NGP VAN Technology Software

Company Overview

NPG VAN is a service providing technology to the Democratic and other political organizations. NPG VAN delivers technology services to Washington, District of Columbia, United States, Washington D.C. Metro area, and the southern region of the United States. The company is a non-profit organization dealing in apps, politics, and software technology. Their products include counting software for campaigns, organizations, labor union, and other clients.

NGP Newest Technology – ActBlue Integration

This software is the latest counting technology from NPG VAN. The primary feature of this program is campaigns will have immediate ability to look at contribution data in this new system. This new feature gives all active participants on the ActBlue website to have their information available to them on the NGP 8 suite. The overall benefit of inventive technology there will be the little repetition of information between the two programs with the new interface capabilities of this program. With this innovative interface, campaign strategies will be able to link to the domain websites. This benefit will result in a more efficient flow of information within campaigns fundraising, digital, and organization teams. Overall, NPG VAN has engineered this latest technology to improve the organization workload through automation of marketing information, giving candidates the ability to run many channeled organization campaigns.

NPG VAN Bringing Technology to the Congress

NPG VAN believes their newest software could be the turnaround for Democrats in the 2018 House and Senate races. Every position in the House of Representatives is up for the vote, along with the majority of the Senate seats, NPG VAN has received the Campaign Tech Awards for best company culture. In this upcoming House and Senate races, NPG VAN has high hopes in the endeavor to empower Democrats with web tools, astronomical data, and needed campaign data from left-leaning and progressive websites.