North Korean Activist Yeonmi Park

In recent decades, North Korea has not been well governed. Since the end of the Korean war several decades ago, this part of the world has been ruled by a small group of men who have done much to plunder the nation and little to help the people living there. The nation’s rules have also mismanaged the nation to the point where famines are common even though this part of the world is known as a place where it is possible to grow many kinds of food items. They have also done much to repress the ability of the people living here to freely express themselves in the nation’s media as well a preventing them from traveling abroad or speaking out about the nation’s conditions once they do so.

One North Korean who has done much to speak out about conditions that exist here is Yeonmi Park. Park spent her formative years in this part of the world along with her family. During that time, she and her entire family experienced problems of all kinds. They frequently found themselves without enough food to eat as well as without access to basic consumer goods that would allow them to perform basic life functions. Life here was very hard. She and her family faced the potential of being sent to harsh labor camps had they dared spoken out against the ruling family’s behavior.

They left the nation without permission because they could no longer live in a place that did not let them have their needs met or seek redress from the government to get help for such problems. In the years since leaving this nation, she and her family have spoken out about the kind of conditions that are common there. They have worked hard since then to help make the wold fully aware of the terrible conditions that exist here for most of the population and the need to reform this area of the world. Their efforts have focused specifically on the need to help provide ordinary North Koreans with the means of being able to provide for their family and the means to speak out when they see any kind of injustice happening here.

Her family have been joined by others in this region who also seek to make North Korea a far better place. International efforts have focused closely on making sure that the North Korea government is forced to listen to the will of the people and reform their society as well as do more to let their citizens travel both within the nation and travel across the world. They have also done much to confront the nation leaders here and call on them to share their power with the people of the nation to help them have a better nation.

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