Offering Multiple Proteins Prevents Allergies In Dogs

Research shows that varying the proteins in a dogs diet benefits their immune system as well as other health benefits. In recent years allergies have become a growing concern for pet owners everywhere, some scientists believe that due to dogs diets changing to a staple protein versus wild-feeding is opening their immune system to attack unknown proteins. Exposing your pet to a variety of proteins will greatly reduce their risk of intolerance to new proteins or developing allergies to new food sources. One way of preventing the onset of food allergies is to be proactive and feed a variety of proteins and by rotating their staple diet. Find a brand of dog food that offers both kibble and wet food varieties with multiple protein resources, such as Beneful, and switch up the formulas you feed them. It is important to stick to one brand or line of foods because nutritional content is must remain balanced and not vary. Beneful dry dog food is an excellent example of a balanced dog diet that comes in a variety of protein sources such as chicken, beef, salmon and egg. Feeding a staple diet of kibble will ensure your dog gets the proper nutrients and allow you to add extras such as wet food to introduce new proteins. Another way to vary your dogs protein intake is to keep them on one formula of dog food, such as Purina Beneful Playful Life, and offering a variety of wet foods in addition to their staple diet. A staple diet of balanced nutrition should provide 90 percent of their calories and nutritional intake, leaving 10 percent of their diet needs to supplemental feeding of foods. These foods should always be nutritional and come from a trusted brand to ensure everything is properly balanced for maximum benefit. There are multiple reasons that choosing to stick with one brand will be the easiest, but the top one is certainly the ease of mind in knowing that the diet will already be balanced and you do not have to calculate dietary intake needs and what amount is coming from which brand. Brands such as Beneful that offer both wet and dry varieties with multiple sources of proteins make things virtually fool-proof when it comes to providing excellent nutrition for your dog. To prevent becoming “used-to” one protein and thus rejecting others, do consider switching it up for your dog. The variety will keep them healthy as well as give them something to look forward to at every meal.