The Chainsmokers’ Album Stays at Number One…a Year After its Release

The Chainsmokers are no stranger to the electronic music world. Exploding onto the scene with their release of the hit song “#Selfie” in 2014, they have remained a club and listener favorite ever since. The DJ duo, comprised of Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart, originated in New York City after Pall recruited Taggart from an art gallery in Chelsea. At the time, Taggart was a lesser known producer on Soundcloud. He had just recently taken an interest in the hobby when he was introduced to Pall.

After the infamous “#Selfie” track, the artists released a few remixes under their management Disruptor records, owned by Sony Entertainment. In 2015 they dropped Roses which quickly escalated to the top of the charts. From this point forward, The Chainsmokers have become a household name for anyone that is familiar with EDM. They have been selling out headline tours and playing main stage for world-renowned festivals such as Coachella, Veld, and EDC.

Their first album was entitled Memories…Do Not Open and was published in early 2017. The announcement was prompted after Coldplay’s lead singer Chris Martin asked the duo if they had any plans of releasing one on Twitter. Taggart confirmed the news reluctantly as they had only a tentative deadline at the time. Even following in the footsteps of successful singles, the album did not disappoint. It debuted on the Billboard 200 at number one, and went certified platinum a few months later. In interviews, the duo explain that the title represents an emotional tribute of the struggles they have experienced on the fast track to international stardom. Following the success of their album, The Chainsmokers went on a self-entitled world tour.

Now, a year later, The Chainsmokers boast a continued number one spot on the Billboard Dance / Electronic Albums Chart. With such a large found amount of success in such a short span of time, it does not seem like the duo will be slowing down any time soon.

Adam Milstein’s Career and Philanthropic Work

We all have something that fulfils us. Sometimes it is as a result of our upbringing. Adam Milstein has followed his father’s path of real estate investment and topped up with philanthropy. He is not pursuing the latter alone. He has involved his wife, who shares the passion of Israel with him. Together, they have founded the Adam and Gila Milstein Foundation.

Through the foundation, they have been able to protect the culture of Israel. He says that they are still custodians of Israel among the young generation in the society because he has met them. He urges people to offer them the support they need, to ensure the Jewish teachings are passed on to the next generation.

The Adam and Gila Milstein Foundation participates in the humanitarian work, in three dimensions. These are;

Active Philanthropy

The staff of the foundation has trained professionals. They are able to plan the funds the foundation has to give something of value, instead of giving general funds. They also invest their time to participate in the programs that are set to help in the teachings and other activities.

Life Path Impact

It is critical that children are taught on what is expected of them and the challenges they may face as they graduate to their youth stage. The youth also need specialized education as they join adulthood.

Such teachings are very effective. Adam Milstein offers financial support to such organizations.

Philanthropic Synergy

Adam Milstein understands the power of collaboration in making something work. He, therefore, creates a space where organizations work together to have better results. These are organizations that share the same objectives with the Adam and Gila Milstein Foundation

Career Life

Far from his humanitarian work, Adam Milstein is also a great investor. He is the managing partner at the Hager Pacific Properties. The company is achieving great success in the market. Their property worth is over $1 billion. The success is attributed to Milstein who is committed to his work, and do not take chances with anything.

Adam Milstein says that he delegates duties, but at the same time he ensures he is not overly dependent on others. When he assigns a team member a task, and they start dilly-dallying, he does it himself…

Barbara Stokes: Building A Greater Name for GSH Alabama in Disaster Management

Barbara Stokes is the one and only chief executive officer of the Green Structure Homes Delivered: A renowned art manufacturing company based in Alabama. GSH incredibly designs, delivers, builds, and offers a variety of on-site construction for commercial, mobile, and residential structures in entire North America. The company has been well equipped and experienced in availing in-house services as a way of providing better solutions to the customers. It has more than 30 years’ experience in independent engineering and project management for in-house services in the field of the foundation, planning, installation, development, and inspection of various residential and commercial structures. Learn more about Barbara Stokes at Crunchbase.

Barbara Stokes is the able executive leader in the facility who brings explicit leadership skills in the sector of Disaster Relief Construction Industry to the famous GSH of Alabama. She is a graduate of Mercer University in Biomedical Engineering and Physics in the year 2001. At the university, she as well did several other studies to broaden her academic knowledge and experience. These include technical communication, manufacturing and management, thermodynamics, and structure & property of materials. She joined the GSH of Alabama having worked at Pisces Corporation and Boeing. Barbara Stokes has expansive expertise in government contracting and she boasts in leading the GSH in all the projects. Apart from being a critical leader in the GSH of Alabama, Barbara Stokes is a committed volunteer in the Huntsville community. Follow Barbara Stokes on

Barbara Stokes has accomplished much and her news regarding women in leadership is quite exciting. Especially in times of crisis, acting on the disaster is the most significant thing. The victims take different times to recover from the effect of the crisis that involves various levels. In greater extents, the circumstances may seem intensive that demands the intervention of different management. These could involve state and local workforces, FEMA, equipment and supplies, and the Federal Emergency Management Agency. All these aims at bringing a lasting solution so as to restore the important services to the residents as well as ensure they are safe. This means that resources need to be in place and well supplied. GSH of Alabama is one of the companies that strive to meet the needs over time. They avail modular homes in all necessary sizes and provide a temporary home setup following right safety, quality materials, and accessibility.



In 2011, a young man set out with a goal and a mission: to improve the quality of persons being hired as investment professionals. He established a business that year that would be designed to ensure that. That young was Arjun Kapur, who upon his graduation from The Stanford Graduate School of Business went on to start GoBuyside. Follow GoBuyside on Instagram.

Since that time, Mr. Kapur have met with resounding success; his firm is the top investment recruiting firm in the world. It has literally hundreds of branches throughout the world, one of them is located in New York City, the epicenter of business.

Many firms, particularly investment and private equity hedge fund firms, owe their continued existence to Mr. Arjun’s company, without his help, who knows where they may have wound up?

Yes, GoBuyside, Arjun Kapur’s baby, has changed the face of Corporate America for good, it has taught businesses what it takes to find top corporate talent

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You’ll be able to work alongside top recruitment professionals with many years of collective experience in the business, they know what it takes to seek out top corporate talent.

And if you have any question about investment recruitment, how it works and the like, just contact their trusted staff, who will be more than happy to assist you and your staff in that regard.

So come online now and sign up with GoBuyside and begin to see your firm grow, to reach its superlative level, to keep its financial edge and to stay ahead of the competition, and GoBuyside is here to see that your company achieves those goals.

Mr. Kaput reached his goals, now he wants you to reach yours, but you won’t do that until you sign up with GoBuyside, the top investment recruitment firm in the world. Read this article at Yahoo Finance.

Equities First Holding: The Premium First Party Stock-Based Lender

Equities First Holding has made a name for itself in the industry of stock-based loans. Created in 2002, the fourteen-year-old company operates on a global scale. It deals in amounts up to $1.4 billion dollars a year and is headquartered stateside in Indianapolis. For the many who seek financial assistance Equities First Holdings is a secure choice. The company has a stellar reputation and offers a fixed-rate on all its loans.Stock-based loans work through a pledge of the borrower’s portfolio.

They use fully-paid securities as collateral and can be quite risky. The risk comes from the involvement of unregulated third parties. Any loan from personal to equity can be risky when using the wrong lenders. Equities First is a proven first-party lender. Their loans tailor to the needs of the borrower, and do not set unrealistic mandates that hinder the ability to pay back. If anything EFH makes it easier to pay back what’s owed.

Michael Burwell Brings Revolution In The Business World


Every operation revolves around money management. For any project to be successful, some finance knowledge has to be considered. Some financial institutions have chipped in to offer advisory services to their clients. This has contributed to significant growth and development in the investment industry. Michael Burwell is a known specialist who has been in this field for a couple of years. Michael Burwell is a financial analyst by profession. This has been made possible by the skills he acquired during his undergraduate at the University of Michigan.


When he was done with his studies, it was time to face the real-life exams. He managed to meet different clients in the industry who happened to be so knowledgeable. This assisted him in coming up with new ideas on how to handle different responsibilities. Some of his major tasks were asset management that comes along with valuation to come up with the present value of a property. This platform came in when he served as the manager at the Willis Towers Watson. Michael Burwell has since been in a position to grow business wise.


Later he moved to greener pastures where he got a chance to work with a certain commercial enterprise that was more into buying and selling commodities. Michael Burwell got to have a clear understanding of customer’s behavior. In terms of performance appraisal, he turned out to be the highest that gave him a promotion to lead and manage the US transaction division. This assisted him in becoming a prowess in the area in such a manner that other competitors sought to have a benchmark. It was his idea to diversify the firm’s operations to other new consumers who worked out well. View Additional Info Here.


By embracing the new ways of doing things he has been able to beat his competitors with a huge margin. Michael Burwell believes that the business world is dynamic and doing things in a certain way today does not guarantee that to be similar tomorrow. Michael Burwell is a firm believer in teamwork. He believes that seeking different views from people who have been in the field brings success.


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Let’s Learn Why Private Equity Due Diligence Is So Important


Have you ever heard the phrase, “I’m all about my business”? You probably have, and you probably already know that it means, in a nutshell, that its speaker is honest, straightforward, and doesn’t play proverbial games.


Fewer people are familiar with the term “due diligence,” though the two phrases virtually mean the same thing. Someone who is about their business almost certainly exercises due diligence out of virtue.


Due diligence something every human alive needs to grasp the concept of. Without going into extensive detail akin to a college textbook or entry in an academic research journal, here’s a short explanation of why due diligence is so necessary for living responsibly, acting with maturity, and otherwise being an adult.


What exactly is private equity due diligence?


Corporate Resolutions postulates that due diligence is an important concept in both business and law, though it applies to virtually everything in life. First, let’s look at two examples of due diligence used in simple sentences, then we’ll cover the items making it so important and why due diligence is especially important for investors – specifically private equity investment firms – and businesses when they’re hiring a top-tier manager or executive.


The pedestrian failed to exercise due diligence before crossing the road by not looking both ways.


Our company fired our last investment management firm because they threw all of our capital into a business that busted within months of initially placing the investment; if only they exercised due diligence like any other group of professionals would have.


What is a private equity investment firm?


Let’s get this out of the way – it’s not like private equity investment firms are everyday things, anyway. Private equity investment firms are allowed to pick and choose what investors it manages the capital of because they’re not public companies – a public company is one that trades its stock on exchanges, effectively allowing anybody with ample money to purchase them.


Whereas most investment firms place investors‘ capital into traditional investments like financial instruments – stocks, bonds, and options for example – real estate, or commodities like gold and corn, private equity investment firms restrict their scope of investments strictly to purchasing limited shares of various companies; by definition, these firms purchase less than 50 percent of all outstanding shares of such companies so they don’t have ownership of them – they simply maintain a stake in their operations.

Making a link between due diligence, investments, and hiring


Traditional investment management groups are able to look at financial statements and stock price history to determine the appropriateness of an investment. However, the companies private equity firms invest in almost never have audited financial statements. As such, they must thoroughly vet every claim such companies make to ensure investing in them is a good idea.


Another example of exercising due diligence is in hiring a new chief executive officer. If companies that are hiring don’t thoroughly vet potential new employees – especially ones that lead those companies – they can literally go out of business. Due diligence is obviously important in such a situation.

The Organo Gold Organic Green Tea

Tea drinkers everywhere are familiar with Green Teas, and that is because drinking green tea has many ancient health benefits. From lowering blood pressure to boosting energy levels green tea is one of the best hot beverages that you can consume, and Organo Gold has an organic green tea that is made with some of the best ingredients in the world. The Organic Green Tea is their signature tea product and with good reason, as it benefits the body and the mind with wonderful organic ingredients that have gone into the blend to make it one of the best green tea combinations that you can drink. Watch this video on Youtube.

The key ingredient in the Organo Gold Organic Green Tea is the addition of the Ganoderma lucidum, which is a natural fungi that is derived from the Reishi mushroom. This natural ingredient is one of the main ways that the Organo Gold is able to offer you a natural tea that has amino acids and triterpenoids, which are great for their anti aging properties and the energy boosting abilities. Instead of consuming carbonated energy drinks which can be bad for your heart, the folks at Organo Gold have created a product that is better on the whole body and will give you plentiful natural energy resources. Drinking green tea is one of the oldest natural health methods in the world, and the Organo Gold green tea is known for the wonderful natural health benefits that green tea has offered for centuries, while the natural and clean ingredients that are offered from Organo Gold naturally boosts the teas benefits.


Organo Gold Organic Green Tea is a one of a kind and sensual tea drinking experience like no other, making for a one of a kind brewing and drinking experience for tea drinkers and health enthusiasts everywhere. View Organo Gold’s profile on

Cassio Audi’s Beginning years

A lot of people are in support of underrated and undervalued singers and musicians spanning from a wide range of genres of music. Their attempts to grow may often be seen to be in vain as nothing is enough to bring them to the mainstream. Many times this can be insignificant as some artists are quite comfortable in a simple standing. Regardless of whether an artist stays undervalued, that does not change the fact that he or she may or may not be devoted to what they do, and that they have a great amount of talent to back their career in music. With just as much talent as a mainstream singer, band, or musician, the underrated musicians find comfort and meaning in what they do.

Take a famous yet not mainstream musician, Cassio Audi. He is a Brazilian musician that began as an instrumentalist in the early years of his career. Originally, Cassio Audi was recruited by an old music group known as “Viper” in 1985. The early music group was comprised of an all-male group from the ages of 13 to 14. They were said to have such a huge impact on their community as they also had amazing vocals, and were quite talented with several instruments. Audi participated in the music of the band where they produced heavy metal, thrash metal, power metal, and alternative rock. Cassio Audi is believed to have made such an extensive and widespread impact on his community, as well as Brazil’s industry as he is referred to in articles and other media in the past as an unforgettable and iconic musician and more

Audi left the band in aspirations for his own future and a different career path. He soon left in 1989 to attend university. Once succeeding in the business field, Audi has managed to assist in the development of the Brazilian community through investments and means of philanthropy to grow its economy.


Neurocore: Neurology Pioneers

Neurocore is a company specializing in neurology. They are recognized throughout the United States as a leader and pioneer in using innovative neuroscience technology and methods to help people overcome mental challenges. Originally started to help children with ADD, Neurocore now treats adults and children for ailments such as depression, stress, and anxiety. Neurocore was founded in 2004 by the neuropsychologist Dr. Tim Royer and has ten locations between Michigan and Florida. Since the company’s founding, they have helped many through their brain training methods designed to rewire the brain for improved performance without using medication. This is done through what are formally known as Neurocore Brain Performance Centers. Visit to know more about Neurocore.

The company now helps professional athletes to improve themselves mentally. The Portland Trail Blazers turned to Neurocore seeking help for their players after losing many a game. The center used a brain training method involving movies. The subjects (in this case the players) sat in comfortable chairs and watched a movie. While the movie played the subjects’ electrical brain waves were monitored by a machine, if their minds wandered the machine stopped the movie. In order, for the movie to continue the subject had to refocus. This wired their brains to maintain control consistently to reap benefits. The method is based off the belief that the brain can train itself to achieve a certain result. After introducing this training the Trail Blazers went on to win more games. See more information at Linkedin about Neurocore.

Washington Redskin’s Quarterback Kirk Cousins is another beneficiary of brain training. Cousins underwent braining training in college but fell off track after becoming a professional player. He was later forced to sit out games due to poor performance. After returning to Neurocore for help, he became the Washington Redskins starting Quarterback and later signed a 84 million dollar contract with the Minnesota Vikings. Cousins now travels with a brain training kit the center provided him.

There are also less glamorous testimonials by everyday individuals. One such client reported feeling lighter and unburdened after treatment. It is clear that Neurocore’s methods are an effective way of helping your brain and improving your life.