OSI Group Meeting the Challenge of Food Market Based On Convenience

Officials with OSI Group say that customer desire for “convenience” in terms of what they eat in a fast-paced world continues to be a major driving factor in how meat products get from the farm to the end consumer.

OSI Group is one of the largest and oldest meat processing companies in America. It serves the retail food industry. The burger giant McDonald’s is among its major and long-term clients, for example. In addition to fast food retailers, OSI supplies meat products to hundreds of other retailers, such as convenience stores, supermarkets, restaurants and more.

OSI Group is what is called a “concept-to-table” food producer. That means it creates processed items such as hot dogs, sausages, lunch meat, cook-in-bag items and more. It’s food that is basically ready to go — anywhere. So OSI might be supplying a fast food restaurant with raw beef patties that are cooked on site, but it also deals heavily in products that arrive fully cooked and ready to eat with a minimum of preparation, and which can be purchased just about anywhere.

More and more, people around the world are “eating on the go.” They rely on pre-prepared meals that can be ready for the dinner table with minimal cooking or preparation – or even more so, “grab-and-go” items purchased from, say a convenience store — just unwrap and eat!

A key factor with foods today is “portability.” Not only are customers looking for foods that are fast, easy and delicious, but they want something easy to carry as they drive, walk or bike to their destination.

Creating food products that meet the changing needs of the consumer doesn’t just happen. For example, engineering the process in which safe, healthy – and delicious — foods can also be transported with lighting speed to distribution locations is a major logistical achievement.

It’s also a perpetual moving target. The way people choose food products, and how and where they eat them, requires extreme attention to detail on the processing side. That’s where OSI Group excels.

OSI group is based in Aurora, Illinois, but has established a major international presence with 65 meat processing facilities located in 17 countries around the world. It employs more than 20,000 people.

Another defining factor of OSI is this company’s almost unique focus on sustainability and environmentally-friendly modes of operation. The company has won numerous awards for implementing innovative and advanced environmental procedures. Extreme food safety and safe working environments for employees is also a key characteristic of OSI Group company culture.

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