Looking for Your Soulmate? Kabbalah has Answers

With 124 million people in the United States calling themselves single, it’s no surprise that countless Americans are desperately searching for their soulmates every day. 15% of Americans are active on dating websites, yet they can’t seem to find a potential partner with whom to share their lives.


Perhaps it’s time to search deeper into the spiritual realities of what it means to find a soulmate. The ancient teachings of Kabbalah provide much insight into what one should look for in a partner, and how to form a fulfilling and loving relationship with them that will last.


One of the biggest dating mistakes one could make is judging someone by their appearance before getting to know them personally and deeply. According to Kabbalah, souls are attracted to souls, and nothing external matters. Once someone is able to shed their superficial and meaningless desires, only then can two souls truly connect to each other.


Kabbalah teaches that we are all an incomplete soul, because each soul is split into two separate souls upon creation. This means that Kabbalah takes the term “other half” literally. Kabbalah also teaches ancient truths regarding reincarnation, meaning that if you find someone with whom you feel an instant connection, it is likely that you two have traveled through lifetimes together in the past.


One important Kabbalah lesson to apply to your dating life is the necessity to stay true to yourself. Only when you are true to yourself will you attract your soulmate into your life. Trying to live a life that is not authentic to your higher purpose will get you nowhere. Similarly, living a life that is superficial and that feeds your ego and not your spiritual purpose will leave you lonely and unfulfilled.


For those looking to take their dating lives to the next spiritual level, perhaps it’s time to visit the Kabbalah Centre in Los Angeles. Learning these ancient teachings through books and the Internet is a great start, but joining the Kabbalah Centre will give you access to one-on-one relationships with spiritual mentors, as well as numerous seminars and workshops. Through studying at the Kabbalah Centre, countless people, including a number of celebrities, have found true love at last.


If you feel that you are ready to find your true soulmate, dig deep into the ancient divine teachings of Kabbalah. With a soul that is truly open and at peace with its higher purpose, you will attract the love of your life in no time.

California Brown Issues First Statement In Wake Of Trump Winning Election

Trump may have won the election, but California isn’t ready to back down on some issues. While the state is home to protests, some peaceful and some turning bitter, Governor Jerry Brown of California states that while they should do their part to help unify the country, California will stay true to its principals.

The Governor only made the brief comment since Trump’s surprising win on Tuesday. The Governor hopes the nation can mend its fences and divisiveness following the emotional election. Brown is one of the Governors expected to spar with Trump, who opposes the Affordable Care Act that has led to a large growth of government-subsidized healthcare in California.

While some have vowed to lead a resistance against the new president, others have leaned towards a hope of working together over the next few years. Brown struck a conciliatory tone but pressed that he intends to protects the rights of his people and confront the devastating climate change problem. His statement can be read here.

Another area Brown is expected to clash with Trump is immigration. California includes sanctuary cities and is open to the idea of open borders, a plan pushed heavily by Democratic Nominee Hillary Clinton. Trump has strongly opposed these views vowing to uphold immigration laws, deport those who have entered the US illegally, and even building a wall across the US southern border with Mexico. For now, the country continues to be in disbelief, skepticism, upheaval, and some celebrating. Brown ended his statement with the nation’s motto “E Pluribus Unum”, meaning out of many, one. This is the hope for the country as we all move forward. We are many, some unhappy, some celebrating, but together we need to move forward and become one. While it is most certain that those in government will not agree on everything, it is a time to come together and try to find common ground so that the people can prosper. No one will agree with everything that is done, but there is hope that we can heal and become a nation again.



IAP Worldwide – careers where excitement meets purpose

Since its inception as a space center operator in the 1950s, IAP Worldwide has been on the cutting edge of human accomplishment. Today IAP actively employs over 1700 people worldwide, with even more acting as subcontractors. With job descriptions ranging from war-zone cargo pilot to things so classified they can’t even be named, IAP Worldwide offers some of the most exciting careers in the world.

From history past to that yet unwritten
IAP continues as a world player at the vanguard of current events. They help to shape history alongside the 175,000 troops they serve at bases and forward locations across the globe. Many companies like to boast of their humble beginnings. As a company whose origins trace to the U.S. rocketry on prnewswire.com and space program, IAP has no such humility. From its lofty birthplace, IAP has continued to soar intrepidly towards the future.

In the 1950s, Pan Am Services, a subsidiary of its namesake airline, was awarded a contract to operate the launching pad at Cape Canaveral, Florida on LinkedIn. This was, and continues to be, the epicenter of the U.S. space program. Through the ‘60s and ‘70s, Pan Am Services oversaw more than 2500 launches. These included the breakthrough Apollo missions as well as the ascendance of the Space Shuttle program.

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The enormous triumphs of the missions at Cape Canaveral allowed Pan Am Services to branch out into airport logistics nationwide. By the mid ‘80s, Pan Am Services was a leading provider of everything from planeside fueling services to airline catering to baggage handling and security expertise. Even as its parent company faltered under its own weight, Pan Am Services continued to deliver strong cash flow.

It was acquired in 1989 by logistics giant Johnson Controls.

In 1990, IAP was formed to service a government contract in Kuwait. Over the next 15 years, IAP proved itself as a power hitter for the U.S. military, securing nearly $400 million in total contracts. In 2004, IAP acquired Johnson Controls, forming one of the largest logistics contractors in the United States.

Today IAP Worldwide continues as the main contractor at bases in over 20 countries. Many of IAP Worldwide employees are combat veterans. IAP also has contracts for support roles with agencies including the CIA and FEMA. It’s not an exaggeration to say that a typical day’s work for an IAP associate could often serve as stock footage for an action movie. This isn’t Starbucks.

What it is: A highly compensated and crucial part of our country’s military capability. Without contractors like IAP, our modern armed forces could not function. This is excitement with purpose.

Learn more about IAP Worldwide: http://www.careerbuilder.com/jobs/company/c8b4hg6d99rc25sg48q/iap-worldwide-services

Malini Saba is Changing the World One Woman at a Time

In business, investments or most other corporations, learning from those at the top is extremely beneficial because they share their journey and the struggles they have endured to become successful. Malini Saba is a successful investor, entrepreneur, and philanthropist who is an excellent role model for the rising culture of women in the business field. Malini believes that women are specially created to succeed in business because they are persistent multi-taskers from the start.


With this in mind, she as founded Stree: Global Investments in Women in 2001. She focuses her attention towards helping women succeed in varied ways by changing the way they perceive their own value as well as how they see their position in the changing society. This non-profit has helped over three million people since it began. Malini is true to her soul and never gives up, and these values are transferred to, the women she helps.


Malini Saba is a great giver, but she did not start out doing that. She moved to America from Asia when she was 19 with only $200. While she was in college, she began her first business, a small cleaning company just to pay the bills.


Her investment career took off in Silicon Valley when she used her experience in investing and invested in over 20 technological companies. Today, she is married with twin girls, and she founded her own investment company called Saban Group of Industries, which is a private investment agency.


But, Ms. Saba directs her time and talents more towards helping others when away from her firm. As a philanthropist to causes around the world, Malini donated $10 million to the tsunami victims in Sri Lanka and India as well as $1 million to build the first Heart Research Center for South Asians in California. This was a monumental task, but Malini believes that changing the world one woman at a time, is her calling because she is empowering all nations to become stronger.


Her experience in business is the foundation she used to create Stree and this is where her passion lies. She has been supported by Jordan’s Queen as well as former U.S. President Bill Clinton because Stree provides essential needs such as healthcare, legal support, and connecting grassroots movements in Africa, Central America, Eastern Europe and India with public policies. This enables women to access their essentials and then go beyond their limits.


West Coast USA News

California is undergoing a new movement: the #Calexit movement.


Since Donald Trump was elected as the 45th president of the United States, many Californians are calling for California to secede from the U.S. Secession is not new nor untried in our country, but for solely one state, is to do so realistic or possible?


The California Constitution holds no legal basis for the state to secede from the union.” The U.S. Constitution contains a clause for additional new states the subdivision of existing states requiring Congress to approve it.


Deborah Hoffman, who is the Deputy Press Secretary for Governor Jerry Brown, commented that their offices would not be commenting on California secession at this time. However, there are apparently a number of movements in play, one of which can be researched at YesCalifornia.org, which is petitioning in a campaign for California to leave the union and become an independent territory.


If a citizen’s initiative is a proposed ballot issue in 2018, it would call for a special election for the state to vote for or against secession of California from the United States. This must not be totally surprising, as all three West Coast states voted for Hillary Clinton. Understandably, social media will have many voices commenting on this proposed future action with such contention as, “I no longer will refer to myself as an American, I am a Californian.” #calexit, just one example of the seriousness of the exiting of the union.


There has in the recent past been some discussion of a mindset of Northern California wanting to become separated from Southern California, but no movements have been identified to date. #calexit has come into being based on the surprise and upset of our recent election of Trump as President…it was not expected! Hilary advocates were absolutely positive that she would win, that she had to win, or at least that Trump must not win.


The next few days and months will be interesting for some, fearful for others; rioters are continuing their non-violent, and, unfortunate violent protests; we should only be vigilant, informed, but remain hopeful.




Dr. Clay Siegall & The Fight Against Cancer

Living in the 21st Century has great benefits compared to decades or eras of the past. Technology rules for this genre of people, but the 21st Century has it’s fair share of negatives as well. Cancer is one of the most deadly diseases of man kind and it has only gotten worse over the past decade. Many of us have been effected or touched by this illness, but there are advancements on the market and in the pipeline for fighting the disease. Seattle Genetics is the name and eradicating cancer is the game.

Seattle Genetics is one of the best Biotechnology companies in the world and it’s antibody based therapies are extending lives. Any great company has to have great leadership and this company is no exception. Dr. Clay Siegall, whom is the President, (CEO), and Co-Founder, has turned this company into a worldwide powerhouse. Dr. Siegall has been in the business for many years and his experience exceeds the vast majority of his peers. He has worked with many of the prominent names in cancer research such as Bristol Myers-Squibb, The National Institute of Health, and The National Cancer Institute. With his extensive knowledge, Dr. Siegall has written over 70 publications all while holding up to 15 patents. The Health Industry has honored this guy with numerous awards and his accolades are phenomenal when compared to other industry leaders.

Even social media is aware of the good doctor’s presence and his social media accounts display a wide range of services that Seattle Genetics offer, breaking news within the industry, statistics of followers, and updates that deal with cancer research. Forbes Magazine has recently stated that the Seattle Genetics is ranked at #71 of the most innovative growth companies in the world. This is the ultimate when it comes to Biotech as the company has a Total Enterprise Value of $4.7 Billion. Clay Siegall is truly a pioneer in the game, but his advanced concepts are very relevant in this digital age.

Arizona Futurist Jason Hope Embraces Medical Advancements

Since Jason Hope is known as a futurist and philanthropist, it’s clear that he enjoys following technological advancements and the way they can shape the future of mankind. However, people sometimes assume this always relates to devices and computer systems. They imagine things like water-powered cars, research trips to space, and compact Internet servers that are faster and more powerful than their predecessors.

While all of these things are important, the reality is that many technological advancements that are being made are in the medical field, and they could have the biggest impact of all on humanity. One look at Hope’s Twitter account shows just how interested he is in these developments and how invested he is in following and assisting with their progress.

For example, one of the most recent articles Jason Hope has posted has to do with stem cell research. It’s long been known that stem cells are a sort of blank slate. They can be used in skin grafts and many other treatments. They adapt and become other cells, and they can virtually become any cell that is needed within the human body. That’s why they’re so terrifically important to the medical field, as they could be used to cure an incredible array of issues.

This article, though, shows that there are still risks with stem cells. Not all of them take on the correct form. Some stay undifferentiated, and there’s a chance, if they were put into the patients who needed them, that they could become tumors.


Researchers may have found a way around it, though. They can “zap” the stem cells with light waves. To do so, they introduce a specific dye to the culture. It ignores the differentiated cells, which are useful, and just dyes the undifferentiated ones. The researchers can then use light to kill those cells. What they’re left with is a culture that contains all of the beneficial stem cells and none of the risk. This research has been carried out in South Korea.

The fact that Hope enjoyed the article and wanted to share it tells you two key things about him. The first is that he really embraces the medical field and sees the possibilities there. The second, though, is that he’s interested in the risks. Jason Hope wants to learn about the downsides. He knows that these things can’t be ignored, and that studying these risks is the best way to advance any technology in a positive direction. This is why Jason Hope uses his own money to issue grants to students and entrepreneurs looking to make a difference in the technology field.

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Doe Deere And Lime Crime Cosmetics: Inspiring Women To Pursue Their Dreams

Doe Deere, the founder of the revolutionary cosmetics company Lime Crime, is being called one of the most Inspiring Women Entrepreneurs. It’s only fitting because Doe Deere has taken a dream and combined it with hard work, fun and innovative marketing and made it into a reality. She’s the type of role model any parent would want for their daughter. Doe Deere had limited resources, but she didn’t let that stop her from doing what she loved which was playing with colorful make-up in unique ways. By pursuing her dream she has tapped into a network of women worldwide that have been looking for a way to express their inner unicorn.


Deep in her heart Doe Deere always knew she would be successful. No matter what obstacles she faced she continued to push forward towards her dream. In a recent interview she revealed that as one of the reasons she has succeeded. Deere also explained that she draws inspiration from female entrepreneurs before her and the fearless women she meets and hears about every day that are willing to make bold steps and do whatever it takes to fulfill their dreams. Yes, Doe Deere is a dreamer. But she follows it up with the work necessary to make her dreams a reality.


One of the wonderful things about the rise of Lime Crime cosmetics is how much fun Doe Deere has building the company. For her it is a labor of love. She has been playing with brightly colored make-up, glitter and rhinestones and daring to wear it ever since she was 9 years old. And she is still having fun today. She is able to let her imagination run wild and share her ideas with fearless women all over the world. And those women share their ideas about what it’s possible to do with the make-up right back with her and the other fearless unicorns interested in experimenting with color.

It is that boldness, daring and willingness to experiment that has led to the development of Lime Crime cosmetics and helped to make it an international fashion phenomenon. With Lime Crime, Doe Deere challenges women to be their authentic selves, ignore the self-appointed fashion police, free their inner unicorn and make bold, bright, unique statements with the make-up they wear and how and when they wear it. Doe Deere is inspiring women to be themselves and pursue their dreams.


IAP Worldwide Services Goes Beyond the Norm to Provide a Better World

IAP Worldwide have outdone themselves in establishing a niche in natural disaster management and tactical advisory experts in overseeing battlefield situations. They have won lucrative contracts with the US government and international clients seeking their innovative technological solutions. Indeed, they stand firm by their motto ‘making the impossible possible’ and the future could only be brighter.

Their beginning

Since their inception in 1953, IAP worldwide always held on the dream of creating a better future for everyone. They not only give their employees the best in work opportunities and benefits, but they are always on the forefront of helping the surrounding community, especially when disaster strikes. Mention any flooding incident in the USA and most like you will find an IAP expert was involved, somehow, especially in the mitigation process.

Quick Response to Natural Disasters

As a firm blessed with the technical know-how to respond promptly to natural disasters, IAP has always been called upon to offer a helping hand in hurricane strikes on bloomberg.com. They sent a rapid response team during the gruesome strikes of hurricane Katrina, Katia, Sandy, and the most recent, Hurricane Matthew. IAP’s empathetic actions come in the form of emergency power supplies, erecting communication systems, or restoring existing ones, providing food supply, and other commodities to victims and sending expert personnel to solve other immediate needs beside power and communication.

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US Navy Contract

IAP Worldwide Services also believe in a safer world to live in, which is why they participate immensely in providing imperative infrastructural support to the US army and Navy. Since 1996, they have won countless tenders to supply the four arms of the Air Force Program with required equipment to aid in warfare. Currently, IAP is partnering with ECC to provide adequate naval infrastructure for the US marines.

This project is already underway and is expected to be complete by 2024. IAP Worldwide will be charged with the sole task of providing incidental-construction which will help the Marines respond efficiently and professionally to natural disasters, military actions, humanitarian support or unforeseen outbreaks in locations of deployment.

Working at IAP

IAP has successfully employed over 2000 employed stationed at all of their 25 branches globally. To be a part of this great franchise requires an individual with a passion for their life, future and the ingrained desire to help people on kayescholer.com. IAP recruits the best talent in the field that is in line with their vision and ready to work harmoniously with everyone to promote this great image that is IAP.

How to Become a Vintner in the United Kingdom

Vintners are people who make wine with the help of other vineyard professionals such as viticulturists who are in charge of growing grapes. These individuals are responsible for making decisions concerning crushing, harvesting, fermenting, pressing and maturing grapes using their vast knowledge in chemistry. Most of the activities in winemaking are seasonal, and these professionals have to stay at work for very long hours a week to ensure that everything runs perfectly. Most of the work is carried out during the harvest time.

The wine making process in the UK takes place outdoors and indoors. These professionals must need to be physically fit so that they can perform all the tasks required. They have to bend, push and lift in their line of work, and it can be challenging if they have any health issues. There are qualified personnel in the winery who are responsible for controlling the all the procedures.

If you are planning to become a UK vintner, you can learn the skills needed while on the job or enrolling in viticulture programs. You can also learn the science of wine making through special platforms. There are educational options that are available too such as the certificates and doctoral degree programs. These programs prepare the professionals for the procedures involved in the UK vintner wine making process. Follow these steps if you want to succeed in this field.

Get the Experience

Some individuals start their career by going for the educational programs. However, it is possible to start by getting employment at one of the small wineries in your area and learning how they work. The first job they will get will be serving in the vineyards, especially during the summer harvest. Although this job will demand very long hours, physically work and many other challenging activities, it prepares the professionals for the tasks ahead.

Get a College Degree in Enology or Viticulture

Although this is not mandatory to have a career in the UK vintner industry, it is important that you consider completing tour degree in enology or viticulture. This is because you will be equipped with all the educational skills needed for wine making, and you will be able to understand the science behind it. Several schools offer these educational programs in the United Kingdom, and you should choose the best so that you get the best skills. The programs prepare the professionals in the preparation and sale of wine in the UK, the process of growing grapes and many other activities through plant chemistry, biology and the science of soil.

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