OneLogin championing access management standards and open identity in offices

OneLogin is a company that is based in San Francisco which deals with creating software. In this case, the company specializes in developing software applications that enable office visitors to sign using their iPads. Using OneLogin software, companies can make outdated, uninspiring, and insecure logbooks of the past.

Since its inception, OneLogin supports the rollout and adoption of the open identity as well as access management standards. It also provides free developer toolkits as well as the guidance required when implementing the single sign-on and user provisioning process. As such, the company reduces the requirements for application vendors to create schemas when creating reliable and secure IAM functionality.

One of the most important software developed by the company is Envoy which automates several steps that occur during a visitor’s registration process such as digital NDA, visitor sign-in, visitor photos and badges, and host notification.

OneLogin products have been adopted by several fastest growing as well as tech-forward companies which are keen to promote security and productivity. For most clients who purchase Envoy, they believe that customers who move in, across and out of the company premises can turn to be a nightmare. For IT admins they have to access multiple applications so that the end-user experience is smooth and that the system is secure.

However, recently, Envoy collaborated with OneLogin in implementing a SCIM protocol for the user provisioning known as the automated user on/off boarding. Currently, this feature has been made available to Envoy Enterprise and Premium customers.

The System for Cross-domain Identity Management otherwise known as SCIM aims at simplifying the user management and provisioning. Applications which are SCIM enabled allows clients to accelerate the application rollout as well as adoption. This is because it is easy to synchronize the user attributes into the desired application.

For the case of the Envoy, customers can automatically provision such fields including the employee’s last name, first name, office location, emails, from the OneLogin directory. The continuous synchronization is critical in elevating the ongoing user management since there is an automatic update on the user profiles.

Managing employees, as well as other application users including contractors and partners, can be difficult. This is because there may be multiple teams or individuals that are working on the same thing. Therefore, their productivity is minimized. However, productivity is increased through the Envoy visitor registration. The registration process captures, accurate are current data records.