Nick Vertucci: Taking a Look at His Early Years

This will give information about Nick Vertucci along with his new book he wrote. His book is called “Seven Figure Decisions: Having the Balls to Succeed”. This book serves both as an assistant and a profile of his life. In this publication Vertucci addresses the challenges he has and does and describes with both direction and detail. Something in this publication that’s truly defined by Verticci is the most vital feature of the success he had. He explains the specifics of the lessons learned by him. He also explains how he used change to make right his past mistakes. One example of a lesson he teaches is on how to exceed fears and change our mindset to go after the dreams we have. It is also important to noteNick Verticci’s book had the privilege of getting endorsed by an original shark from “Shark Tank”, Kevin Harrington, who established “As Seen on TV”.

Verticci had grown up from a family struggling to get ends to meet. He was born into the middle class. His family was very good at getting what they required even if they didn’t have much money. Vertucci, even lived in his car when he reached the age of eighteen. Instead of him giving into fear he began in his first company. In this company he sold parts of computers. In the time of his job he realized the freedom he got from being an entrepreneur. This was both with the resources of money and time. He found that with the factors of discipline and hard work, he went from car living to getting seven figures. His life expanded when he got married met he got married and had three daughters who were beautiful with his wife.

Sadly, in the year 2000 there was the crash of the dot com industry. All of the capital of Nick Vertucci had dissolved at the height of the dot com bubble. From there he got into a financial quagmire as his debts gathered to the point of his house being lost. Nick Vertucci then had signed up into a real estate academy. That had given him inspiration in his venture into the business of real estate. This gave him freedom from his problems of finance. He had found success in that type of career. He then had started up the “Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy or NVREA”.