Opening For Senior Research Managers Still Open With Wessex

The Senior Research Manager position in Chillworth is open until the 24th of January. This position will be held at Wessex’s affiliate, University of Southampton. This project will receive funding from The National Institute for Health Research Evaluation.


The research managers will be overseeing the work done by the research team in Chillworth. The senior managers are also expected to be able to present evidence from the project to other groups. They will also need to have a good grasp of the health care industry and how to read metrics and planning.


Management and strong interpersonal skills are the most important requirement. The ability to be self-motivated to reach deadlines is also expected from this position.


Salaries vary from £37,075 to £46,924 and these are full time permanent positions. Work schedules are flexible and will include holidays. There are many benefits included in this job arrangement as well. The working environment is pleasant and relatively low stress. Read more about this.