The Organo Gold Organic Green Tea

Tea drinkers everywhere are familiar with Green Teas, and that is because drinking green tea has many ancient health benefits. From lowering blood pressure to boosting energy levels green tea is one of the best hot beverages that you can consume, and Organo Gold has an organic green tea that is made with some of the best ingredients in the world. The Organic Green Tea is their signature tea product and with good reason, as it benefits the body and the mind with wonderful organic ingredients that have gone into the blend to make it one of the best green tea combinations that you can drink. Watch this video on Youtube.

The key ingredient in the Organo Gold Organic Green Tea is the addition of the Ganoderma lucidum, which is a natural fungi that is derived from the Reishi mushroom. This natural ingredient is one of the main ways that the Organo Gold is able to offer you a natural tea that has amino acids and triterpenoids, which are great for their anti aging properties and the energy boosting abilities. Instead of consuming carbonated energy drinks which can be bad for your heart, the folks at Organo Gold have created a product that is better on the whole body and will give you plentiful natural energy resources. Drinking green tea is one of the oldest natural health methods in the world, and the Organo Gold green tea is known for the wonderful natural health benefits that green tea has offered for centuries, while the natural and clean ingredients that are offered from Organo Gold naturally boosts the teas benefits.


Organo Gold Organic Green Tea is a one of a kind and sensual tea drinking experience like no other, making for a one of a kind brewing and drinking experience for tea drinkers and health enthusiasts everywhere. View Organo Gold’s profile on