomplish in life and that it could be unfair to expose them to risk factors of life-threatening diseases associated with smoking such as lung cancer and heart disease.

If the bill is passed into law by the Californian Governor Jerry Brown, 72 community college districts and university campuses will be under the protection against exposure to tobacco smoke. 18 of the 72 community college districts and 37 campuses already have policies that ban tobacco smoking within their compounds. This could mean that more than 500,000 young adults will enjoy their learning activities in campus without being exposed to external risks that could damage their state of health.

Those who will violate the laws stipulated in the bill will face clear consequences. Violators will be fined $25 for the first time caught committing the offense. The second offense will attract a $100 penalty and other additional fines. The money collected from the fines will be channeled to the anti-smoking initiatives to help create awareness and set up cessation programs in all parts of the Californian state.

Expansion of Papahānaumokuākea Marine National Monument in Hawaii. Thanks, Obama!

As previously reported by the New York Times, President Obama recently visited Midway Atoll, which is part of an uninhabited island in Hawaii, to recognize his expansion of the Papahānaumokuākea Marine National Monument and address the growing threat of climate change.

Papahānaumokuākea Marine National Monument

This area is now the largest protected area in the world, encompassing 583,000 square miles. The area is home to over 7,000 different species, many of which are endangered animals, and a quarter of them are only found in this area. This area was first put under protective status in 1909 by Theodore Roosevelt as part of a response to the over-harvesting of sea birds. He established the area as Hawaiian Islands Bird Reservation. Later, in 1940, Franklin Roosevelt converted the area into a wildlife refuge. Many other orders of protection followed afterwards. In 2000, Bill Clinton designated the waters around the area a National Marine Sanctuary. Finally, in 2006, President Bush gave the area national monument status. The reason for this is because it gave the area immediate and more thorough protection; the protection could only be revoked through proper legislation. Obama furthered the work done by the previous presidents by almost quadrupling the amount of land under protection. Scientists and environmentalists support the expansion by Obama, believing it is a necessary course of action to save wildlife species and help combat the issue of climate change. However, some aren’t as happy about the change, most notably commercial fishermen.

Is Expansion the Best Thing?

The fishing industry sees the expansion of at Papahānaumokuakea as an unnecessary hindrance on their fishing practices. They believe it will cause the industry harm because it will prohibit long-line fishing in the protected area. According to some, this move does not provide any benefits to conservation and is not based off the best available scientific data. They believe it is more of a political move for Obama to build a lasting legacy, instead of helping in the area of conservation. However, Obama has voiced the necessity for this action, seeing it as a message to everyone that is critical to address the effects of global warming on our waters and save wildlife from the effects humans have had on the environment. President Obama has been invited to return in a couple years, so he can see just how much he has done for the animals he wanted to protect. Those at the facility thank Obama, and it is believed that the animals will too.

George Soros Is The Man That Broke The bank of England Not The Man That Wants To Undermine Democracy

The life of George Soros will be a full-length motion picture someday. Soros started his life under Nazi rule in Hungary. He managed to escape from the Nazi occupation, and he settled in London England where he waited tables to pay his rent and eat. George was accepted to the London School of Economics, and he earned a degree in philosophy. Soros moved to the United States in the 1950s, and he found a job on Wall Street. Fast forward 20 years and George decides to use the millions of dollars he earned from successful investing, to bet that the pound sterling will have to be devalued because of the creation of the euro on bloomberg.com. Soros wins that bet, and he is crowned the “man that broke the Bank of England,” when he collected more than $8 billion from the Central Bank.

But Soros didn’t stop investing after that big score. He decided to continue his successful investment strategy, and over the next 20 years, he earns another $20 billion. Instead of living the life of luxury, Soros decided to start a foundation that helped spread democracy around the world. His Foundation, the Open Society Foundation, has helped people all over the globe experience a taste of freedom and democracy even when they are faced with governments that try to suppress their God-given rights.

Learn more about George Soros: George Soros – Project Syndicate

So when a story about Soros telling a German newspaper that he was going to bring down the United States by supporting black hate groups circulated around the Internet, the people that know George and his work ignored the rumor. Snopes.com decided to jump in and find out what Soros did say to the German newspaper in 2014 on NY Books. The investigators discovered no evidence that Soros spoke with a German newspaper in 2014, and there was no evidence that the documentation that went along with the allegation was credible either. The story was another attempt to discredit the work of one of the biggest philanthropist on the planet.

George Soros does agree to talk about issues that other people can’t talk about because of his incredible wealth, but one thing Soros never bashes is freedom and democracy. He talks about the repercussions that follow the Brexit issues, and he talks about a global recession as well as the economic health of China. Soros spends millions of dollars supporting Democratic candidates in the U.S. and in other countries, so he is for building unity not bring down anything.

Donation to LACC Allows Music Majors to Study For Free

Herb Alpert, co-founder of A&M Records and Latin-jazz trumpeter, has made a major impact on education in Los Angeles, according to an article posted on The LA Times online.

The Herb Alpert Foundation, which Alpert co-founded along with his fellow musician and wife Lani Hall, has just made a major donation of $10.1-million that will allow all music majors to study tuition-free at the Los Angeles City College. The director of the Los Angeles City College (LACC) foundation, Robert Schwartz, said that the donation from the Foundation will transform the two-year public college.

Alpert said that his motivation for donating the money to the music program at LACC is to help the kids that do not have the financial means to attend a major college. Alpert’s brother, as well as his ex-partner in the record business Lou Adler, both attended school at LACC. When Alpert went to visit the school he found that it was thriving and that inspired him to help the program with his generous donation. Alpert said that another part of what interested him in helping the students of LACC is that they all come from different socioeconomic backgrounds and may not have gotten a chance to get a good secondary education because of that. These are students that may not have gotten a chance to go to UCLA because of their financial situation.

This donation is the second-largest ever given in the history of the state of California. It is the largest donation ever given to a community college in the southern California area. Free tuition for LACC’s music program will begin for the school’s fall 2017 registration. Not only will the Foundation’s donation help give student’s free tuition, it will also allow the school to increase their intake of music majors from 175 to 250. It will also help supply students with music instruction.

This is not the first donation that the Herb Alpert Foundation has given to the school. Starting around 15 years ago, the Foundation donated $10,000 to the school. More recently the foundation donated $300,000 three-year grant towards scholarships for students which just ended.

Come Visit The Warm Welcome That Is Panama City

The larger than life figure of Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa is quite at home in the exotic locale of Panama, City, in the Latin American country of Panama. Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa loves to entertain his many friends from around the world in his home country, and especially to show them the magic of Panama City. You will find a bustling center of the world’s shipping. This historic land is changing for the better. There is much more business, entertainment, and resort living going on in this vivacious land of history.

Panama City has grown through some big changes in the last several years. It is becoming much more like the luxury world of Dubai, with beautiful glass clad shining skyscrapers presiding over a bustling economy for Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa. What had been a rundown country is now a fun, vibrant, and thriving land with a great nightlife that goes with such prosperity. Panama is becoming an important destination for all kinds of people. Business thrives here and so do vacation resorts. The nightlife includes all kinds of cuisine, libations, and experiences on adrianjosevelasquezfigueroa.com. It is a very safe and yet exciting place to do work or to relax and play.

The flights in and out of the local International Airport are regular and well appointed. There are plenty of taxis, so go wherever you like or just use Uber, a great service with standardized prices and they take credit cards, of course. There is nothing quite like waking up in paradise to the call of exotic birds. Their morning melodies will charm you so much, you will be eager to walk a section of the beautiful Camino de Cruces Trail. It is 500 years old and from there you might get a glimpse of the very rare Jaguar, certainly many colorful birds, and other amazing scenes.

The big infrastructure piece of Panama is, of course, the famous Panama Canal. This is something you do not want to miss seeing, a big piece of modern history and the monumental struggle to construct the canal. Be sure to bring your best camera and get in some world class photography while you are enjoying our garden life. Finish your day walking down the DiabloRosso art gallery according to Figueroa. Enjoy original works from Donna Conlon and Jonathan Harker. Get on down to Panama City and have the time of your life!

Read more: https://about.me/adrianjosevelasquezfigueroa

Sacramento Kings Player Turns to Twitter to Find Lost Dog

Ben McLemore of the Sacramento Kings basketball team lost track of Rolex, his French bulldog puppy, on the 29th of August. In a moment of brilliance and desperation, he turned to social media network Twitter in the hope that someone had seen the canine who had last been seen somewhere within the Fair Oaks region of Sacramento. McLemore promised a reward to whomever could bring him back in touch with Rolex.

Only a day later, Mat Davis replied to McLemore’s distressed tweet by posting an image of an uncastrated black Frenchie wearing a red collar. McLemore was overjoyed with the news and eventually made it to Mat’s location to reclaim Rolex. McLemore tweeted a picture of himself holding his dog, as well as Mat and Mat’s friend Jon who looked after the dog until such time as McLemore could come to reclaim him.

French bulldogs, also known as “Frenchies,” are a breed of dog that has been around for as far back as the mid 1800s and is the result of crossbreeding British bulldogs with French “ratter” dogs. The French bulldog is among the top 10 most popular dog breeds in the United Kingdom and the United States of America. Much like their forefather breed the British bulldog, Frenchies have difficulty breathing because of their bulky frames and compressed noses that results in an extreme sensitivity to hot and cold temperatures. The inability of French bulldogs to regulate their body temperature is the reason why some airlines will ban them from flying. The American Kennel Club states that French bulldogs can live anywhere between 11 to 13 years.

In addition to having difficulty with regulating their body temperature, the French bulldog’s traits has are unable to easily breed or pass litters of pups without assistance. One look at these animals is enough to know that Frenchies are susceptible to a wide number of back, hip and knees problems; including the aforementioned difficulties in breeding and giving birth. These canines are also especially prone to a variety of eye problems including glaucoma and conjunctivitis. Owners of French bulldogs are encouraged to regularly dry and clean the folds of skin directly beneath their dog’s eyes in order to reduce chances of the dog contracting an eye-based problem.