Norman Pattiz Welcomes Norman Lear To PodCastOne

PodcastOne Founder and Executive Chairman Norman Pattiz announced April 24, 2017 that legendary writer, producer director and creator Norman Lear will be adding his talents to their weekly lineup with “All of the Above with Norman Lear”. Norman Pattiz was also founder of Westwood One in 1974 and made it into America’s largest source of news, sports, talk, entertainment and traffic programming in the broadcast industry. Westwood One owned, managed or distributed CBS News, CNN radio, NBC Radio Networks , NFL Football and NCAA Basketball along with both the Winter and Summer Olympics. Norman Pattiz has over 40 years of experience in radio syndication which naturally led to his decision to found and launch Courtside Entertainment Group in 2010. He recognized that the audio on demand industry was an untapped opportunity. After its launch in 2012. PodcastOne quickly became the leading producer and distributor in audio on demand programming. PodcastOne offered a popular line up of personalities and brands such as Shaquille O’Neal, Steve Austin, Larry King and over 200 more of today’s most popular podcast. Learn more:




Norman Lear’s comic genius created hit shows such as All In The Family, One Day At A Time, Good Times, Maude, and The Jeffersons. These revolutionary American television shows all shared Norman Lear’s progressive and boundary stretching voice. It will also offer listeners a variety of topics for conversation including current events, family, comedy music, social issues, politics and every topic you can think of. The podcast debut was scheduled for May 1 with a new episode every Monday on, the PodcastOne app and on iTunes. Norman Pattiz said that he has known and admired Norman Lear for a very long time and featuring his podcast was gigantic as well as cool as he welcomed him aboard “Norm to Norm” according to PR Newswire on Yahoo Finance. With guest including Amy Poehler, Jerrod Carmichael, America Ferrera and Julia Louis-Dreyfus the podcast is sure to be a success.




Norman Pattiz was inducted into the National Radio Hall of Fame in 2009 and appointed to serve on the Broadcast Board of Governors of the US in 2000 by then President Bill Clinton and again in 2002 by then President George W Bush. The Board of Governors oversee all US nonmilitary broadcasting services, which include “The Voice of America, “ Radio Liberty”. “Radio Free Europe, and Middle East Broadcasting” to name a few. Norman Pattiz was responsible for conceiving and launching Americas Arabic Language radio and television services to all 22 countries of the Middle East and Farsi Language Broadcasting to Iran. According to research results reported August 8, 2017, the listeners and advertisers both will benefit from “All the Above with Norman Lear”. Learn more: