A Look At Brazlian Marketing Genius, Nizan Guanes

Marketing In Brazil Explained
Brazil is considered to be a country with much economic potential in the future. It is often grouped in the BRICS countries. These are developing countries that are expected to see their economies rapidly expand. For a company to successfully market a product in Brazil, they should keep the following in mind.

Brazil is a nation that is fanatical about the sport of soccer. Expect to see plenty of ads that feature or use the sport of soccer somehow. Everyone in Brazil is familiar with soccer and the sport can be used as a powerful marketing message tool. Expect major companies to sponsor soccer teams and tournaments throughout Brazil.

Another important thing to remember is that Brazilians like their samba and to express their sexuality freely. Marketing a product or service using sex appeal is a common and highly acceptable form of advertising. Soap operas are another big marketing opportunity for companies. Millions watch soap operas daily and regularly. They provide prime time opportunities for advertisers.

A Leading Advertising Figure In Brazil Is Nizan Guanes

Nizan Guanes is an entrepreneur who is best known for creating the conglomerate called Grupo ABC in 2002. The conglomerate controls numerous marketing and advertising firms in Brazil. Mr. Guanes began working as a copywriter for a local advertising firm in the city of Bahia. He later moved to work for companies such as Artplan in Rio de Janiero and DPZ in Sao Paulo.

One of Nizan Guanes‘ ads created in 1998, for the Brazilian daily newspaper, Folha de Sao Paulo, received an award at the Cannes Film Festival. The ad was so well received that it continues to be considered one of the top 100 ads of all time. Nizan Guanes was one of the founding members of the Association of Entrepreneurs Friends of UNESCO. The group directly supports UNESCO’s efforts at preservation cultural and historical landmarks around the world.

“Reclaim” Campaign: War Against World Waste

HuffPost recently launched the “Reclaim” campaign, which focuses on the world’s waste crisis and how Americans can help.

Americans buy an average of 64 new items a year, and we are the world’s top clothes shoppers.

But the truth is, we probably already own a garment that may not be the best in our collection, may not be in fashion anymore, but we still hang on to it, and we still continue to buy more and more clothes each year. And every year we continue to be a part of the world’s waste problem.

To prove our point, we asked the HuffPost staff to tell us about a particular item of clothing that they seem to be attached to, and why.

Here’s a list we have gathered:

• The college sweatshirt – bought from the college bookstore and became a weekend outfit.
• The indestructible gray cardigan – goes with everything and washes well. Invites compliments despite the worn out and dated look. It’s always on trend because it’s gray.
• See-through preschool T-shirt – The shirt has the name of the preschool I went to, and the name of my dad on the back.
• Ripped black cat tights – bought from Hot Topic at the local mall
• Black skirt – a long BCBG skirt with its childlike qualities, like twirling
• Mystery shirt – traded from Cousin Mariah with a Prince cutoff tee. Weird and colorful shirt and doesn’t even have a label!
• Zip-up sweatshirt – Christmas 1998 gift from mom. Still warm and nice, really well made.
• The family business t-shirt – Printed with “Atlantic Tree” at the back. This 70s shirt is a reminder of the amount of work my family has done, and where I came from.
• Ribbed black dress – worn at my best friend’s father’s funeral and I still wear it as a staple, especially in the winter.
• Paint-splattered T-shirt from a chicken joint – Reminds me of the disgusting time when I won the shirt at a chicken wing eating contest after finishing 37 wings in an hour.
• Holey jeans – purchased in high school and fitted me perfectly. Worn and torn, the holes are reminders of my past, and I will be adding more holes in the future.
• “Haunted Mansion” T-shirt – My fondest memories were spent with dad, enjoying the Haunted Mansion in Disneyland. Dad passed away in 1995. In 2014 on a trip back to the West coast after 20 years, an aunt unknowingly gifted me with the Haunted Mansion T-shirt.
• Armani Exchange T-shirt – The shirt fits. That’s all.

The reason why we still buy the 63 other garments remains unexplained.

Goettl Air conditioning gives ideas on keeping our animal friends safe from heat

Goettl Air conditioning, which is based in Las Vegas, is advising locals on the steps they can take to keep their pets away from the heat this season.
Keep those paws away from the pavements
Not many people realize how hot surfaces such as pavements, tarred driveways and other concrete surfaces get when the sun is out. See if you can hold the back of your hand to the sidewalk for ten seconds without feeling the heat. If not, you need to reschedule your daily walks to a cooler time of day.
Time for sunscreen
Goettl recommends that any pet that has a short and light coat will be susceptible to burns. In order to prevent this, get a pet safe sunscreen and use it on nose and back of the ears.
If you want the pet to get better temperature regulation in this weather, then you have to think about shaving the coat and brushing the hair to get that circulation working properly.
Water, water everywhere
You already know that pets do not sweat like humans do, which makes it harder for them to keep cool. In order to keep your animal friends cool, make sure they have access to water everywhere they go. Dehydration can be very dangerous.

Getting a swim
Nothing will do a better job at keeping your animal cool than getting a doggie pool as a toy. With the vicious heat being experienced, it will be their favorite new place.
Besides these tips, it is recommended that you keep your pet away from garage dangers. If your car leaks anti freeze fluid, it can pose a huge danger to animals because they will lick it. Keep the doors closed for maximum safety.
About Goettl
The company was originally created by Gust and Adam Goettl and was set up in 1939. The company was brought to Las Vegas in 2016, and it has been expanding and offering services for the past half year.
The founder of the company believes in the philosophy of helping others when they need the help and not when it is convenient for you. He also believed in always doing what is right, a philosophy that has helped him a lot in the growth of his business. The machines that are provided by this company for air conditioning are simply the best and no others come even close. Try them and you will not be disappointed.

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Human Rights Fishermen Now Doing Well in San Francisco

According to an AP story, two fishermen who claim that they had been held against their will aboard Honolulu-based fishing vessels are now living in San Francisco using emergency visas designed for those who have been victims of human trafficking. The fishermen have also filed a lawsuit against their former employer saying that they were forced to work 20 hour shifts without the proper equipment, pee in buckets and sleep where bed bugs could cause running sores on their bodies. The two men say that they signed the contract in Honolulu believing that they would be well treated and be able to leave the boat whenever they chose. The two claim that they were held aboard the board against their will in a move that their lawyer compares to slavery.
Earlier this year, the AP investigated many such claims involving 140 boats where workers claim to make less than 70 cents an hour. As a reaction to the criticism, the Hawaii Longline Association has created a new contract. Owners wanting to sell their fish at seafood auctions beginning on October 1. By signing the contract, workers acknowledge that they understand that they will be living on boats for up to one year while their passports are held by the ship’s owners.
Currently, owners do not have to provide basic rights to their workers. Many human rights advocates are calling on Congress to rectify the situation so that these workers are treated like all workers in the United States.
Today, the two fishermen are doing well. They do, however, avoid Fisherman’s Wharf. Both men are employed by a liquor store. After completing their first job, one man goes on to drive a car for hire while the other man takes inventory at a large department store.
The men say that they like their new life. They admit to being scared of their previous boss saying that they want to avoid him. They say that the reason for their lawsuit is to bring people’s attention to this problem believing that most people are not even aware that the problem is going on today in America.

The West Coast Is Changing From Red To Blue This Election Year

California has been a blue state for several years. Democrats win elections in California because of the liberal attitudes that keep getting more liberal with each generation. Even though West Coast Millennials are not feeling Hillary Clinton and her message for the next four years, California will still be Smurf-blue in November. But California’s neighbors haven’t completely warmed up to the liberalism that dominates SoCal and Northern California. States like Arizona, Nevada, and Colorado have always been red to the bone when election time rolls around.

But this year may be different, according to the recent polls that have been conducted by several organizations. The fact that Donald Trump has alienated Latinos, Blacks and Asians is making the Republican Party have nightmares as well as daymares. Trump’s insensitive style of campaigning is reshaping the political composition of the red states that make up the West Coast voting group, according to the New York Times.

Arizona has only voted for a Democratic presidential candidate once in the last 68 years, but this year Hillary Clinton is tied with Trump, according to recent polls. Flipping Arizona to a blue state has been a Democratic dream for years, and this could be the year that dream becomes reality, according to Democratic leaders in Arizona. The reason is simple. Nonwhite voters are popping up on the West Coast faster than any other area of the country. In 2012, nonwhite voters accounted for 30 percent of the vote in Arizona, Alaska, and Nevada, and that percentage will be higher in 2016. Clinton is so sure she will carry the state of Colorado that she is not spending advertising money in the state before the election.

Montana, Idaho, and Alaska will still vote Republican in 2016, but the handwriting is on the wall for the Republican Party on the West Coast. The West Coast is adding new nonwhite voters in record numbers every year in all the states in the West, and that’s not good news going forward for Republicans. But there some people that say Trump voters will come out in record numbers in November in all of these West Coast states. Those voters are the people that are sick of the political debacle that has weakened the credibility of the U.S. around the world. Those people are not counted in election polls, but they will count on election day.

Keeping Your Pets Cool With Help From Goettl

The Las Vegas area is one that is known for intense heat. The entire area is typically subject to heat waves. During the really hot times, temperatures may climb as as one hundred degrees or even higher. While most people are aware of exactly what methods they can take to make sure they stay cool personally during such hot weather, they are not always aware of what steps they can take to help keep their pets safe during the hot days. Cats and dogs need special protection during the hot weather. They process heat differently than humans do and can easily become overheated during really hot weather.

Keep Animals Safe

A few simple precautions from those at Goettl Air Conditioning can actually help keep pets safe no matter what the weather outside. For example, pavements that feel okay when people walk on them in shoes may actually be far too hot for a dog’s tender paws. It is best to walk dogs when the heat has dissipated. Another important thing to be aware of just how easy it is for a dog to get skin sun damage. Dogs have thin skin that can be damaged by the sun when they are brought outside. Any owner should be careful to apply sunscreen to the animal’s skin before taking them outside at all when it is really hot outside. In addition to applying sun screen, those at Goettl remind their clients that it is important to keep a pet groomed well. The animal needs to be groomed in order to allow it to properly regulate its internal temperature and allow for blood to circulate freely. The also helps the animal to breathe properly when the weather is hot.

Goettl Cares

The founders of Goettl Air Conditioning knew that they could be of service to those living in one of the hottest areas in the entire country. This is why they brought their know-how and caring to this area nearly a century ago. They knew that people would need to make sure that they could stay cool in the hot sun here. Today, they are still here in the area, working hard each day to offer superior services. When something goes wrong with an air conditioner, it is a good idea to call them first. They will rush to any client’s door with the solution in-hand, helping them get away from the heat.

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Overuse of Water Continues Amid California Drought

California is in the middle of a long, seemingly unending drought, but that does not stop the widespread abuse of water restriction policies that are currently in place. Not only are private citizens being cited for watering lawns and otherwise overusing water, but the city of Los Angles recently made headlines for watering fake grass.

According to an article in CBS news, the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power, which makes many of the rules regarding local water restrictions, appears to be violating some of its own policies. The DWP installed fake grass on their lawn in order to reduce the amount of water that they use so that they can stay within their own departmental policies. They are also looked up to as an example for the appropriate way to behave during a drought.

But CBS Los Angeles investigated and discovered that the DWP is watering this grass for a few minutes each week, which not only is a potential waste of water, but also causes grey water to run off into the very limited supply of drinking water. The drought in California causing serious problems for people in some parts of California, who are finding they do not have enough clean water for drinking or bathing. The report also angered neighbors because they have been following the stricter water restrictions that the DWP has created.

For it’s part, the DWP says that they are simply trying to keep the fake grass clean. They insist that they are trying to wash off dog pee. While this seems like it could be a legitimate concern, as there is no reason to keep watering grass that does not grow, it begs another question. It seems like there must be some other way for the fake grass to stay clean without causing water to run off and be wasted, even if it takes longer and is a little more work.

Using as little extra water is incredibly important in California where droughts have plagued the state for decades. The population continues to grow, taxing the limited natural resources the state has. Environmental problems also contribute to the drought in California, and until these issues are resolved, following the water restrictions is very important for everyone in California.

Goettl Air Conditioning Offers Summer Pet Safety Tips

In an article, Goettl Air Conditioning provided some tips for how people can keep their pets safe in the summer. Here are some of the tips they provided in the article, as well as information about the company.

The Tips
The company recommends keeping your pet’s paws off the pavement. Asphalt and cement can be very hot and they can burn animal’s paws. Try to walk your pet in the early mornings or in the evenings when the sun has gone down.

There is pet-safe sunscreen you can use on your pets that have short hair. Use a little bit behind their ears and nose about 30 minutes before you go outdoors with them.

To provide better circulation, you should groom your pet regularly. Also, pets have a hard time staying cool during the summer months, which is why you should allow easy access to water for your pets. Keep an eye on your pets when they are outdoors because you don’t want them to get dehydrated.

Another tip the company provided is to purchase a doggy pool. This allows dogs to have fun and to stay cool. They also recommend keeping an eye on garage dangers, such as leakage from cars, anti-freeze on the ground and things of that nature. The best thing is to cutoff access to the garage because you don’t want your pets getting into it and consuming harmful chemicals.

About Goettl Air Conditioning
The company offers their services throughout the areas of Southern California, Tucson, Phoenix and Las Vegas. Goettl Air Conditioning was established in 1939, and today they offer high quality HVAC services. They are known for using quality heating equipment and for offering services that include replacements, repairs and maintenance.

Goettl works with their customers to find the best solutions for their home. They also strive to make their customers’ homes as comfortable as possible and as safe as possible.


Stephen Murray- An Investor and Philanthropist

Steve Murray was a well-renowned philanthropist as well as an investor. He was once the chief executive officer and president of CCMP Capital- a private equity firm that focuses mainly on growth and buyout equity transactions. Murray’s educational background was as follows. He studied for his undergraduate degree in economics at the Boston College and graduated in 1984. Later, he also pursued a master’s degree in Business Administration and graduated in 1989.

After graduating from the Boston College in 1984, Steve Murray enrolled at Manufacturers Hanover Corporation for a credit analyst training program. After achieving his coveted master’s degree in 1989, he joined the Manufacturers Hanover Equity Corporation. Afterward, Murray began working at JP Morgan Partners in pursuit of greener pastures in the year 2005. Murray got a promotion to the position of chief of buyout business.

During his years of being employed, he gained enough experience and expertise. In 2006, Steve Murray headed the CCMP Capital, as a spinout of JP Morgan Chase and it comprised of a growth and buyout equity team of its private equity group. In 2007, Murray was then named as CEO of CCMP Capital. This was so, since over his years as an employee; he was able to depict quality leadership skills.

As a person who was able to lead and serve diligently, Steve Murray was also appointed to sit on the board of various significant companies such as Legacy Hospital Partners, Warner Chilcott, Aramark, Cabela’s, The Vitamin Shoppe, Pinnacle Foods, AMC Entertainment and AMC Entertainment. He was also on the board of trustees at Boston College and held the position of Chairman. In addition, Murray was also a member of the Make a Wish Foundation of Metro New York in the chairman’s council.

As a philanthropist, he was able to assist many through making donations on ccmpcapital.com. His helping hand was extended to the Make-A-wish Foundation based in Metro New York. He also donated to the Boston College under the Food Bank of Lower Fairfield County, the Columbia Business and the Stamford Museum.

For the little time he had on this earth, Stephen Murray was able to on nypost.com, up to the age of 52 when he finally rested in peace. As the CEO CCMP Capital, he served diligently, and after his death. A lesson well learned from Stephen Murray is that nothing lasts forever. Even after his death, his legacy still lives on.

Cancer Drug Innovator Seattle Genetics Increases Public Stock Offering

Bothell, Washington based biotech company Seattle Genetics is in the middle of the largest-ever round of financing in its history. The company announced its public stock offering will be increased from $480 million to $552 million through the use of its over-allotment option. The move was caused by the surge in investor interest in the company. Seattle Genetics has increased value because of Adcetris its flagship cancer drug, its rich drug development pipeline, its incredible staff and expanding infrastructure. The company is poised to add 100 employees a year for about 5 years. By 2020 Seattle Genetics should have a staff of 1,300 highly skilled professionals.

Seattle Genetics, founded in 1998, is among the longest-standing biotech companies in the Puget Sound region. It’s currently looking for space in Canyon Park to expand. It generated $77 million in the second quarter of 2016, but still isn’t profitable. Founder and CEO Dr. Clay Siegall said the lack of profitability won’t prevent Seattle Genetics from continuing to grow. He explained growth is more important than profitability at this point. Biotech companies often take years to become profitable. Seattle Genetics is focused on expanding the use of Adcetris for other diseases besides cancer. Adcetris generated $47 million in the first quarter of 2016. Shares of Seattle Genetics closed up 4% at $46.79.

Dr. Clay Siegall, President, CEO and Chairman of the Board at Seattle Genetics, has been involved in cancer research for decades. He graduated from the University of Maryland with a B.S. in Zoology and attended George Washington University where he earned a Ph.D in Genetics. Dr. Siegall went on to work with some of the leading companies involved in cancer research. They include the National Institutes of Health, the National Cancer Institute and the Bristol-Myers Squibb Pharmaceutical Research Institute.

Clay Siegall serves on the boards of directors of the biotechnology companies Mirna Therapeutics and Alder BioPharmaceuticals. An amazing fundraiser, he’s raised over $1.2 billion for Seattle Genetics from private and public sources. Dr. Siegall has built the organization with passionate people interested in rigorous research, scientific innovation and effective drug development practices.