A New View On the World – The Kabbalah Centre

For those in search of lasting happiness and fulfilment, the Kabbalah Centre is the place to go. Founded in 1922 by Rav Yehuda Ashlag, the Kabbalah Centre teaches ancient wisdom to give students a new view on the world.

Kabbalistic teachings aim to demonstrate the way for students to navigate through the material universe, as well of the non-material universe and give them an understanding of the spiritual and physical nature of the entirety of humanity through the ability to remove all forms of pain, suffering, and chaos. By studying Kabbalah, students aim to learn their true potential as a human being. Once they have learned Kabbalah, they are tasked with using it in order to find understanding, clarity, and freedom in lives, so they may eventually erase death itself.

More than forty cities have at least one physical Kabbalah centre. The Kabbalah Centre also has an online presence available for students. The web presence offers study groups, live classes, and more for those who do not live close to a Kabbalah centre or study group. Students have access to lectures of all types, video courses, and audio courses. New content continues to be available throughout the week , so that students can be continually learning new Kabbalah teachings.

All people, no matter their origins, are welcome to study Kabbalah. The online course offers content in English and Spanish, often with subtitles. Some courses are even available in Russian, German, or Italian. The Kabbalah centre even offers scholarships to give everyone a chance to learn their wisdom. To learn more about The Kabbalah Centre and the teachings of Kabbalah, or to see if you qualify for a scholarship, you can visit their website or find a nearby Centre. If you choose to study Kabbalah, the website also offers books to help you in your studies and tools you can use to create a study plan.