New York Real Estate Experiences Major Boom

An article in The Real Deal discussed the fact that New York Real Estate is experiencing a major boom. In other words, real estate is hot. The luxury residences and commercial properties are attracting buyers that are eager to scoop up the prime real estate. However, this has led to a sharp dip in the number of prime real properties that are available. Certainly, this is a high demand market with declining properties for sale. Furthermore, the prices for the prime real estate are rising quickly. Still, buyers are willing to pay more for the luxury properties in one of the greatest cities in the world.

New York City Real Estate Market Trends
Statistics show that new residential developments are selling and closing fast. The prime areas include Manhattan and Brooklyn. Commercial properties are also a hot ticket item in the city. The number of prime commercial properties are dwindling rapidly while prices per square foot are rising.

Town Residential
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