NBA to Return to Seattle for One Night Only

If you’re from anywhere around Washington, you know by now that the Seattle Supersonics were one of the greatest things about Seattle. When they were sold in 2008 and turned into the Oklahoma City Thunder, the entire city was in an uproar. It has been 10 years since then, and the NBA has big news.

For one night only, the Sacramento Kings and Golden State Warriors are playing in the former home of the Sonics, the Key Arena. The news was released earlier today, and everyone is encouraged to wear their Sonics gear.

The Golden State Warriors are a popular enough team that lots of people will come up to Seattle just to see them. On Twitter, lots of different people are noticing that the NBA does look interested in putting a team back in Seattle. Why else would they hold a game there? Fans have been using the hashtag “#SonicsRising” to show their support, and to try to sell out the Kings-Warriors games, and fill the stands with green and yellow.

The Sonics were founded in 1968 under the name “Seattle Supersonics” and have been one of the most enduring parts of the city. The Sonics have only won one championship back in 1979, but have still been loved by the city throughout.

Today, you can often see “Bring the Sonics Back” merchandise roaming the streets of downtown Seattle. Even though the trade was 10 years ago, the dedicated fanbase is still very hurt and longing for another team back up in the Pacific Northwest.

Rumors are that the Kings may become the new Sonics, and that is why they are holding the game up here with the Kings and Warriors. Others suggest that the Milwaukee Bucks or Atlanta Hawks may be moved up to Seattle to wear the green and yellow jerseys the city adores.

Nevertheless, whether Seattle gets their Sonics back, the Kings-Warriors game will be one to watch. The game is scheduled for October 6th, 2018.