Open Society Foundations: George Soros’ Philanthropic Efforts

When George Soros decided he had enough money, Open Society Foundation was founded in 1979. This was one of the biggest philanthropic activities he ever held in his life. The open society foundation has extended his charity efforts throughout the world. He gained recognition and success as the best hedge fund manager of all time. According to him, he established Open Societies Foundation as a way to pursue his ambitions in philanthropy. The central theme of the foundations is that they recognize the imperfect nature of the world. However much we love the world, it imposes great threats towards the survival of the less fortunate on Biography. We can improve what is imperfect. When he decided he wanted to work with the foundation, he started by offering scholarship opportunities to the black students at Cape Town University in South Africa.

George Soros, the founder of Open Source Foundations, wrote that his success in financial markets is based on his greater degree of independence than other people. He says that most people depend on other predictions. While that can be helpful, you may land at the wrong prediction. Therefore, you end up losing all your money. For this reason, George Soros advocates for a pure mind and strategies towards knowing your economy better. For the sake of controversial issues, George Soros stands out to take control of his decisions. Because he makes the right choices all the time, he believes in himself. Because other people cannot, he is obliged to do so.

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While people think of it to be small, the Open Society Foundations is bigger than you think. As a matter of fact, it may be one of the largest philanthropic organizations ever developed in the world history. The agency covers over 37 countries. While the Bill Gates Foundation has more money to spend on its efforts, the Open Society Foundations has a larger worldwide footprint to many offices in Africa. According to reliable sources, the Open Society Foundation’s budget will hit $930 million this year. This amount is more than Ford’s total grants.

George Soros sets an annual budget personally. For over a decade, he has donated more than $12 billion in numerous philanthropic efforts in the world. Therefore, we thank him for his excellent skills to make money. The 85-year-old George Soros has a net worth of over $26 billion. He is now richer than ever. While that remains to be true, most of his money will go to charity foundations under the jurisdiction of open Source Foundation. Soros has created a massive endowment fund. In the past, he decided to exist in perpetuity. While he remains to be one of the most famous men on the face of the earth, his foundation remains to be autonomous.

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