NexBank Sharing Knowledge

The Texas Bankers Association held their Conference on Annual Strategic Opportunities. John Holt who is the President and CEO of NexBank and he was a speaker in the discussion about rethinking how community banking can improve over time by innovation. The conference happens every year since so many things can change during the time. People now live in the age of technology. Banking is not an exception, and it is important to acknowledge that. It is important for professionals to come together and share ideas because of the rising cyber threat and problems the loss of data presents.

Exchange of Experience

Consultants and advisors shared the stage in this conference, exchanging knowledge and ideas. They are looking for new opportunities within the market activity. All of them are interested in growth and expansion. It is a competition, but they can also learn from one another.

The participants also talked about the different challenges bigger and smaller financial institutions experience. They explored the change in community banking after the economic crash back in 2009. This collaboration no doubt gave all speakers and attendees a material to work with and implement in their day to day work.

The benefits will unfold over time, but the next year they will be able to report how the conference shaped their investments and improvements. These improvements and changes happen on the customer side and the bank side as well. NexBank is no different.

Personal Approach

NexBank itself has three core groups of clients. People and companies who use their Commercial banking, Mortgage Banking and their institutional services.

Their Commercial Banking offers commercial lending for business expenses and their real estate needs. They also work with credit services and treasury management.

NexBank also offers personal banking with their extensive experience of more than a hundred years. They have a personal approach to each client since going to the bank is not always a pleasant experience. They offer private mortgages and online banking, suitable for customers from different leases of life.

All aspects of personal banking are covered from personal accounts to private lending. The company experienced growth in assets.

NexBank’s CEO John Holt was re-elected to continue serving in the enterprise. They have 5.3 million dollars in assets and attracts new clients from the community. They work with local companies to help their financial needs and help different aspects of financial management.