West Coast Entertainment is in Full Effect

The west coast is where a lot of things occur. As the summer months roll around more people become excited about all of the activities that are available on west coast states like California. People come in waves to see things like the NBA final games where the Golden State Warriors have been able to claim victory in the first game of the finals. People also come to California for things like music festivals. There are more than a few of these for those people that are interested in music entertainment.


One of the biggest events in recent months is the Coachella music festival. This is where Beyonce showed up and took over. There were a plethora of different music acts that showed up for Coachella as they always do each year, but no one else got even an honorable mention when it came to performances.


Beyonce was the shining start act that overshadowed just about everyone else that showed up for the 2018 Coachella event. This is to be expected when an artist puts on a show that is comparable to a Super Bowl halftime show performance.


Some may say that Beyonce was even more elaborate for this show than she was for her halftime show that she performed for the Super Bowl several years ago. There was a marching band present, and this was just the start of the surprises for this Coachella event.


Beyonce is someone that has been known for surprise guest appearances. It should have been no surprise, however, that her husband Jay-Z will show up to perform with her. She would also bring Destiny’s Child to the center stage to perform as well. All of this is something that people could get excited about. It was something that showed the Beyonce had been doing a lot of planning and practicing.


A large number of people that are looking at all the possibilities that exist when it comes to summer entertainment cannot go wrong when they come to the West Coast. This is where a lot of celebrities record so it is only natural that they would throw shows in a city where they have a built-in fan base. Entertainment is definitely a big deal on the West Coast, and concerts are easy to find.

The Recent Earthquake in the West Coast USA

There are several places that a person can visit while in the USA, one of them being the West Coast region. The place is filled with several beautiful towns and national parks that will expose you to nature. In the recent past, however, the peace in this area has been disrupted by an earthquake. Earlier this year, an earthquake of 5.3 magnitudes shook the West Coast area. It was relatively strong and was felt in the areas of Southern California.


Many Californians were traumatized by the event. Even though none of them was injured or buildings were destroyed, the tremors were powerful and most of the feared for their safety. As is expected, most of them took to social media to express their concern about the earthquake and their well-being.


This is one of the strongest earthquakes that hit this region. The earthquake was felt over 100 miles away from the epicentre which was the Island of Santa Cruz. The tremors and shaking did not last for long; they lasted for around 10 minutes.



This earthquake was not strong enough to cause damages to the West Coast region. However, it could be an indication that another major one will hit the place soon. Such natural events instil a lot of fear on people, mainly because sometimes they cannot be prevented. This 5.5 magnitude earthquake did not cause a tsunami wave which is why residents were informed that they should not expect a tsunami.



The susceptibility of the West Coast region, notably Southern California experiencing an earthquake is very high. In the past, there have been small tremors. This is the case because there is a fault that runs through the region.



Earthquakes usually cause severe damages to people and property. People can perish or get injured while buildings and infrastructure can be destroyed. Such activities usually drag development behind. For such reasons, it is essential that the appropriate precautions are taken to mitigate such events. The best strategy is to prevent earthquakes. However, they are natural calamities which can occur at any given time. For such reasons, investigation on the recurring earthquakes around this place should be conducted. Such disasters also prevent tourists from visit the region and this is not good for the economy. The West Coast region is rich in tourist attractions, but such events can avert economic gain.


Lakers May Be Considering A Younger And Perhaps Less Talented Ball

LiAngelo Ball, younger brother of Los Angeles Lakers guard Lonzo Ball has been conspicuously present in Lakers circles recently. LiAngelo was seen Tuesday wearing Lakers gear and taking part in drills along with five other players invited by the organization to take place in pre-draft workouts with the team.


A night earlier, the younger Ball was allowed to gain entrance to the Lakers headquarters for an individual practice session. LiAngelo, perhaps displaying the marketing skills picked up from his father, took advantage of the opportunity to put on an impromptu slam dunk show. The performance was caught on tape and was aired shortly after by TMZ.


LiAngelo is not considered to be anywhere close to becoming an NBA prospect in the near future but is getting the privileges as such with them. One theory regarding this is that the organization may be planning to make him a member of one of the team’s summer league teams.


Detractors of the team’s actions regarding LiAngelo feel that the team is making a big mistake by placating to an NBA dad that has past threatened to pull his oldest son Lonzo from the court if his two younger brothers do not become Lakers when eligible. These detractors also feel that the Lakers have appeased dad LaVar Ball much too much since making his son the second pick in the NBA draft. This as LaVar, tore the organization and coaching staff down in the media time and time again.


Lakers President of Basketball Operations Magic Johnson defended the invitation extended to LiAngelo by saying that as an organization the Lakers are willing to take a look at all prospective players. Johnson added that you never truly know where the talent is until a player is given a chance.


Many with an opposing view feel that the team is sending the wrong message to employees who have suffered verbal batterings from the elder Ball already.


Head Coach Luke Walton, who in fact worked directly with LiAngelo Ball during the practice session, was himself the object of criticism for LaVar Ball in January when Ball said that the team did not want to play for Walton.


A similar situation was observed with the team’s training staff who made themselves available to LiAngelo during the recent session after being scapegoated for the injuries sustained by Lonzo.


Los Angeles To Target Illegal Marijuana Dispensaries

The state of California recently became the latest state in the country to allow the cultivation and sale of marijuana for recreational purposes. This has opened the door to what is likely one of the largest markets for cannabis on the planet and was a major milestone for the marijuana industry.


One problem that has arisen from the situation is the emergence of illegal dispensaries doing business that are serving to undercut the business owners that have chosen to do things the legal way.


Los Angeles City Attorney Mike Feuer announced on Wednesday that a total of 36 criminal complaints have been lodged against 140 individuals and involve 32 shops. The busts are a result of a crackdown the city is making against marijuana dispensaries that are operating without a license.


Feuer, while recently speaking at a press conference, served notice to dispensary operators that are operating illegally that they will face prosecution.


Lieutenant Stacy Spell, who works with the city’s Gang and Narcotics Division informed the public that 160 arrests have been made since the first of the year and $300,000 has been seized. Additionally, 54 search warrants have been served and 29 illegal guns have been taken from the street.


Spell reports that investigators with the division have focused their efforts on storefronts where crime seems prevalent and are working in tandem with the city’s fire department as well as the water and power companies to shut down illegal cannabis operations.


Owners of dispensaries operating illegally are subject to six months in jail and up to a $1,000 fine. Feuer says that city officials are hoping that the public announcements will serve to deter illegal dispensary operators from continuing to do business in the city.


Feuer says that plans are in the works to present cease and desist letters to other illegally operating pot shops but did not close the number of shops that are to be targeted with the letters.


Marqueece Harris-Dawson, a city councilman, says that constituents in his district have complained about illegal pot selling operations for years.


The success of legally operating figures in the cannabis industry is dependant on the city being able to crack down on these illegal operations. As one owner bluntly explained, unlicensed dealers should either shut down willingly or be shut down by authorities.

LAPD Conducting Investigation Of USC Doctor Accused of Sexual Misconduct

Police officials in Los Angeles report that the department is investigating a criminal complaint against a long-time gynecologist working at the University of Southern California. The accusations are that the physician has used his position to engage in inappropriate sexual misconduct for over 25 years.


Officials say that the investigation will reach international proportions as more than 10,000 women that were examined by George Tyndall may be interviewed.


Police are presently following up with 52 women who say that Tyndall, now 71 years of age, acted inappropriately while examining them. Justin Eisenberg, Deputy Chief of the Los Angeles Police Department says that the alleged acts took place between the years 1990 to 2016.


The police department will work in conjunction with the California Medical Board and any documented wrongdoing on the part of Tyndall will be referred to prosecutors.


Tyndall has not made himself available for comment but has denied any wrongdoings and has said the allegations against him are incorrect. While speaking to the Los Angeles Times, Tyndall said that each exam he conducted was done so by following standard procedure and done with total professionalism.


The university has admitted that it did not respond in accordance with school policy in eight allegations made against Tyndall between the years 2000 to 2014. A handful of former patients of Tyndall at the university have filed lawsuits and one sworn statement detailed an event that was said to have occurred in 1991.


C.L Max Nikias has faced the brunt of the blame for the incident and a week ago 200 faculty members called for his ousting. An additional 2,200 students, alumni, and other supporters of the university signed a petition for Nikias’ dismissal online. The pressure resulted in Nikias relinquishing his post over the past weekend.


The problems began for Tyndall at the university when reports surfaced that he had performed examinations that were not considered to be up to par in regards to accepted medical standards. It was also said that Tyndall had harassed former patients. Tyndall resigned shortly afterward and the university established a hotline to field calls from the community and allow others with accusations to step forward. Media has reported that 400 complaints have been voiced via the hotline.


LAPD says that it is not yet clear if criminal charges will be filed against Tyndall.

How Does Australia Use Equities First Holdings?

Equities First Holdings has Australian offices, and those offices were created to help people get loans with personal service. They have a large online presence, but they know that certain people want to come to the office. They can call the office if they want, and there are underwriters in each office that help with their loans.The company is a loan provider on a very large scale. They offer business loans, and they know that these businesses need quick cash without any stipulations. The company never forces their clients to give a presentation, and they fund each loan as fast as they can.

The Australian customers who walk into the office might chat about a loan that is very large, and the private customers could come in at any time. The private customers might just get loans that help them with their bills, and they can come back to the office just to make payments.The Equities First Holdings team has a lot of people in each office that work with customers on loan choices and underwriting. The company prides itself on customer care, and they have aligned their loans with the Australian market so that everyone gets what they need.

End Citizens United; Putting a Stop to the Era of Dark Funds

Dark era funds have often been used to facilitate the existence of nonprofit organizations that in turn have a direct influence on elections. Moreover, these not-for-profit organizations are in a position to receive hefty amounts of donations. On the contrary, they are not allowed to disclose the source of the funds as the opacity of the source allows these organizations to influence the entire election process behind the scenes. With that said, it is evident that the dark fund’s era is almost over as a group of citizens called the End Citizens United recently came forward with a proposal to end the period of dark funds that has often been utilized to facilitate unfair elections.

What is End Citizens United?

End Citizens United came up with the name from the 2010 Supreme Court’s decision made to implement Citizens United, a group that opened doors for high profile corporate funds for supporting elections. Over the years, End Citizens has come up with viable policies to combat the dark funds used for political gains. Moreover, the organization has majorly worked with like-minded individuals to elect leaders who are comfortable with rejecting dark funds from the unknown sources. Besides being funded by grassroots donors, Citizens United has made it a national priority to ensure that only proactive reformists are elected.

The Annual Midterm Elections

As a result, with roughly six months only left to the 2018 midterm elections, the organization has continued to elect candidates who have ceremoniously demonstrated their robust support of campaigning for essential finance reforms. Perhaps this is a significant solidarity movement to support the campaign finance reform through a range of activities like rejecting track records of the dark era money.

The Establishment of End Citizens United

Besides, End Citizens has established major restrictive platforms to bar the circulation of dark money in America’s political landscape. With the assistance of their leaders and grassroots donors, the group confirmed that politicians, rather than representing their people, represented their need for satisfying their selfishness through stealing from the people. Regarding these midterm elections, the following is set to occur;

The Endorsed Candidates

Randy Bryce- Randy Bryce was hoping to replace Paul Ryan, who just announced his intentions to resign from the post of Senate speaker. As such, he would not be seeking any reelection in office.

Jacky Rosen – Jacky Rosen was initially elected as a representative at Nevada District. As of now, he hopes to be chosen as a U.S. Senate.

Brendan Kelly- Brendan Kelly has always fought against corruption even before the onset of the midterm elections. Therefore, as he vies for this particular seat, he has a clean track record that might land him to the post.

Learn More: endcitizensunited.org/news/

West Coast Dominance for Beyonce at Coachella

If there is one thing that people can learn from a music festival is that they can typically expect to see a reunion if a solo artist has been part of a group before. This is exactly the case for Beyonce and her mind-blowing Coachella performance on the west coast. It was a rare reunion with Destiny’s Child for certain songs, and her fans were grateful to see the group back together again.

A large number of people that have seen Beyonce in concert are just as impressed by her solo act as they are by the reunion that sometimes happens with Destiny’s Child. For the Coachella Festival it was a great surprise, but this was not the only surprise that people had a chance to witness. There was also a marching band in the background. There was also an appearance from her husband. Many people may say that Coachella is something of an abstract Festival. It kicks off what is considered the start of the summer, but it is definitely more mainstream thanks to Beyonce. People that may have had no desire to go to the west coast for this type of festival are now considering booking tickets in 2019. That is the type of impact that she has had on this.

One of the best things about an artist like Beyonce is that she knows how to entertain regardless of where she is. It does not matter where she goes when she is on tour. She always seems to have a crowd of fans that are willing to go the distance for her. It is not surprising for some people that have seen her in Atlanta to show up all the way on the other end of the United States and Los Angeles.

The Queen Bee has become the celebrated artist that is welcomed just about everywhere even though Texas is her native land. This just shows that she has the ability to transcend music genres. She is not someone that is stuck in an category R&B even though this is the feel of most of her music.

Will California Support Sports Wagering after Supreme Court Decision?

There are ongoing debates as to how the western states, mainly California, will act now that the sports wagering decision has been released by the Supreme Court. This decision is significant because of the potential revenue that could be generated from regulation to an industry and has been hiding in the black market shadows.

California lawmakers are very familiar to the fact that California citizens are playing on offshore websites that are unregulated, non-taxable, and unprotected. The sports betting industry is expected to bring in tens of millions of dollars in New Jersey, the state that managed to bring victory to their sports gambling case in the Supreme Court. It is hard to imagine that California won’t take action because of the massive potential to increasing taxable revenue.

Lawmakers will be squeezed for time if they attempt to get it on the voter ballot in 2018. It is widely expected that if sports betting gets onto the California ballot that it would likely pass with ease. Citizens have no reason to vote against this particular subject.

In the months ahead, daily-fantasy sports sites will be expressing their beliefs that states should pass legislation to allow and regulate online sports betting. The daily-fantasy sports websites are perfectly lined up to sweep in and take full advantage of this Supreme Court decision. The leader of DraftKings has already announced his plans to take over the sports wagering industry in the United States by hiring a professional sports book manager.

The only thing that is holding California back from allowing sports betting today is the fact that voters have to authorize a minor change to the state constitution. Only time will tell whether sports betting will follow the similar prospects of online poker and completely stall out in legislation, or whether sports wagering will speed into existence and start bringing in massive amounts of cash flow.

Food As Medicine Theory Tested In California

California has become the first state to implement a pilot program that uses food as medicine. The meal service, designed by doctors, treats high-risk, low-income patients that are chronically ill.

A Special Diet

A 2013 study showed that those who received this diet had several benefits; it reduced their medical expenses by up to 55%, they stayed in the hospital for less time and they were discharged faster than those who did not utilize the diet.

Diet is a central factor in the management of diseases such as heart disease, hypertension, diabetes, asthma or cancer. But for many patients it is difficult to take care of it, since with limited incomes, and high medical costs, they only access the foods that generally harm them: processed foods, high salt content, and refined carbohydrates.

The new California-based program has granted $ 6 million to six non-profit organizations that already performed the meal service program. The program will last three years and will be the basis of a study at The University of California, San Francisco and Stanford.

In addition to the breakfast and two additional meals delivered, the service will include a home visit by a nutritionist.

The service is also being partially covered by a thousand state health insurance beneficiaries, and the research will include patients living in Los Angeles, San Diego, Oakland and San Francisco.

Medicinal Value Of Food

There’s a history that defends the medicinal value of food, and organizations like Project Open Hand in San Francisco, and God’s Love We Deliver, in New York City began this movement more than a decade ago to help with the HIV outbreak. Many other groups sprouted to help, and expanded their mission to include nutrition to help people with chronic conditions such as coronary heart disease and diabetes.

Studies say that the average reduction in medical costs for an individual with good nutrition can range from 16 to 55 percent. However, in many cases, food sacrifices are made to pay the rent, or people neglect their medications because they can not afford to pay for everything. Experts say this is when people unwittingly end up in the emergency room.

The program was officially launched in California last Friday.