How North Korea Says they have the U.S. West Coast on Sight

The modern cold war between the United States and North Korea has been extending itself for quite too long, with the latest two years showing the real danger of what one country is capable of doing against the other.

This October 2017, the United States’ population received a very unwelcome news when North Korea revealed that its newest missile has its range increased and has potential to hit the west coast of the U.S.

According to the developers of the missile themselves, this project had its core design focused on being long-ranged and as deadly as the other missiles under the North Korean arsenal, but one that could hit the west coast of North America if they wanted to.

Reception from the U.S. President Donald Trump incited more fear when he answered the indirect threat of the North Koreans by replying that he was not afraid to take the military option against Pyongyang, and then proceeding to conduct ballistic missile tests himself.

The information was given by the military forces and the researchers who are developing the missiles, and it was politician Anton Morozov confirmed the claim after visiting the country and being invited to look at their newest arsenal.

Reception from the American population has been generally negative both towards the counter-decision of their President and towards the aggressiveness of Pyongyang and the North Korean tests. Many Americans, when asked, also took into account that the United Nations (UN) should be interfering in the cold war between both countries as there is no sign that either of them is going to back off.

The military forces of North Korea intend to release another long-range missile in the near future to keep testing the reach of what their weapons are capable of achieving. Apart from the terrorizing news regarding missiles that can safely target the U.S. territory, it was also spread on the internet and a few news websites that North Korea have plans to create a miniature nuclear warhead that can fit inside one of those missiles. The explosion would be enough to destroy whole cities and states and leave a radiation that would leave the affected area impossible to live in.

When asked about negotiation with the North Korean leader, Trump responded that trying to come up with an agreement with Pyongyang was a waste of time.