NGP VAN Technology Software

Company Overview

NPG VAN is a service providing technology to the Democratic and other political organizations. NPG VAN delivers technology services to Washington, District of Columbia, United States, Washington D.C. Metro area, and the southern region of the United States. The company is a non-profit organization dealing in apps, politics, and software technology. Their products include counting software for campaigns, organizations, labor union, and other clients.

NGP Newest Technology – ActBlue Integration

This software is the latest counting technology from NPG VAN. The primary feature of this program is campaigns will have immediate ability to look at contribution data in this new system. This new feature gives all active participants on the ActBlue website to have their information available to them on the NGP 8 suite. The overall benefit of inventive technology there will be the little repetition of information between the two programs with the new interface capabilities of this program. With this innovative interface, campaign strategies will be able to link to the domain websites. This benefit will result in a more efficient flow of information within campaigns fundraising, digital, and organization teams. Overall, NPG VAN has engineered this latest technology to improve the organization workload through automation of marketing information, giving candidates the ability to run many channeled organization campaigns.

NPG VAN Bringing Technology to the Congress

NPG VAN believes their newest software could be the turnaround for Democrats in the 2018 House and Senate races. Every position in the House of Representatives is up for the vote, along with the majority of the Senate seats, NPG VAN has received the Campaign Tech Awards for best company culture. In this upcoming House and Senate races, NPG VAN has high hopes in the endeavor to empower Democrats with web tools, astronomical data, and needed campaign data from left-leaning and progressive websites.

Advocacy Through Writing- Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff

Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff is written by Sean Penn is considered to be a captive trippy read. When writing the book, Sean did not want his readers to know him or even for the book to be famous. Instead, the book became famous yet before it was launched in 2016. Sean Penn did not get trouble making people read his book, some sections of the book were already a topic of discussion even before its release among them the part about President Donald Trump and the #MeToo Movement.

According to people who read the book, President Donald Trump and the #MeToo Movement topics were treated as fact and not fiction. However, according to the author of the book; Sean Penn people quoted him out of context, and he told Rolling Stone that the society does not understand between fiction ans fact and they interpret fiction as opinion. When you read the book, one will realize that Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff was not written out of provocation, but Sean has an ambition. When writing the book, Sean Penn made sure that Americans get the book with a sense of sarcasm and loose narration. The book is about an old woman who did jobs including rescuing Hasidic Jews from foreign prisons, was responsible for murdering senior people, selling septic tanks to Jehovah Witnesses, and even arranging firewood for leaders who were dictators. Sean wrote the book at a sensitive time in the world.

Penn is not a writer he is also a renowned actor, performer, and a director who has written several other books including Mystic River and Milk which won an Oscar Award. Ever since he won the Oscars, he has been concentrating in building his legacy more than getting reviews for his books. If the book Bob Honey Who Just Do Staff will win any awards, it will be listed among the author’s books of unpredictable stories. This is not the first time Sean has written fiction he has also written it in the form of movies including The Indian Runner among others.

Sean Penn is determined to express his anger through his stories as he looks for solutions.


The Future of Dentistry is Fun.

Dr. Chris Stevenson Villanueva is not your average dental professional. Sure, he has had most of the standard dental work experiences over the years. He started his career working in a small office with little access to advanced technology. His career path led him to positions in larger corporate practices. Dr. Villanueva would be the first to admit that each side had its own advantages. The larger organizations had better, more high-tech equipment, economies of scale and shared best practices and the practices. The smaller practices, however, offered more autonomy and less bureaucracy. He believed that there had to be a better way, a middle ground between the two extremes. Thus the idea for MB2 Dentistry was borne, a company that could bring all the advantages of the large corporate dental groups to the small practices.

As a long time practicing dentist, the doctor knew that working under a manager who was not a practitioner, but instead a businessperson, often led poor quality patient care as well as unsatisfactory work environments for the doctors. At the outset, Dr. Villanueva decided that he would surround himself with the best, most qualified people, all of who were dedicated to customer service failed to understand the needs of the patients or the practitioners. This would improve the quality of patient care as well as create a positive and fun work environment for the dentists as well. It is a progressive organizational culture that he prides himself on promoting. He has gone as far as naming their main billing program ‘Jarvis,’ the name of the Avenger’s computer in the Marvel comics and movies. The doctor has also issued his staff ‘nerf’ guns so that they can relieve stress by shooting at each other with the foam darts.

MB2 Dentistry now offers over 70 small office affiliates, spanning six states, the service that they need to provide the highest quality patient care and support of dentists and staff. The dentist who started in a practice so small that his boss’s wife managed the office now supervises over 533 employees. By hiring only the best and brightest, he has created a team that can take on any challenge they or their affiliates’ encounter, from the need for more advanced technology, human resources, marketing, compliance or other legal issues. Dr. Chris Stevenson Villanueva has done all this while promoting a culture of fun.

US West Coast: Ripe for a Strong Earthquake

The US West Coast is one of the most seismically active places in the United States. The San Andreas fault that traverses the state poses a major risk in the region, once it moves. It is believed that a strong magnitude earthquake could strike the area once the fault moved, putting the lives of millions in danger. Here are some of the scenarios that could take place if the San Andreas fault in the US West Coast moved:



Los Angeles – the city of Los Angeles, is the second largest city in the United States. If the San Andreas fault moves, the whole city would be devastated, and thousands could die from the catastrophe. The freeways found within the city would collapse, triggering accidents all across the city’s downtown area. Its skyscrapers would also dance through the earthquake, and if its foundation is not good enough, the skyscrapers could collapse. The damage in Los Angeles alone would cost billions of dollars, and it would take the United States Government years before they could rebuild the city.



San Francisco – another major city on the West Coast of the United States that can be devastated if the San Andreas fault moves. The city was devastated by an earthquake more than a hundred years ago, but the damage before would be very different from the damage that it will acquire from the San Andreas fault. The movement of the fault would trigger massive skyscraper collapse, and after the earthquake, the San Francisco Bay Area could suffer apocalyptic damages due to the tsunami that would batter its coast.



Las Vegas – the city of Las Vegas, will not be spared if the San Andreas fault moves. The desert city could develop sinkholes if the earthquake registered a strong magnitude. It could also result in the destruction of the Hoover Dam, which would send Las Vegas into a dry spell and pitch black nights as electricity and water would probably be cut.



Other areas on the West Coast of the United States are under threat of being submerged when a tsunami hit or being completely devastated by the fissures produced by the earthquake.



Great Accomplishments of Louis Chenevert in Aerospace Industry

Many people have heard everything good about United Technologies Corporation. What some people don’t know is that the reputation and greatness of UTC would not be without the exceptional leadership Louis Chenevert showed. Every great thing you see has a strong leader behind it. UTC assembles advanced jet engines using the modern technology. Among the few global companies that assemble jet engines, UTC is the leading firm. Louis helped the company to assemble the most powerful jet engines for commercial and military use. If Louis didn’t decide to stay at the top of his game, UTC would not have attained such a big name.

Through his experience and aptitude, UTC has discovered some of the business dynamics and secrets other companies have failed to realize. The kind of innovation Louis Chenevert has brought to UTC is of the highest grade. Louis is not only an astute businessman and leader but also the top conglomerate head. Louis Chenevert is a man who has invested in many innovative projects, and this has been his greatest source of inspiration. Louis believes real business is when money is working for you and not when you are working for money. He has made many ventures to meet most of the market demands.

One of his memorable ventures is the invention of GTF engine. The $10 billion project had a span of about 20 years. Although this was a risky project, Louis Chenevert knew it would pay off handsomely. Louis had designed an engine that was more effective and efficient than the engines that existed then. The engine Louis designed minimized noise pollution by a significant margin, and it made emissions fewer by about 50 percent. Louis’ company in Connecticut focuses mainly on Security trade, Climate, and Controls. The innovative technology Louis has introduced enhanced refrigeration, fire detection, heating devices, and air conditioning.

The Sikorsky unit at UTC has manufactured more helicopters in the United States since the invention of the GTF engine. Through the UTC’s Aerospace Systems Unit, Louis has established several plants that produce machine parts like aerostructures, sensors, and brakes. United Technologies Corporation has attained substantial footing through the leadership skills Louis Chenevert has attained within the six years he has been in the industry.

Better Ways to Improve Farming in the West Coast USA

The West Coast parts of USA are a part and parcel of daily news. Many farmers in the parts of West coast are fretting on what climate change holds in store for them. Majority of the farmers in coastal region are wondering what hopes are there 25 years to come. California is one of the affected regions. Most of the farmers are contemplating how climate change must be handled for them to fulfill their fruit farming dreams.




You can imagine visiting your avocado farm and only finding all avocados stained black. Due to low temperatures, the thick avocado leaves had shriveled and fell later exposing the green fruits to sun. Most of the farmers who have experienced such situation claim to have lost most of their fruits. Others count themselves lucky as some parts of the west coast did not freeze as anticipated to lower degrees. Hence, they did not experience major damage and loss of their fruits.




Avocado trees are known to start dying when temperatures fall as low as 28F or exceed 100F. Cold weather during spring season does not allow bees to pollinate meaning that fruits will not develop. As climate changes, fruits will run out of water and dry. A lot of salt also accumulates into the soil leading to loss of plants. And growth of new pests will feed on the plants meaning farmers will have nothing to harvest. The West Coast weather has been irregular over the years. The people of California have experienced historic drought, unusually warm winter, massive wildfire and unseasonable cold temperature.




Down the east of Sacramento, the weather has been weird with some plants losing their leaves while others have completely sprouted leaves and fruits. Many farmers are wondering what to expect come 2050. Will temperatures have risen up to four degrees, massive droughts hit the west coast or sea levels rise? Many hope that planting trees will offer a way out 25 years to come.




The west coast is a big producer of tree crops. Nuts and fruits are a common produce among farmers in California. Majority feel that the region is quite sensitive to climate and actions should be taken. Despite such shortcomings farmers in the region are looking forward to planting more tree crops such as avocados. A bet that many hope will bear fruits and sustain their life for many years to come. They are even coming up with better ways of curbing climate change and hope this will allow farmers in the west coast USA keep on farming.


The Inspiring Business Career Path of Mina Ebrahim

Mina Ebrahim, the owner of Saint Germain Catering is of Iranian origin. However, due to the revolution in her home country in the year 1978, her family had to relocate to the United States but for Mina, it was a blessing in disguise. She was only seven years of age at that time.

Mina began working at Tiffany’s bakery at the age of 11. The bakery located in Seven Corners was purchased by her parents on arrival in the U.S. While working here, Mina gained high experience in customer service, a virtue that proved to be an invaluable asset in her business career.

Mina Ebrahim helped the bakery grow and on expansion, it relocated to Tyson’s Galleria as Saint Germain’s. After saving enough, she left her family’s cafe and established her own company, Saint Germain Catering.

Unlike her family’s style of operation, Mina intensified her business on corporate serving. Saint Germain Catering was hired to serve in corporate luncheons, weddings, private parties and company business meetings. With its delicious meals, the company gained popularity over time.

Mina Ebrahim currently has 32 full time and 8 part time highly skilled employees working under her. She has received several awards in her line of success. In the year 2014, she was accorded with the Enterprise Women of the Year Award. She was also the winner of Top 40 under 40 awards in 2010.

Mina Ebrahim is also a renowned philanthropist. She is recognized for her sponsorship of a cancer detection dog, McBaine of Penn Vet Working Dog Centre of the University of Pennsylvania. It is responsible for detecting early ovarian cancer in women.

She also channels most of the earnings realized from her company to aid in cancer research at the University of Pennsylvania. She was the brains behind the establishment of Jack-Ebrahim program, it boasts of being the only radiology veterinarian program in the country.

She established the Mina Ebrahim Foundation which empowers women entrepreneurs of all ages to grow their businesses. In addition, she is part of a group that helps disabled victims in war. She has attended many professional seminars dealing in cuisine and techniques.

There Is Still Much To Be Done To Irradicate Prejudices

Lately it is appearing that the more a nation moves forward, the further behind it gets. Prejudices and racism is as much in the spot light today as it was fifty years ago. From the celebrities to the politicians, there seems to be no end in sight for the inferior treatment of people from different cultures. Now, the gay and lesbian community are a part of the ongoing prejudice that is consuming a nation of people. The country is forever changing, and the many different faces help make it the big melting pot that it is known to be.


There are many people who foster the claim of superiority over others who are not the same as they are. People are condemned not only because of the color of their skin, but because of their sexual orientation, and their beliefs and practices. Politicians who are voted into public office need to be for all people regardless of their differences. A Republican Representative of Coastal Orange County, California, recently spoke with a group of realtors, and made a shocking statement. In his speech, he said that homeowners should be allowed to refuse the sale of their property to gay people. Your text to link… This type of sentiment is so outdated, and reminiscent of the society of the 1950s and 1960s.


It is clear that the nation has not grown as much as people would like to think. Everyone, regardless of their differences, should have the same rights in a nation built on freedom, and democracy. It is difficult to believe that progress in that area exists. Celebrities are bashing people of color with racist remarks, and the same people that they bash helped them get to their stardom status. It’s just that you would expect more form the people that a society help make famous, or voted into office. There were no barrier lines when these processes were taking place, and there should be none today. The nation can not truly come together as one if there are people pulling against, and speaking against, their fellow man. Politicians, especially, have some power that can possibly turn things around, but if they are stuck in former decades where certain behavior was the norm, the country will always be behind.

This is the Reason Why David McDonald is Able to Secure the Food Production Market: How OSI Groups Paves the Path Towards Synergy

Usually, when a person takes a trip to the grocery store, they don’t even think about the origin of the food’s source. In much the same way if someone is eating at a diner, it’s uncommon for a customer to ask information about the ingredients. It’s this kind of food creation that’s an incredibly vital industry, but at the same time, it’s worth it to be aware of the businesses granting such a service. Various food production businesses compete in the market, but one of the more reputable choices is the OSI Group.

You probably don’t know that you’ve been enjoying services from the OSI Group for many years. The OSI Group has an international influence which contributes jobs across the globe. Included in its offers, OSI concentrates its creation on protein products, which are packed and marketed at grocery stores across the world. A lot of their other products are sold at leading establishments far and wide. As a private company managed by President David McDonald and CEO Sheldon Lavin, OSI now runs in 17 countries and is watching for opportunities to extend its influence.

The speed of its growing service is as admirable as its seniority. Barely any corporation is able to keep its business in line with the industry for as many years, and this is particularly notable due to the financial challenges of the prior decades. OSI Group has been able to achieve this growth with strategic product placement and careful advertising.

David McDonald mentioned that the essential key to success is to interest the regional customer foundation. It’s expressly crucial for a food corporation with associates all over the globe. Trends are culturally specific, which implies that manufacturing needs to be aware of those particular tastes. With each new territory, OSI funds heavily in the research of the desires of the local markets to fulfill those needs sufficiently.

Some of the concerns for local food manufacturers involves the source of the ingredients which affects the price rates. Some stores, for instance, may want more organic foods while others may want a more affordable product. For the best results, David McDonald strives to find the right balance to create the selection the market needs.

While a business of this magnitude may appear a little disinterested, David McDonald always aims to provide personal experiences to the people they impact. OSI sustains a definite connection to the Ronald McDonald House and other notable foundations like Feeding America in Illinois. It just goes to show you that the company’s success is linked to other positive influences in the world, generating a synergistic relationship with the business and its clients. Going forward, everything is looking good for OSI Group and its consumers along with its employees as a whole.

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Veterans Helping Clean Headstones for Memorial Day

At the Evergreen Washelli Cemetery, veterans from the American Legion Post 2016 in Seattle Washington have been using all of their free time to wash veteran headstones. One of those veterans, Jordan Houghton, has been trying his best to make sure every headstone is clean and shining.


In addition to believing they deserve clean headstones, he also wanted to remember them and their sacrifices over the Memorial Day weekend. While trying to scrub off years and years of built up grime and dirt, Houghton has been able to learn a little bit about every veteran buried there. For example, he found one headstone that was for an Irish doctor that served as a corporal and nurse in World War 1. Besides learning the stories, he has also gotten the chance to meet some of the veterans families. Before Memorial Day, they had cleaned a few thousand headstones and another few thousand still need cleaned. With that being said, they don’t plan to stop after the holiday. They’re going to keep cleaning until every single headstone is clean.


While it’s hard work, Houghton and the other veterans wouldn’t have it any other way. With the dirt and grime that has built up over the years, it’s hard to see the names, dates, and rankings on the headstones. Each of these people sacrificed their lives to ensure that citizens in the United States could be free and they deserve to be recognized and remembered.


After reading this, my heart was filled with joy. I am so thankful to every veteran that gave their all in order to let us have the freedoms that we have. I think that a lot of veterans are forgotten and many people fail to remember the real sacrifices that had to be given in order for them to be able to do what they want today. I also think that cleaning the headstones not only let them be remembered again, but the families will be able to go and be happy because they won’t feel like their loved one has been forgotten. Memorial Day isn’t about parties or barbecuing. It’s about taking a day to remember those that gave their all in order to let us be free. I think every single veteran should be thanked and remembered.