Why to Hire Get Your Wiki Writers

Have you realized that your business is not doing very well of late or the number of sales have reduced significantly? If the answer to this question is yes it means that you need to employ a new business strategy. The solution to all your problems could simply be creating a Wikipedia page detailing information about your business. There are numerous benefits that arise from this venture. First, your business will have more visibility. Potential clients are likely to know of your existence if you have such a page available online. In most cases, Wikipedia pages appear among the very top after a search has been conducted on Google and other search engines. This means that those searching for a business bearing the same description as yours are likely to trace you quickly when you have such a page.

The creation of Wikipedia pages is not a very easy task. There is a lot of skill and effort that goes into making an acceptable page. Not every page can be accepted as a Wikipedia page. Certain rules and regulations have been set to ensure the pages are of a high quality. One of the major rules is that a page should not be filled with promotional content entirely. The page should not appear to be purely and advertisement to the public. It should contain factual information about the business, products and the people behind it. Additionally, a Wikipedia page should not unnecessarily link back to the website of the business.

These rules relating to creation of the Wikipedia pages can be very difficult for someone who is not used to them. In order to stay away from the trouble of doing this work by yourself consider hiring Wiki writers from Get your Wiki. These are Wikipedia writers who fully understand what it means to create Wiki pages. The writers have internalized all the rules surrounding this business and have been vetted by the Wikipedia writing service themselves, ensuring they will provide you with pages that will pass all the tests. Get Your Wiki writer not only write content for your page but also provide additional services like the maintenance of your website. Maintenance serves to protect against other individuals who may change the entries in your Wiki page and replace it with inaccurate information. This ensures that your page always contains accurate information throughout the year.

Imagine how much trouble you will save yourself by hiring experts to handle this task for you. Contact these professional Wikipedia writers today by visiting their site to get a free quote.

The Success Made By Stephen Murray in Spearheading CCMP Capital

Over the years, investment banking has been considered as one of the safest ways of investing different types of resources. Through investment banking, many people have developed businesses that have continued to boom in the international arena. Through these investment banks, many governments across the world have accessed financial assistance for structural investment thus providing alternative source of funding. As such, many investment firms have emerged globally offering services that have seen the development and advanced other prospective business entities. CCMP Capital is one of the leading investment firm based in New York United States of America. The firm has grown in asset acquisition and management into a world-class investment hub that has attracted many people and companies across the world. The firm was formerly known as JP Morgan and over the years it has transitioned into its current states. These developments have seen the firm acquire global recognition in the delivery of professional services to the citizens.

The company on crunchbase has continued to grow in investment and it has registered an increase of 12 billion dollars in leverage buyouts and growth capital since its establishment. As such, this provides a clear map towards ensuring the company delivers on its mandate and policies. Due to its development initiative CCMP Capital has grown and opened other offices in Hong Kong, London and Singapore in a mid to expand its services to other parts of the world. The history of the firm dates back in 1984 when the firm was formerly known as Chemical Venture which was an investment part of the Chemical Bank. Chase Manhattan bank later acquired the chemical bank in 1996 forcing the firm to change its name to Chase Capital Partners. These have been the transitions that have seen the firm evolves systematically through the ranks into its current state Stephen Murray CCMP Capital.

Stephen Murray is one notable personality that has developed the company to its present state. He was the Chief Executive Officer and President of CCMP Capital until he resigned due to health complications. He graduated with a degree in economics from the Boston College and later a master’s degree in business administration from the Columbia Business School. Here, he got the desired skills to invest in the investment field with the aim of emerging as one of the leading and recognized individuals of all times. He landed his first employment opportunity in 1984 immediately he graduated at Manufacturers Hanover Corporation. He worked as a credit analyst and later moved through the ranks with subsequent acquisition of the firm into its current state where he was appointed the president. He successfully governed the firm until March 2015 when he resigned from the firm due to health related complication. He later died at the age of 52 years.

Nicki Minaj Claims Controversial Appearance Was About Female Empowerment

American rapping sensation, Nicki Minaj stirred controversy with her decision to head the recent holiday festival in Angola. The event was sponsored by Unitel which is owned and ran by long term human rights violator Angolan President Jose dos Santos. Santos has been at the top since 1979 and has racked up an abundance of human rights abuses over the course of his reign. While Minaj did go ahead with the performance despite the urging by the Human Rights Foundation of the moral dilemma, it is said she altered the lyrics to her hit song “Only” to say “independent women only.”
This was meant to be a nod to Angolan women attending the holiday concert in Luanda, according to the Huffington Post. At age 33, Nicki Minaj has never shied away from the spotlight, even if that meant causing controversy. She appeared before a brimming stadium at the Show Unitel Boas Festas concert on December 19th. The company Unitel is owned and operated by the continent’s wealthiest woman and youngest billionaire, daughter of the Angolan president Isabel dos Santos.
Minaj has viewed herself as a black feminist icon for some time. Vogue recently inquired about her feminism to which she replied, “I think of myself as a woman who wants other women to be bosses, and to be strong and to be go-getters. I’ve always said that, since I came in the game.” Vogue has also noted Nicki Minaj to be the “most globally visible female rapper of all time.” Prior to the appearance, Minaj posted a photograph of her initial meeting with the president’s daughter saying, “She’s just the 8th richest woman in the world.”
Having founded the Human Rights Foundation, Thor Halvorssen Mendoza is a human rights activist leading many essential nonprofit groups around the world. In an open letter to Minaj by means of his foundation, Thor urged the rapper not to continue through with her plans to perform at the tainted Angolan festival. Unfortunately, she declined to comment or react in any way other than to ignore the request.
The Human Rights Foundation unites activists and leaders by promoting human rights through the belief that all peoples are entitled to freedom of association, freedom of speech and expression, freedom from slavery and of religion among many others. Thor Halvorssen Mendoza first founded the Oslo Freedom Forum through his Human Rights Foundation back in 2009 to bring activists, former heads of state and even Nobel Peace Prize winners together for a cause of unity.

Sanjay Shah’s Autism Rocks Campaign

Autism is a lifelong disorder that have affected millions of individuals. Autism specifically is characterized by difficulties that are developed in regards to social relationships as well as communication skills. Those who suffer from the autism disorder tend to have strong and narrow interests as well as repetitive behavior. Though autism is a disorder, it is often noticed that some people with this disorder can live independent lives, while others cannot.

One campaign to further the research of this disorder is Autism Rocks. This foundations was started by Sanjay Shah due to the fact that his four year old son has the disorder. Mr. Shah has made it explicitly clear that this campaign does not have the intention of finding a cure as he would not change his son one bit. Instead, this campaign has the intention of raising money in order to further understand how one thinks with the autism disorder. The money that has been raised by Autism Rocks has been sent to Cambridge University to further the research.

Mr. Shah who is the father of an autistic child, wanted to create a fund campaign that can be shared by him and his son. The campaign that he created involves him touring England and performing on stage with several other notable artists. These notable artists include Lenny Kravitz, Drake, and Michael Bublé.

Mr. Shah wants to world to know of not only this disorder, but wants the world to know how important it is to continue research on this disorder. Mr. Shah presents a scary statistic that shows how boys have a four in five greater chance to being diagnosed with autism than girls. Overall, one in 42 boys are diagnosed with autism. The child who is diagnosed is not only affected. The family who takes care of the child has to pay an average of 60,000 dollars per year on treatment. Sanjay Shah has created this campaign to demonstrate that autism is not dangerous or bad, but instead should be better understood. Research should not find a cure, but instead should answer unknown questions about how the disorder works.

Modern Dog Food News

Pet owners today are more demanding than ever before. Today’s dog owner is often well versed in the many ways to make sure their dogs have the best possible nutrition. As a result, many dog food companies have responded to the needs of pet owners by providing them with the opportunity to purchase high quality dog food that is just right for the needs of their adored pets. Companies know that their customers look for dog food that will be appealing to their pets in every possible way. They also know that dog owners want to purchase dog food that is loaded with the right kind of nutrition to help make sure their pets will remain in good shape for as many years as possible. Many companies work with pet owners and with other professionals such as vets, scientists and those who choose to work with dogs as their chosen to profession to help create food that is best for a wide variety of dogs. The result has been that many dog owners have increasingly found it easy for them to go the local market and find exactly what they need on the shelves of their local grocery store or their favorite pet food supply company to pick from to satisfy the needs of their dogs at all times. One company that has long been fully aware of this need for many years is that of Beneful. Beneful has long helped provide the best possible dog food for their beloved and adored consumers who know that it is imperative to find such food for their dogs. Officials at Beneful introduced the brand to happy customers over a decade ago. Since that time, Beneful has become one of the most important brands of dog food on the entire market. The dog food is on the shelves in many places including local area supermarkets and pet food supply companies devoted to providing customers with access to high quality dog food at all times. The company has seen a rapid rise in sales as customers have happily embraced their excellent dog food products.

Why Philanthropy and Charity are Fulfilling for Entrepreneurs

I have spent time living a selfish life and I must admit that it is a very empty type of life. I worked a regular job, which I struggled to hold on to. I also never used to make any contributions to charity. As a result, I was miserable. Then when I started doing things for others, I found a purpose. Among the things I did was make contributions to different charities. I did some research about popular charity efforts to give to and one good example I found is the JFK Center for the Performing Arts. Donations allow the Center to provide opportunities for others to continue to improve their lives through the joy of performance art. 

One type of person that is excpected to make regular donations more than most is a successful entrepreneur. They have the freedom to work the kind of jobs that they want to work, therefore they have more financial capacity to make large donations. One such person that goes above and beyond the expected philanthropy of the wealthy is Dick DeVos. He regularly contributes to the JFK Center for the Arts fundraiser. He has a lot of success on his hands and he has made a lot of different contributions in different industries. DeVos has worked as President and CEO of many different companies. He certainly has kept himself busy, as you can see by visiting his Wikipedia page.

Dick uses his freedom and independence in order to help build the lives of others. Many other people have seen the effect that his efforts has on others. He also has a unique eye for some of the more profitable opportunities. He understands where the profits lie. He does take a business-minded approach to life. This isn’t just for some personal gain, but for him to be able to share opportunities with others he has been blessed with along his personal journey. He not only wants to give acts of charity to others, but he also wants to give people an opportunity to improve their lives and do what he’s doing. 

Being able to give back through acts of charity and becoming an entrepreneur is the closest thing I could imagine to living the perfect life. Even though I haven’t reached a level that I could call successful, I am working in a position I like and have enough to give back to the causes most important to me. Mr. DeVos gives me hope that someday I could become a leader with influence as great as his own.

To see more about his personal life, check out his biography here:


Shaken To The Core- Support Nepal Earthquake Survivors

The April/May 2015 earthquakes in Nepal has destroyed the city and homes of the residents who live there. Majeed Ekabal is currently fundraising to help give funds to provide health care, food, and shelter for the families who are now homeless and wounded. The earthquake was rated a 7.9 on the Richter scale and has killed over 5,000 people. Even well after the event has taken place, many of the victims are still trying to pick up the pieces of what their lives used to be. This event is nothing less than a tragedy, but there is a way we can bring a light of hope to this traumatic event. Starting today, you can help support the extensive amount of victims of the Nepal earthquakes, here’s how.

Majeed Ekbal is a successful real estate investor living in the Chicago area with over fifteen years of marketing and business development experience. As a professional comprehensive marketing strategist, Majeed also takes pride in mentoring large diverse teams for business developments.

Majeed also involves himself with special volunteer opportunities to give back to those who are less fortunate. Since 2011, he has worked with foundations to help fight against child slavery and abuse as well as worked on special projects assigned locally and internationally to help create better means for women and children who are neglected from the tools they need to provide themselves with a better education and jobs.

This project is Majeed’s way of doing his part in setting a goal of raising 1 million dollars to send to the people in Nepal. This event hits home for Majeed due to him having very close friends who live there who were personally affected. The fundraiser is currently being held on Majeed’s go fund me page,[https://www.gofundme.com/majeedekbal] but once the amount has been met, it will be applied to a second fundraiser page to have the monies combined [https://www.crowdrise.com/nepalearthquakes2015]. Please find it in your heart to give to those who have lost everything. Each donation is greatly appreciated and will be solely used for those who are in need. Thank You.

How Online Reviews Can Tank A Business

All business owners are heavily aware of online views especially one big social review sites like Yelp and many people use customer reviews as a way to determine if they should eat somewhere or buy a product. This simple process is how many people operate now a days which isn’t a bad system, however as a business owner you can get buried in bad reviews. Recently a restaurant owner received one star ratings not because of the quality of his food but because of the price and small portion sizes. Instead of ignoring them he emailed each customer, switched around prices and created larger portions which in turn got all those reviews from one star to five star. Not only did he show he truly cares about his customers he got them to come back and his revenue has increased because of the positive reviews that have come from his actions.

People underestimate their online presence, even as simple as using Facebook for both private and work related social media. Status Labs is a dedicate PR firm that works solely on online presence for both companies and individuals. From Fortune 500 Companies to politicians the team at Status Labs counters any negative media coverage, pictures and articles floating around the internet.

Having an online reputation gets to the masses faster than ever, even news channels have Twitter feed and online blog to post stories and updates in real time. Google search has revolutionized the way media is shared as well, and Status Labs makes a great effort to cleanse the first page of their client’s google search. According to statistics 87% of people don’t go past the first google result page which means if all they see is negative information that’s all they’ll see. By burying negative results with updated and positive findings it can enhance a tattered reputation.

They also help fix google image searches, create social media accounts and guide people to maintain or create a positive online presence. Status Labs wrangles in the way media is spread both bad and good to create a great online image for their clients.

Villanova Lacrosse Alum Leads a New Generation Into 2016

Photography, aviation and music are just a few of the many areas that Villanova lacrosse player Jon Urbana is talented in. In fact, his achievements since finishing up school at Villanova are such that research is undertaken everyday by so many people to learn more about this awesomely multi-talented man. You can also connect with Jon on Facebook. In this article, the aforementioned talents will be showcased.

Jon’s Photography

Jon Urbana’s charity expertise is a force to be reckoned with. The country boy upbringing and his passion for the environment combined, are reflected in the beautiful photographs he has plastered all over the internet. Most of his pictures can be viewed on Instagram. They include landscapes, flowers, rivers and nature as a whole. whether they are close-up shots or wide shots, his photos are always breathtaking. Even the simplest picture of a flower (like the one he shared to Twitter @jonurbana1), can be taken from an angle that highlights every important feature that would generally not be seen by just looking at the flower. His water photography at Imgur can capture the serenity of a lake or the high sprays created by a waterfall, yet they both have a similar impact. They leave you breathless. Jon Urbana’s Official Blog has become one of my favorite places to visit, and he definitely has earned a place as one of the world’s best photographers, with my favorite of his pics being Earth Temple.

Jon’s aviation career
It is no easy feat to be acknowledged by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), yet Jon Urbana has not only achieved that but has been included in their prestigious database. Being part of the FAA’s database requires meeting and surpassing some very high standards. These standards have been altered over the years to ensure that pilots are highly educated, in great health and are constantly trained. This is to ensure the safety of everyone involved in the flight process. Urbana can boast that he is a top pilot because being certified by the FAA actually gives that assurance to the public. Check him out in his plane:

Jon Urbana’s music

Jon Urbana has also made his mark in the music industry, albeit a late entry. He utilized his Ableton software in addition to his guitar and created some of the most beautiful sounds from his home in Denver. Now he is a master at remixing, writing and creating electronic music with a growing Soundcloud fan base. Check out his latest remix of Fighting Between Bosses.

Next Level Lacrosse Camp

Since he was a star lacrosse player, Urbana decided to form a business around his talents. Next Level Lacrosse Camp, founded by Jon Urbana, has become one of Colorado’s most popular summer program for youth players. Featuring an all-star cast of former pro players doesn’t hurt either.

Quality Representation In A Brazilian Courtroom

The laws in Brazil can be quite harsh, and they can really turn a person’s life upside down. This is even true in civil cases. In these types of legal proceedings, one’s freedom may not be at stake. However, their wallet certainly is on the line. When one loses a civil case, they can face very serious financial consequences. This is why it is important to be well represented in court, whether the case is criminal or civil.

Any lawyer can provide you with representation in the courtroom. However, a good lawyer can provide you with quality representation. This is what you need. In order to get quality representation, you will have to take some time. This time is necessary, and it will be time very well spent. The difference between a quality lawyer and a lawyer of low caliber is a huge one. There are several different ways that you can do research into getting the right lawyer for your case. Perhaps the greatest resource is the information that is available on the internet. The internet can provide you with reviews of lawyers, information regarding the credentials of lawyers, and access to the social media pages of lawyers. All of this information can be used to assist you in making an informed decision. Finally, when you find a lawyer that you are very seriously considering, you can go to a free consultation. This can provide a sneak peek at what his or her manner is likely to be in the courtroom.

Some people have the fortune of being able to seek out exceptionally high powered legal advice. If you are in Brazil, one great lawyer to consider is Ricardo Tosto. Those who hire him tend to be extremely satisfied. This even rings true of most of the extremely high powered clients he has had, including government officials.

Ricardo Tosto has extensive knowledge laws that pertain to businesses, government organizations, and finance. If one of these is the area that your legal problem is in, you can be assured that he will be able to know what is best for your case. With his representation, chances are your case will go far better than it would without him.

Legal problems in Brazil can be extremely serious. However, with the right legal help, you can mitigate the pain and suffering. Ricardo Tosto can really help you to fare out very well in court.