Record Landslide in California’s Big Sur Adds to $1 Billion in Highway Damage

A section of California’s Highway 1 was covered by a massive landslide last weekend, adding to over $1 billion in highway damage for the state since the beginning of winter.


The landslide, taking place in the Big Sur area, resulted in a 40-foot layer of rock and dirt covering a portion of Highway 1. The debris is estimated to be more than 1 million tons, and covers a quarter mile stretch of road. This is the largest landslide recorded in state history.


“We haven’t been able to go up there and assess. It’s still moving,” said Susana Cruz, a spokesman for Caltrans, the California Department of Transportation. “We have geologists and engineers who are going to check it out this week to see how do we pick up the pieces.”


The landslide occurred in a section of Big Sur called Mud Creek, an area that was already inundated with landslides resulting from California’s historically wet winter. Restoration efforts for these other slides were called off while authorities waited for the ground to stabilize after this most recent disaster.


The falling rock was significant enough to alter the coastline below the highway, as shown by video from the local sheriff’s department.


“The slide went from bad to worse over the weekend and the video will give you a glimpse at the undertaking needed to open the road again,” said the sheriff’s department via Facebook.


Workers at Caltrans had a feeling there would be heavy activity in the area, and removed their equipment from the stretch of Highway 1 almost a week ago.


“We were fearful that something could happen,” said Caltrans spokesman Jim Shivers. “We didn’t think it would be anything like this.”


Currently the road remains closed and there’s no estimate as to when the road will be open or how much the clearing effort will cost. The road closures have resulted in the isolation of Big Sur residents and a detriment to local businesses. Big Sur Chamber of Commerce President Kirk Gafill owns a restaurant that is currently seating

two to three dozen diners a day, as opposed to 600 to 1,000 normally.


In total, over 61 miles of Highway 1 have been closed this year, topping $1 billion in damage.


Bikeep Looking to Bay Area to Put Dent in Bike Theft

With San Francisco and the entire Bay Area serving as a popular community for bicyclists, dealing with the scourge of bike theft is something that has become a necessity. Looking to make their own imprint in this area is Estonia-based Bikeep, which installed their innovative bike locks at the BART station located in the 16th Street Mission district of San Francisco on the morning of June 13.


Connecting with BART allows those with transit cards that are used for reloading easy payments to rent the device, which offers a metal-shaped item that’s so far been impossible to get past. The CEO of the company, Kristjan Lind, indicated that his lock been put into use over a million times, with no thief achieving success in the theft department.


Using high-tech measures to battle this concern seems an obvious nod, given the massive nearby influence of Silicon Valley. In this case, such usage begins after signing up and then scanning in a code from a smartphone. This unique feature means that the only person that will be unable to unlock the device is the individual that rented the device.


Current plans are seeking to adapt this device so that removing the lock can be handled in remote fashion. Such an advancement will allow usage for others, presumably friends and family.


Right now, payments for the locks have been upfront, though customers lacking the money for such an investment have the option of paying on a monthly basis. Some experts believe that the company will eventually adopt a model that primarily mirrors recent success stories like Airbnb and Uber.


It’s likely that Bikeep will also look to another thriving biking community in Portland to make sure that the value of their product reaches the demographic that can benefit from such usage.


One factor that has limited greater funding for growth across the United States is the current lack of ways to help broaden the scope of revenue collection.



Tony Petrello uses unique expertise to lead Nabors Industries to profitability

Tony Petrello is one of the most qualified CEOs in the history of the United States. With a MS in mathematics from Yale as well as a Juris Doctor degree from Havard Law School, he has one of the most impressive credentials of any CEO currently working in the country. He also led a highly successful career with law firm Baker McKenzie prior to becoming CEO of Nabors Industries.

In the case of Petrello, his credentials were a good indication of his raw talent. He has proven to be an immense asset to Nabors Industries leading the company through a period of dysfunction and near insolvency to become one of the nation’s leading energy firms.

One of the key steps that Petrello took as chief operating officer was the reincorporation of Nabors Industries in the tax haven of Bermuda. Using his vast expertise in the field of mergers and acquisitions as well as corporate restructuring, Tony Petrello was able to create a special tax entity within the Bermuda jurisdiction. This has allowed it to save billions of dollars in tax liabilities that would have otherwise been owed to the U.S. government. At the time, the move was not popular with shareholders, who worried about being marginalized in the restructuring of the company. They were concerned that Bermuda law would not extend them the same protections that they enjoyed when the company was incorporated within the United States. But these fears turned out to be unfounded. The move ultimately would save the company billions of dollars and reinforce Petrello’s reputation as being one of the most innovative and effective CEOs in the country today.

Nabors Industries was also largely responsible for the company’s shift away from older and less profitable business models into the high-tech industry of manufacturing and selling high-tech directional drilling equipment. This is proving to be one of the company’s best moves, as it has become the main provider of directional drilling equipment to all of North America’s many lucrative land-based extraction sites, including the Bakken Shale formation in North Dakota as well as the tar sands Alberta.


Testimonials to help you Realize your Dream through Nine9

Most talented people don’t pursue their dreams due to rejection from agencies. Some are hurt and discouraged by the language most agents use to dismiss them, and this is where Nine9 Talent Agency comes in. Read the following stories from successful people who were once dejected and nearly quit.

Dieunoosha B

The talented young lady was on the verge of giving up her dream of acting. She found her path through Nine9, and her life has changed completely.The ordinary girl is destined for greatness,and her dream is coming true thanks to Nine9.

James V

James had been Nine9 for barely two months and has been invited to several auditions. His first film is a horror, suspense,comedy assignment that will be released later in the year. He will also be an Extra in another movie. He constantly receives emails and is glad he signed with Nine9.

Klayresse R

She registered with Nine9 in New York, and within a few months,she has been called to two castings. A renowned sexy hair modeling show company contacted her and was booked. She is looking forward to a brighter future with Nine9.

Nine9 is here to encourage those aspiring to join the modeling and acting industry not to give up. Anyone is welcome to sign up with Nine9 unagency.Nine9 goes against the norm and represents the majority of talent out there.They are the 99% who have nowhere else to go.In the years they have been in business, they have become a brand synonymous with success.

Nine9 is unique and does things the other way round. They are consist and involved which is a motivation to those who have signed with them. Their work ethic and positivity is everything anyone with a dream needs. The opportunities at Nine9 range from television and movies to commercial, music video, runway, print and promotional gigs and castings.

Hope for Aspiring Models- Nine9 Modeling Agency

Nine9 is a modeling agency which its primary mission is to search for talent and make them rise in the modeling and the entertainment industry. Nine9 trust in numbers and they have been working with a strong belief of 99% is greater than 1%. The modeling company was established in 2003 with one mission of offering tools and resources to aspiring models to make it big and become successful in the entertainment sector. Nine9 modeling agency wants to make a difference in the modeling industry where it offers the 99% which most modeling agencies would never offer to aspiring models in the country.

Since the inception of the Nine9 modeling agency, it has been experiencing tremendous expansion. The organization has been working with the latest technology, and their success story is also contributed by their staff who has a vast experience of more than ten years in booking, advising and managing top client relations. Nine9 has been working continuously to ensure their customers gets the required training and are getting castings as well as opportunities at the right time. Nine9 provides satisfying training as well as work opportunity, and some of their clients had this to say and learn more about Nine9.

Vanessa James is grateful for Nine9 and does not regret joining the modeling agency. According to her, the organization has offered, her an opportunity to be in various commercial advertisements as well as music videos including Thornetta Davis music video, Hattie ice cream commercial, as well as an extra in Dream Sequence film and contact nine9.

Barbara S. is more than glad for the opportunities that Nine9 has provided her and the platform to expand her modeling career as she was cast f or a runway show courtesy of Nine9. She is looking forward for more openings and Nine9’s lacrosse camp.

Another excited model Steve H. said that within few months at Nine9 he was able to get an opportunity to be a co- host of a television show and also featured in a short film. He further said he cannot wait to see what Nine9 has in store for the future and more information click here.

Success Academy Teaches Students to Be Successful

The point of school is to train students to be successful adults. Throughout school, children are primed for different situations but some public schools have had a problem with actually teaching the students the right way to live because they are so focused on making them take tests and do different things that are associated with a “traditional” curriculum. The idea behind schooling is to ensure that children are able to get the help that they need and that they are able to learn as much as possible. Success Academy recognizes that children need to learn and that they all learn in different ways. Each child has a different learning style that is specific to them and it is unfair for public schools to categorize them all into one style of learning. A single curriculum will not work for every student and Success Academy wants students to be able to have the individualized learning that they need.

Success Academy works to provide teachers with smaller class sizes. They know that this is a key component to success and that the academies around the city will be able to benefit from it. When a teacher only has 15 students to teach as opposed to 30 students to teach, he or she will be able to be better focused on the problems that each student is having. It makes things easier for all of the kids who are a part of the school and who are trying to learn with Success Academy.

As a charter school, Success Academy can enforce things like uniforms and longer school days. Along with referring to the students as scholars, they require them to behave responsibly. Students who go to Success Academy are held accountable for all of their actions. Success Academy makes sure that students know that they must do certain things to be successful not only in school but also in life. By having students be accountable for the things that they have done, Success Academy ensures that there is a no-excuses attitude at the school which helps students to learn a true way to live as an adult.

Recap: Susan McGalla’s Advice to Working Women Press Release

Susan McGalla is known well for her efforts that brought to life the P3 Executive Consulting, LLC. She is an expert adviser and consultant to many when it comes to matters pertaining marketing, branding, operational efficiencies among other issues. She has offered a contribution that will see many women making it in their careers and life as a whole. Despite the fact that women have faced challenges pursuing their goals successfully, Susan McGalla offers strategies that are aimed at making more women successful in whatever they feel can work well for them.


She noted that women should embrace higher education as this is a medium that can drive them towards an independent lifestyle. Although acquiring higher learning can prove expensive, Susan has cautioned women to focus on smart planning and opting for financial aid like scholarships which will see them pursue their goals undaunted. She further argues that since the modern economy is male dominated, more women should acquire university education. Considering that the market is completely skill-based, it becomes difficult for an uneducated woman to sail through as desired. Therefore, the need for higher education remains an important consideration that every woman should prioritize despite the cost involved.


Embracing confidence is also a vital element that should feature in women if they have to expect positive results on their pursuit. For instance, if having acquired higher learning a woman feels inadequate because the market is dominated by male counterparts, it becomes challenging to cruise through to higher heights. The environment that women are exposed to while working influences how they will respond and for this reason, managers are advised to adopt structures that induce more confidence in female workers. Finding support and building a network of influencers, therefore, is necessary for women to succeed in whatever career they are passionate about.


On another argument, Susan McGalla tells women to ignore the glass ceiling. By this she means that women should not carry any memories of what they are entitled to do as women, but rather to focus on work ethic and growth. Though many prejudices exist against women, it is imperative for every woman to shun such and to concentrate on building their careers. She encourages women to persevere the gender-designated roles which may make it hard for them to proceed with their goals. Most importantly, they should ignore stereotypes in the minds of others and the best thing is to allow their work to stand out.

Great Strategies How to Be A Great Affiliate Marketer

Many people are interested in starting affiliate marketing. When talking about affiliate

marketing, the most attractive topic is how to make money. Affiliate marketing can be a great

business if you could manage the strategy. Do you want to start affiliate marketing? There are

several things that should be considered. At this time, I want to share several important things

that need your consideration. These things will help you to find the appropriate formula how

to be a great affiliate marketing. How to become a super affiliate? Can any person do it?

Actually, everyone can be a super affiliate. But, success could not come without sweat and

commitment. Commonly, the super affiliate has persistence, patience, and thirst for

knowledge. The combination of those 3 traits and proper strategies will be a great formula for

making super affiliate. If you want to success with your affiliate marketing, you should plan

the best strategies to do and make a list of several mistakes that should be avoided. Do not

run every direction and try everything without real idea since it could affect your chance of

long term success.

Before talking about the mistakes that should be avoided, I want to share the strategies how

to be a great affiliate marketing. These are several strategies that you can consider.

a. Making content that your competitor is not able to compete

This is a great strategy for most affiliate marketing sites. One of the biggest opportunities

to add value is the capability to be responsive and work quickly with content marketing.

b. Choose a unique Niche.

It is great for you to focus on specific niche market than trying to offer everything. Do not

spread out your effort. You need to focus on your niche, promote and sell it.

c. You need to know your product and your audience.

You need to learn the products or services that you are offering so you can create

information that could build your credibility. Good credibility will build trust. If the

visitors do not have trust in you, they won’t buy from your storehouse. A good website

will increase your cash flow.

d. Search for knowledge and decide change

You must stay on the top of the trends. Search for knowledge and start learning something

new about affiliate marketing. It is great for to stay up-to- date. You must spend your time

on reading, learning, and deciding the changes in Internet marketing. You may need to

change several things in order to follow the trends.

e. Grow a brand that could add value to the consumer.

Sooner or later, affiliate marketers will find succeed more and more difficult with no brand

that is trusted by the user. You should also consider what you are doing to grow the brand

of the affiliate website. Agoda, Moneysupermarket, Houzz,, and are successful affiliate sites as a result of the strength of their brands, the

value they propose consumers and their editorial integrity.

f. Keep spirit and don’t give up

This is hard to do, but you need to keep the spirit. You should always monitor the statistic

and notice what is working and what is not. You can make changes when necessary. You

should do something every day to promote your storehouse. You should be patient.

After reading the strategies how to be a great affiliate marketing, you need to consider the

mistakes that could ruin your achievement. Some mistake can cause a lack of profits and

productivity. Once you are conscious of the mistakes, you will be able to grow your business

and get long-term profit. These are the mistakes that should be avoided if you want to be a

great affiliate marketer.

a. You think to sell than helping

The word marketing is a part of phrase affiliate marketing. But, it doesn’t mean that

marketing is the main part of this business. Actually, the job as an affiliate is not mainly

for selling. In affiliate marketing, we need to help the reader. Do not fill your pages only

with words “buy this product now.” You should pay attention to the visitor’s need. Most

people like to take advice before making a choice to buy a product or not. It is better for

you to be a neutral reviewer than a high-pressure salesperson. You will be able to make

more sale, and people will come back to ask for other advice in the future.

b. Joining too many affiliate programs. This is one of the big mistakes. You may think that

you would be able to cultivate many sources of income by joining many programs. But,

each program will need your attention. There is a big possibility that you cannot manage

all of them well. It is better for you to choose the program that can be handled well. You

will be more successful when you can focus on your program.

c. Do not do tracking

Tracking is quite important. This could allow you to know which pages are adjusting well,

so you are able to grow and range that campaign. You can make unique tracking ID for

Amazon link easily. You just need to log in to Amazon affiliate dashboard and manage

your tracking ID. Knowing where you made the commission will make you a better


d. Write false claim to trick many people

If you want to promote your product in “Make Money Online” field, you should not create

false claims. False claims could ruin your credibility. You won’t be believed again by

many people. You should not trick people if you want to get long-term success. Tricking

will only provide you short term achievement. This is not a good idea how to be a great

affiliate marketing. check out : Aaron And Shara: Work From Home And Make Money Online

What is the Ubuntu Fund

There are a lot of people who have heard of venture capital. This is where a group of investors will come together and invest in an idea that they think will make money over the long term. The Ubuntu Fund is like that, except this is a fund that looks for worthy charitable causes that the group believes in. Over the past couple of years, a lot of people have started to think about ways that they can make a difference in the world. There are many parts of the world where people live in abject poverty. Instead of doing nothing, Andrew Rolfe is looking to change those areas.




One of the best areas that you can invest in is education. Although it seems strange to think about, a lot of people do not have basic access to education in their life. This is a huge issue for a lot of people, and many are looking to change that. Andrew Rolfe and his team at the Ubuntu Fund look to build schools across the world. Not only does this give people proper access to education, but it also allows them to think of ways that they can start to change their life for the better. With everything that is going on in the world, now is the time to start helping others. That is exactly what Andrew Rolfe is doing with this fund.


Final Thoughts


Over the years, Andrew Rolfe has made a difference throughout the world. Not only does he want to do great in business, but he also wants to help other people along the way as well. If you are wanting to make a difference in the lives of others, he is a great person to work with. He has a track record of success in various areas of business, and he is doing a great job helping other people reach their goals. Not only that, but he is also starting to think of ways that he can start to invest in areas that are going to do the most good in the world.


How Equities First Is Helping Many People With Obtaining The Capital That They Need

Equities First is offering a loan opportunity for both businesses and high net-worth individuals that they may not be able to refuse. It is an opportunity in which they may be able to obtain capital, whether it be for their businesses or non-purpose at very low interest rates with practical payback terms. The contract that you sign is going to be carefully explained to you by a customer service representative to ensure that there is no confusion. If you are wanting to see more about what a loan may look like for you, such as the interest rates, loan amount(s), and time(s) for paying it/them back, please ask a customer service representative to provide you with some examples.

Prior to requesting a loan, it’s important for you to know why certain businesses and/or high net-worth individuals request loans in the first place. Businesses may strive to obtain loans to purchase assets that may help them with operating their regular day to day business activities. If they need to buy new equipment, tools, machinery, or even building(s), they may ask to borrow capital from a lender that is capable of providing them with the amount that they are seeking; however, it is important for borrowers to know that there are many lenders that are not capable of providing certain amounts. Due to such conflicts, a borrower should request a loan from a lender who is able to provide them with the amount(s) that they’re seeking.

If you are a high net-worth individual, you may be seeking to click here borrow capital as a non-purpose loan. It is important for you to know exactly what a non-purpose loan is. A non-purpose loan is a type of loan that utilizes the securities that the borrower possesses as a collateral, with proceeds from the loan amount being utilized to buy things that are not securities. Equities First may be able to help you with obtaining capital in the form of a non-purpose loan, if that’s what you’re seeking.