OSI Group: Excellent Service for Over 100 Years

The OSI group is a holding company of meat processors. It acts as a supplier to retail and food companies. OSI was founded in 1909. Its headquarters are located in Aurora, Illinois. The company works with some renowned food outlets such as Pizza Hut, McDonalds, Subway, and Starbucks. The company has been McDonald’s biggest supplier of beef due to its reliability. The partnership has existed for more than 50 years.

The company has grown since it was founded. It has established operations in other countries as it now has more than 50 production facilities around the world. OSI Group today employs more than 20,000 people in countries worldwide. OSI is one of the largest private enterprises in the US. It is number 58 on that list. OSI Group reported $6.1B in revenue in the last financial year. This is evidence of the good work that its executives continue to do at the helm of the enterprise.

OSI acquired Baho Food a few months ago. It is a Dutch company that manufactures deli meats and snacks. The addition of Baho to the company would help OSI to strengthen its presence in Europe and also to understand the market better. Baho would benefit from the deal because it would be able to increase the number of products that it would supply. It would also benefit from the vast experience that OSI had accumulated in the business.

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The company has adopted practices to ensure that their plants are safe and environmentally friendly. Their success in doing so earned them both the Sword of Honor and the Globe of Honor which is presented by the British Safety Council. They won these awards in 2015 and were also awarded the Globe in 2016.

A company has to get a five-star rating from the council’s health and environmental departments when they go to inspect the facility for it to be considered for these awards. The company was one in less than 70 companies that were awarded the Sword. The sword is given to firms that have ensured they have healthy and safe facilities for workers. The Globe is awarded to businesses that ensure proper environmental management. OSI Group was among eight companies that got the Globe of Honor. OSI was also the only one in seven companies around the world that won both of these awards. This shows their commitment to caring for their customers, employees, and the environment.

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