Oregon Sees A Surge Of French Investors In Its Wine Industry

The Williamete Valley region of Oregon which is close to the Pacific Ocean, has now established itself as a major wine producing area. Not only is it a major wine producing and grape growing region, it is now also renowned for its burgundy like wines. Burgundy wines include the famous pinot noir and chardonnay type wines. They are made from special varieties of grapes, that just happen to thrive in the Williamete Valley of Oregon.


The climate of this area which is very similar, although a tad bit warmer than Burgundy in France, has attracted lots of French investors. Both individual French entrepreneurs, French wineries, French investment groups and large corporations have jumped aboard the Williamete Valley’s rise to fame in the wine world.


So how are local wine growers in Oregon reacting to this influx of French investors and new owners in some cases? Many are welcoming the French with open minds and open arms. Many growers welcome the expertise of the French wine experts and winery owners and view it as a positive influence. The Burgundy region of France has some of the oldest and most established vineyard anywhere in the world. The quality of their wines is also second to none.


Growers in Oregon are viewing this as an opportunity to benefit from the French knowledge, techniques and of course investment. One grower said that it does not really matter if it is the French or Californians that are now flocking to the Williamete Valley. Both want to create a profitable venture and improve the quality of the grapes and wines. If the growers realize this, this growers says, then they can create a relationship that could benefit both parties and the customer.


Of course, the new French investors and owners have some adapting to do of their own. Oregon’s soil and climate is different than that back home. Not only is the climate different, but so is the market. Oregon wines are now increasingly becoming popular and heralded as top class. New French investors will have to market wines well and that means growing the right grapes and managing the vineyard successfully.


Perhaps one of major reasons why Oregon’s Williamete Valley is booming now is because many investors including the French view Oregon’s cheap lands and ideal climate as a way to expand operations. With steady growth and a growing name, the investors also see a big profitable opportunity. For now, Oregon’s west coast wine industry shows no signs of stopping its tremendous growth, investment and production of delicious world class wines.