Pacific Coast Leaders Announce Energy/Environmental Partnership

Political leaders from three states in the American West and from a Canadian province have announced a partnership dedicated to protecting the environment and promoting renewable energy. Known as the North America Climate Leadership Agreement, the plan was launched at a recent gathering in San Francisco.
The joint meeting featured Mary Polak, the environment minister of British Columbia, and the respective governors of three American states, California’s Jerry Brown, Oregon’s Kate Brown and Washington’s Jay Inslee. Also participating in the new agreement were the mayors of Vancouver, Canada, and five American West Coast cities, including San Francisco and Los Angeles, which comprise what is known as Pacific Coast America. More information about the agreement is available at
The partnership emphasizes cooperation between different states and countries in reducing pollution and increasing reliance on clean energy sources. It also recognizes the need for such cooperation in dealing with environmental dangers, which do not respect national and international borders. Participants hope to reach their goals through methods that are outlined in the agreement, including the expanded use of green energy technology and zero-emission vehicles. Those attending the event also signed the Pacific Coast Climate Leadership Action agreement, which updated previous plans with regard to such issues as ocean acidification and the integration of renewable energy sources into existing power systems.
Pacific Coast America is home to more than 50 million American and Canadian citizens, and as a unit represents the world’s fifth largest economy.