Why OSI Group Leads the Pack in the Food Industry

OSI Group, LLC, is an American private company that produces food products and provides solutions for the food industry. The company’s product portfolio was initially based on processed meats but has evolved to include vegetable, fruit and dough products. OSI Group’s customers include well-known brands such as Chipotle, Subway, McDonald’s and Pizza Hut. OSI Group is headed by Sheldon Lavin in the capacity of the chief executive officer.


OSI Group is headquartered in Illinois, United States, with satellite offices in China, the United Kingdom, and Germany. According to Forbes, OSI Group is currently worth about 6 billion US dollars and employs approximately 20, 000 people worldwide. The company’s production facilities are located in North America, the Asia-Pacific region and some parts of Europe.

Business Growth

OSI Group has experienced tremendous growth and transformation over the years. The company has expanded its portfolio of products and services to serve a diverse clientele. Today, the company operates more than 65 production facilities in 17 countries spanning the Americas, Europe, and the Asia-Pacific regions. The company’s revenue and employee base have made it one of the largest private companies in America.

In 2016, OSI Group acquired one of Tyson Foods’ production factories located in Chicago for a reported 7.4 million US dollars. This move was meant to broaden the group’s manufacturing network in North America and enhance its capabilities to meet the rapidly evolving customer needs in the region. Tyson Foods previously supplied ready meals to the hospitality industry. Most of its former employees were absorbed by OSI Group.

OSI Group’s continuous improvement strategies have made it a global leader in the provision of exceptional products and solutions for the food industry. The group has also received awards over the years for being a champion of health and safety standards as well as caring for the environment in its facilities. Leading food outlets such as McDonalds’ depend on OSI Group for all their food processing requirements. The company is in the list of the top 100 private companies in America as well as the top 100 food companies in America.

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